Paul Palmer: Waiting Hardest Part

Temple Owls Paul Palmer

Paul Palmer

One of Bernie Sanders’ favorite sayings this campaign year has been: “Enough is Enough.”

It could be Paul Palmer’s as well.


Temple’s D1 national leaders.

In my mind, Temple’s all-time greatest player has waited long enough to be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame’s 2017.

If he’s not Temple’s best player, to use another Sanders’ analogy, he’s in the top tenth of the top one percent of players who ever wore the Cherry and White. That should be enough to get him into the Hall of Fame.

Another good reason is that this is Palmer’s sixth year on the ballot, joining a group of just 81 players who have been on the ballot that long.

The wait is not over and will not be for a long time. It will be until Jan. 7th before Palmer hears whether he is a member of that class. Nothing has changed since the first time we heard Palmer was a candidate a few years ago when we wrote this story for Rant

He had done enough then, and enough should be enough now.

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4 thoughts on “Paul Palmer: Waiting Hardest Part

  1. Had he played at one of the bigger schools he would have been in the Hall in his first year of eligibility. He is the best running back I ever saw live and that includes Tony Dorsett.

  2. By the way, he should be in based solely on his game at PSU. Had Arians ordered his punt returner to leave the ball alone TU would have won going away.

    • Interesting that he was on the small side but was never that banged up. He did not play in a single Cherry and White game but when the lights came on and it was time to play for real, he delivered. His numbers got better as the year went on. His ECU game (349 yards) came late in the season.

      • No surprise at all he wasn’t banged up, you had to catch him to hit him and I would largely agree with John regarding him being one of the very best backs I ever saw. He was incredibly evasive but had the power to run through tackles. Having Rienstra and company blocking certainly didn’t hurt either as he was gifted at being able to quickly read the lanes and hit the holes.

        I also remember that PSU game as one of the most frustrating in our history of the series. We completely outplayed that Jopa team and dominated everywhere but the scoreboard.

        I wish Paul some level of justice in the process and hope he gets into the HOF.

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