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There are 64 teams in five FBS conferences who pretty much have it made when it comes to their financial health.

There just a little bit more on the outside of the hospital looking in, with their noses pressed against the window of the emergency room. Some people say Temple has no shot, most say Temple has an outside shot, and then there is this website called the Big 12 Fanatics that raves over the Owls.

He gives Temple high marks for financial health and rates Temple ahead of a number of Power 5 schools as an attractive Big 12 candidate. I don’t know about you, but I hope Dr. Pat Kraft finds this guy and has him make the Power Point presentation for Temple to the Big 12.

The factors he looks for is total revenue, the profit of the athletic department and the total fan base. My guess is that he placed a little too much weight on Temple’s football season average attendance (an AAC-best 44K), but the Owls probably should make their case while the iron is hot. One thing they do have is the largest TV market available to a Power 5 school (fourth, all other top 20 markets have a Power 5 team in the metro area). No one knows if Temple is actively lobbying for a P5 spot, but UConn, Cincinnati, Memphis and UCF are. The AAC can probably survive the loss of UCF, but not of the other schools.

There is a significant portion of the Temple fan base that says the school does not belong in the Big 12 and, while that may be the case, the stronger argument in my mind is that the Big 12 is the only Power 5 conference considering expansion for the next few years. Temple has got to get in the Power 5 while it can or risk never getting into the money-making group. While they have tabled the expansion talk for this season, this is the only conference that will probably expand next season or the year after and Temple better be ready. Yes, the ACC makes more sense, but P5 conferences rarely make sense.

Waiting for a call that might never come from the ACC is just too risky.

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Wednesday: The Temple of the South

35 thoughts on “Power 5 Health Care

  1. The Big 12 will not expand anytime soon. when they finally do expand it have a ripple effect on the Big 10 and ACC. Temple will have to ride the resulting wave for a chance at the P5…,

    by then the dust will have finally settled over the on-campus stadium issue allowing the administration to focus on P5 acceptance…, Temple does not have the resources and energy to fight both wars at the same time

    • It might be more likely that the only movement you’ll now see going forward is between other P5 schools. In other words, Missouri bolts SEC for the Big 10 and Oklahoma–sick of the Longhorn Network vetoing the Big 12 Network–bolts for the ACC. None of these five conferences want a smaller piece of the shrinking pie. It’s a little like the country. The P5 is the top 1 percent. Everybody else (and this includes the 364 D1 hoop schools) is the bottom 99 percent.

      • Mike, I agree with your bottom 99% comment, and boy does that irk me. Competition and talent take second place and bow down to the great monolith that is P5. I really wish there would be an expanded playoff system where an undefeated P5 school had to beat an undefeated G5 (Temple with this years schedule) school for a spot instead of it automatically going to the P5. Then again I complain about this every year.

  2. Amazing to me that Houston can go 13-0, beat Oklahoma in the opener, win the AAC title, and still LIKELY be shut out of any four-team playoff. Oklahoma would have to go on and win the Big 12 for Houston to have any chance. Same scenario for a 13-0 Temple; PSU would have to go 12-1 for Temple to have any chance and the P5 would probably have the gonads to invite PSU over the only team it lost to … that’s an oligarchy for you.

    • In fairness to the P5 temple or Houston going undefeated doesn’t compare to a one loss P5 school. The level of competition on a weekly basis grinds down P5 players in a way the Stoney Brooks and UMass don’t. Also going into stadiums in front of 100k ravenous fans creates a very different dynamic.

      I think if a G5 school runs the table and legitimately takes out a conference champ along the way they have a case. Beating a middling P5 program like PSU or Rutgers does not a resume make. I’m as big an Owls fan as you’ll find but unless we can schedule a much heavier slate of P5 programs we’re playing in the muffler bowl.

      • As long as we don’t play in Boca again. We had our choice of three bowls last year and picked the wrong one simply because our assistant AD helped build the stadium down there and the administration wanted to show it off to Temple donors as a model for our own. Instead, we could have beaten Auburn. Bad way of picking a bowl.

