Don’t Mess With Phil


Last year’s team leader and this year’s.

According to the website, there is not a single song about a guy named Phil.

The closest thing we could find is “Don’t Mess With Bill” by the Marvelettes but, if Phillip Walker wins an AAC title with the Temple football Owls, there could be one about him around the beginning of the new year.


Yes, the four-year starter at quarterback officially changed his name from P.J. Walker to Phillip, at least if his twitter page is any indication.


It might be nothing but the whim of a college student, but it might represent the transformation a lot of us expect from the four-year starter at quarterback. During his freshman year, I thought he established himself as a future star with 20 touchdowns against only eight interceptions in a year where he did not start until after the Idaho debacle. In his sophomore year, he was as poorly protected as any Temple quarterback I’ve ever seen—more to coaching schemes than the offensive line—but he still managed to squeeze out a bowl-eligible season.

Phillip will have all of the TU QB records, with the possible exception of rating, by the end of the season.

Phillip will have all of the TU QB records, with the possible exception of rating and Walter Washington’s rushing numbers and TDs, by the end of the season.

Last  year, he became more than a game manager but less than a star thanks, in part, to some help by a coaching staff than limited empty backfields (and opportunities for the bad guys to blitz) and inserted a blocking fullback (Nick Sharga) on a regular basis. Sharga was in there ostensibly to block for lead back Jahad Thomas, but he also picked off more than one blitzing linebacker headed straight to the quarterback.

This year, I think he graduates from that gray area between game manager and star to fully-fledged star. The only way that doesn’t happen is if the Owls go back to four- and five-wides and hopefully they learned that lesson two years ago.

Don’t mess with Phil, coming soon to a record store near you.  It might not be by the Marvelettes, but it will be Marvelous.

Friday: Checking All The Boxes

8 thoughts on “Don’t Mess With Phil

  1. I hope I’m wrong but the ouster of Theobold does not bode well for football. Just when the team gains momentum and has a supporter in the president’s office, he’s gone. If they appoint someone with the same beliefs as Adamany, who was against big time college athletics, we’re back in football hell and all the progress the program has made will have been for naught.

    • He brought in the Indiana mafia, including Pat Kraft. Those are likely to follow him out the door. Kraft calls himself “Matt’s best friend” or at least he did on a 97.5 interview. The comfort level those two had cannot be understated. Now if some Joe Blow comes in, Rhule is going to be looking at that office door like Golden was all four years. I never got the idea that Rhule was one of those kind of guys. They might have backed him into a corner. (IMHO, Kraft will outlast Theo but maybe by 1 or 2 years, not 4-5.)

      • On another note, I wonder if Englert will bring back Bradshaw from the cesspool that is LaSalle. Those 2 were tight; Theo hated Bill. I guarantee you if Bill comes back we drop any thoughts of scheduling the Bucknells and Lafayettes of the world and pick up 1-1s with the Syracuses, BCs of the world–schools that more closely resemble the Temple profile.

  2. Mike, I hope that happens. Would love to see Bradshaw back. Frankly, I think Kraft views himself as a hot commodity for a top conference school. He will not be a more viable candidate if the Owls win 10 plus, a conference championship, and win a bowl game. He like Rhule, is a short timer at TU.

    • Played football at Indiana; would go back there in a heartbeat. He had every excuse in the book when I asked him to schedule P5 schools. I did not buy any of them. How come freaking UConn is playing 3 P5 schools and we’re left talking about VIllanova, Bucknell, Stony Brook and Lafayette? Also the bowl decision was a Tiki Barber-like fumble and that’s probably on Kraft. To me, Bradshaw would have found a way to flip our 7th home game to a road game at RU and arrange a 9/10 game between Stony Brook and Howard. Stony Brook has no business playing Temple and Howard has no business playing Rutgers. Temple at Rutgers, that’s a good business deal for this year only. Temple needing seven home games is a complete joke. When have our fans ever deserved 7 home games?

  3. Another hit piece by David Murphy in Philly.Com. Please go to the story and attack that LaSalle ahole.

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