Early Commits: So Far, So Good


The Owls Daily List so far.

According to OwlsDaily.com, the early commits that Temple’s football team has been able to garner include a quarterback, an offensive lineman, a tight end and a running back.

So far, so good in more ways than one.

It looks like the Owls are following the Al Golden method of recruiting; that is, recruit an entire team every season. One player at all 22 positions, plus a couple of spots for specialists. That way, you both build depth and quality across the board and are not left short at any spot.

The Steve Addazio Method was more scattershot, often over-recruiting one position, say, offensive line, leaving the Owls short in other areas. That caused Matt Rhule to start out recruiting behind the eight ball, scrambling to fill areas of need rather than an equal group across the board. Looks like the Owls will be recruiting two quarterbacks this class. You might question that because they have a solid one for the next three or four years in Anthony Russo, but there are pesky things like injuries that the Owls need to insure themselves against.

As far as individuals, we do not get too much into the players before the signatures are on the dotted line because the nature of the business is that Temple will lose a few commits, but be able to poach a few more. If they are able to poach more P5 guys than lose guys to P5 teams, they will be ahead of the game.

Right now, I will be following the above four—there may be more soon—and hope the quarterback throws 30 or more touchdown passes (he threw nine last year) and the running back goes for more than 2,000 yards.

Then Temple will have something.

Wednesday: The Temple of the South

2 thoughts on “Early Commits: So Far, So Good

  1. the MR philosophy was rooted in finding raw talent to redshirt and develop…, probability is very, very high these 4 recruits, will redshirt..,

    it will be interesting to see how many of last year’s redshirts will contribute.., coaches think Chapelle Russell and Jovahn Fair will both start..,

    on the other hand, AG wanted his players to develop by real game experience, think he started more freshmen than any coach in Temple history.., and, it was by choice not by necessity..,

    given the 2016 circumstance it is probably a good idea to have a depth of redshirts, you always lose a recruiting year when you change coaches..,

  2. Takes a year or two to get Temple Tough.

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