  3. losing your bowl game stinks, and stinks even more considering the opponent and losing a Top 25 finish in the rankings.., learning by trial and error is a method (“let’s try having fun, the seniors deserve it”, and forget about how important this game is to the program)

    2015 has led us to a fork in the road, one path is a downhill slide to continued irrelevancy and mediocrity, the other path is a steep uphill marathon to relevancy and P5 acceptance…,

    downhill is the ‘same old Temple’ and familiar road signs, “poor fan support”, “average record” against average teams in “an average conference”.., uphill is accomplishing one or more of The Big 3 in consecutive seasons, an on-campus stadium, and a P5 invite..,

    Pat Kraft and MR are committed, both are pushing with all their might against incredible odds. it will be interesting to see where we are standing five years from now, even more interesting will be to turn around and see how we got there.., will we be looking down or looking up?

    2016 is a pivotal year in the history of Temple Football

  4. We have reached a fork in the road, definitely. We CAN set the school record for wins, and that should be one of the goals. If we do (11), other good things will follow. The step back occurs in 2017, but talking more like 8-9 wins then, not 6. I think unfortunately we will run into more situations like Missouri, which I believe contributed a little bit to the Houston loss. (Not as much as the complete disregard of time management in the fourth quarter; maybe they were related.) Let’s put it this way: If other schools don’t come after Matt in six or seven months, we will not have the year I think we will have. This time, I hope he tells them “no way” instead of meeting with them.

    • the school record for wins is a worthy goal and should be on the locker room walls.., 11 wins without a Big 3 accomplishment would be disappointing..,

      you are spot on, double edged sword regarding MR as success will certainly bring more suitors including the P5 and NFL.., both he and Pat Kraft have extraordinary talents, aspirations, and agents. Temple is a stop along the journey, not the final destination. People who can’t see that have their eyes wide shut.

      All of us who are Temple For Life just need to sit back and enjoy the ride they are giving us.

      In many ways the outcome of the stadium battle is also a double edged sword for the AD and MR. It will be either a signature calling card, “hey, look at what we did AT TEMPLE” (Temple is the only school kicked out of conference in the last 25 years); or, it will be a fast train ticket out of town respite with failure, frustration, and resignation.., “the environment at Temple is poisoned, success can’t be stained”

      we are at a fork in the road, legitimate reasons for extreme optimism and compelling potential outcomes of great concern

      not sure if there is another program in all of college football with similar facts and circumstance, truly amazing and captivating

      Go Temple, Beat Army!

  5. Listen to the answer here about “other opportunities.” (the 3:40 time stamp, where he says he turned down more than 1 job–I thought it was just Missouri) I know what my reflex reaction was. Interested in other opinions, though:

    • I give MR high marks for integrity in addressing this issue head on. After dealing with the sleaze of Addazio and his ‘dream job’ BS. If MR gets an offer he feels better aligns with his and his family’s longer term goals he’s got every right to pursue it. I’d love it if he was a program builder who stayed at Temple for his career but that’s highly unlikely to occur.

      If MR stocks the cupboards with high quality recruits and establishes a culture of winning on and off the field that would be a fair yardstick for success. Until we’re a P5 school and have a permanent home we’re going to remain a stop on the coaching carousel rather than a home.

      On a final note I’d be very pleasantly surprised if MR is our coach next season since I expect another big year from the owls.

    • share your opinion, we alumni fans are Temple For Life, coaches are not.,

      Phil Snow said it best last month at our booster club meeting, “we are in a different era now, coaches rarely stay at the same schools for more than 5-7 years…,”

      loyalty is not one of the drivers in the annual coaching carousel.., and Temple is competing at an economic disadvantage, we can’t pay the market price for the elite college coaches.., frankly MR is now coaching in a sellers market, his stock will rise, and who can blame him if he chooses to leave?

      the 2016 season gains in historical significance by the day..,

      my prediction is Temple will return to the Conference Championship Game as a ranked team, Rhule will leave before the bowl game, and Snow will be the HC coach for bowl game..,

      the key question is can we pull off a Big 3 achievement in the midst of the end of year turmoil?

  6. If Franklin goes 7-6 again, and Rhule goes 12-2 (including a win at PSU) I would not be surprised to see him in Happy Valley next year. He has every right to go. He has been great for Temple. Unfortunately, this is not a destination, yet. G5 schools will always be stepping stones.

    • I see him in Happy Valley right after the TU game if TU wins. They won’t let him leave. LOL. Re conference realignment, I can see one more great shuffling of teams taking place. FSU and Clemson and even Texas could go to the SEC and the Big Twelve implodes. The teams just in Texas could form a great conference and save millions in travel costs. The Kansas teams, West Virginia, and Iowa State bring nothing to the Big Twelve. TU better be ready if and when this occurs because they’re only going to get one shot at it.

    • Agreed PSU is a likely landing pad for MR but I’m not sure the timing will align. If Franklin has a remotely decent season he’s likely to keep his job given the fact PSU still is climbing out from under the sanctions and he’s strung together a couple of good recruiting classes. I think MR is a significant upgrade but the Penn State admin won’t pull the trigger this season.

      I think MR will likely land at a gig after the season at strong P5 program not named Miami. I do however hope I’m wrong and we’re able to keep him for at least another season.

  7. I had a two-word reaction after watching him answering that question and framing the answer that way: He’s gone. (Missouri wasn’t the right fit, but he’s not going to be like coach Hardin, who didn’t even entertain offers, and who liked being head coach at Temple more than anything. I think Chaney and Litwack and Skippy and Fran fit into those mindsets. Only a little disappointed Matt doesn’t feel the same way because I understand the football landscape is totally different now.)

    • Dunphy is a man of integrity who has let the pace of college basketball recruiting pass him by, you only need five good players to win consistently, he only recruits two good players per year..

      the in-game adjustments are atrocious.., Fran needs to go.., the AD told him to get off his butt and start recruiting

      • I think Dunph is not just a man of integrity but also a very good coach. I don’t consider his in-game adjustments atrocious, but consider many of his moves limited by his talent. As a recruiter he’s well below the standard required to develop a top-25 program and in this era that’s a fatal flaw.

        I think the admin has its hands full with football and views Dunph as a good ambassador for the uni whose a serviceable head coach. I’d like to see us replace him with a more dynamic coach who can recruit and challenge Villanova but it’s most likely Dunph will leave on his terms.

        I’m ok with Dunph hanging around if we’re able to build football into a top-25 program that can become our identity and a source of pride. While I’d love to have top-tier programs in both sports I don’t realistically see that in our near future.

  8. almost impossible from a PR standpoint for the uni to fire the guy who his fellow AAC coaches voted the best coach in the conference two years in a row. scratch the word almost from that sentence. He’s got to stop winning those damn AAC coach of the year awards. Hopefully, this is the year Matt gets his first of many.

    • the AAC coaches….,? in the land of the blind the one-eyed man is King

      • The AAC coaches include a national championship coach (Kevin Ollie) and another proven winner in Kelvin Sampson and somebody named Larry Brown, who won NCAA and NBA titles. A pretty good group. I would think they all have two eyes.

  9. I get where the sentiment behind wanting MR to just tell people “don’t bother, I’m staying here” comes from, but I disagree with it strongly. It’s a business and you don’t snub AD’s from bigger schools. You have to take those calls. Always listening is not the same as always looking. Nick Saban has the best job in college football, and he listens when the phone rings.

  10. Dunphy’s only fault, and it’s a big one, is recruiting. His teams always get better as the year goes on and he wins more than he loses. Hard to get rid of him. Can anyone see TU reaching out to Golden if Rhule leaves?

    • AAU has ruined college basketball. When kids are in play at 11 years old, the system is broken…….

      • totally agree. the fans wanted Dunphy to get “Black Jesus” and he ended up shooting someone. I think Fran went after him just hard enough to please the fans but wasn’t broken up when he committed to St. John’s. Character means something to Dunphy and that should keep the wolves off him through the end of the contract (wolves won’t stop complaining but the uni doesn’t have to listen).

    • I think AG is the only logical (in my mind) choice to replace MR. My fear is the Indiana guys running Temple now do not have the full appreciation for what this man did for the university. Theo, Clark and Kraft were not here when AG turned water into wine. He had a much more difficult job than Matt Rhule ever had. If recruiting was Dunphy’s Achilles Heel, recruiting QBs was Al’s. MR has done a much better job recruiting QBs and I think AG will thrive in that environment. Plus, he might be motivated to stay this time. To go from Detroit Lions’ tight ends coach to Temple HC is a big, big step up.

  11. I don’t see AG as a viable replacement for MR in the event he leaves after next season. I have tremendous respect and appreciation for what AG did for our program but felt he capped out as a game day coach. His choice of assistants was also suspect while at Temple (my head would explode if I saw D’nofrio walking the sidelines again) and his ability to adjust during the game never seemed to keep pace with the opposing sideline. If we’re serious about building a top 25 program we need to continue to strive for excellence otherwise we can just hire Dunph to coach football too.

    I also don’t see the IU guys reaching into the prior administration for a coach that flamed out in his last head coaching gig. My guess is MR rolls to a p5 program after this season, potentially PSU if Franklin flames out in a big enough way, and we replace him with another up and coming young coach. I’d love to keep MR for at least two more seasons but if he wins ten games this year he’s going to become an even hotter commodity.

  12. 11 gets Matt a sweet-enough gig to leave Temple; I don’t think 10 against this schedule moves the bar that much. As far as Al, I hardly think a guy who left on an 8-4 note and beat a BCS bowl team by two touchdowns was “flaming out.” This uni is not going to get anyone better-prepared to be a head coach than AG. Anybody else is rolling the dice. If you are moving into a new stadium, you don’t want to roll the dice like Akron did and made its new stadium a White Elephant.

  13. I respectfully submit that Al totally flamed out at Miami. He had a losing ACC record, coached Miami to the worst loss in school history (58-0 to Clemson) and only broke 7 wins once. He was coaching the U in the weakest p5 conference and still couldn’t compete for the title.

    I recognize the significant intangibles Al brings to any Uni he represents but for a school that needs to position itself for a p5 invitation I don’t think he’s the guy. I think hiring Al is analogous to hiring Dunph in hoops when we need to find the next Jay Wright. In fairness to the admin I think they’ve done a pretty good job with our last three coaching hires.

    • 33-25 at Miami, but he did not flame out at Temple. I think the expectations at Miami were way too high. 1986 ain’t coming back down there, just like 1986 ain’t coming back for Temple basketball. The entire college landscape has changed. My biggest fear is that Temple goes the “unheralded assistant” route and, this time, the assistant does the same kind of job Daz did, not Rhule or Golden. That ends football as we know it at Temple.

      • My comments about Al flaming out were consistently focused on his Miami gig. Although I feel he did experience similar issues in questionable game day coaching while at Temple the level of competition and scrutiny was much lower.

        If the Owls were to consider re-hiring Al I would suggest they focus heavily on his staff. Having a Heater or Snow caliber assistant, versus d’onfrio, would be important for his success.

        I think the program has also advanced to a point where we’re not going to be stuck rolling the dice with unheralded assistant coaches. While Temple will remain a stop rather than a final destination on the coaching circuit until we’re p5, I think we’ve become a very attractive stop and can recruit very desirable candidates.

  14. As I recall, Golden got to Miami and the self-imposed sanctions kicked in. Didn’t they even redo his contract for that reason? His first year, they would have gone to the conference title game, but imposed their own post-season ban. Tough recruiting with a hand tied behind your back. Those chickens came home to roost this past season.

    Speaking of the ‘canes, another program with no on-campus facility (along with Pitt, SD St., Temple, and USF). When they win, they do OK with attendance. Wonder what those programs pay for using the stadiums?

  15. I’d take Golden back but only if he dumped D’Onofrio who was horrendous here and more so at Miami even though he had numerous 4 stars and got a real OC. Golden was horrible on game day here and at the U.

  16. I think Temples program has elevated to the point where we’ve moved past settling for the ‘unheralded’ assistant coaches and can attract those candidates identified as having earned a shot at the helm of a top program. Temple is currently one of the top G5 programs in the country. We’re well stocked with talent, have the full support of the schools administration and who knows may even get our own stadium. This is a pretty nice situation for a coach to walk into.

    We also have a uni and sports programs that are rising rapidly in national prominence. If we want to continue to move in that direction and establish a program that competes for a top-25 ranking and a position in a P5 conference I think we need a stronger game day head coach. Again, all respect to Al for saving our program and laying the foundation for a winning culture on and off the field.

  17. I totally agree with Dayowl about AG. I’ve said it before that he did wonders for Temple by dragging the program up out of the toilet and straighting the entire situation out. But he was not a good game-day coach and leveled out. Miami got him to straighten out their mess down there but his mediocre game-day coaching with the talent he had took the same course he had at Temple – mediocre seasons and ultimately getting the heaveho. I loved him for getting Temple on track but he’s not going to increase success as far as wins/losses, bowl games, top 25s, conference championships, etc. Don’t forget his MAC record – top recruiting (which MR had a lot to do with) but never beating a winning MAC team. You just can’t forget that. Robbing a top coach from the MAC (like Toledo’s coach) would be a better course to take.

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