Ed Rendell For President (of Temple)


Patrick J. O’Connor has turned to Ed Rendell before.

By the end of this month, they will be packing away the last folding chair at the Wells Fargo Center signaling the end of the Democratic National Convention.

It will also signal something else: Ed Rendell, the DNC Chairman, will need a job.


Won’t need directions to get to TU.

As good fortune would have it, Temple has an opening that Rendell, the former Governor of Pennsylvania, would be perfect for: President of Temple University. Russell Conwell, the founder of the university, liked to talked about finding Acres of Diamonds in your own backyard and Rendell is that gem a stone’s throw away.

This is not about Temple football, or sports, because even if Temple was New York University and had no sports, Rendell would be perfect for the position because he checks off all the boxes:

1) He’s balanced big budgets before

Rendell served two terms as Governor of Pennsylvania (2003-2011) and oversaw a budget of $28.3 billion as the chief executive of the nation’s 6th-most-populous state. As Governor, he successfully cut wasteful spending and improved efficiency leading to savings of over $1 billion. During his two terms as Mayor of Philadelphia (1992-2000), Rendell eliminated a crippling deficit, balanced the City’s budget, and generated five consecutive budget surpluses.

2) He’s a people person

Let’s face it. A lot of the President’s duties are largely as a figurehead with a heavy dose of fund-raising and pressing the flesh. Rendell has a lot of experience in that area. He will raise the endowment of the university to a respectable level.

3) He’s well-connected in state and city government

He’s more likely to get big projects through the City Council, whether it is another campus high rise or a stadium, than Neil D. Theobald was. He knows the landscape and he knows how to twist arms and get things done.

4) He’s an academic

He currently is a Professor at Penn, teaching two courses.  Rendell being perhaps the best education Governor the Commonwealth has ever had, securing more funding for the state’s three major institutions (Temple, Penn State, Pitt) than five of his predecessors combined . He has a Bachelors from Penn and a Masters from Villanova, just like his future boss and former classmate, Patrick J. O’Connor.

As you can see by the photo at the top of this post, O’Connor has turned to Rendell before. It is now time for him to turn to Rendell again. Temple has what Rendell needs, a job, and Rendell certainly checks all of the boxes for Temple’s needs now.


Ed Rendell For President of Temple (Facebook page)

Rendell on Temple Stadium


Monday: The Andres Blanco of Temple

15 thoughts on “Ed Rendell For President (of Temple)

  1. another real risk is the prolonged court battles between the ex-president and ex-provost and the university over unfair termination, exit money, and ‘he said, she said’ drama made public..,

    all the temple haters will pounce on every drip of information that spills in the daily papers.., not to mention the cost of the court battles.., the court costs, or out of court settlements will be in the millions and will far exceed the amount donors have pledged for the new stadium.., talk about poor timing!

    i wish the BOT would give more thought to the strategic effects of their decisions.., the second and third order effects could cost Temple 3-5 years in both academic and athletic growth

    Will the BOT acknowledge they made a poor hiring decision 4 years ago in bringing Theobald to campus? What was the vetting process?

    Anyone who thinks this will not have negative consequences is naive? The best anyone can argue would be ‘no impact’, but no impact in this case really means stagnation until the positions are filled with permanent replacements,,, and that will take how long?

    10 wins or more means both Kraft and Rhule will leave after next season

    • There is a lot of naivety over at Pravda. Meanwhile, Matt Rhule could be at the copying machine sending out his resume now. There’s no guarantee Clark and Kraft will survive the Theobald purge. He’s got a comfort level with them.

      • i also find it interesting in that you, Joe, and I are the only folks who stand behind their comments with a real face…, intolerance for an opposing point of view expressed by attacking the person rather than arguing the thought is immature at best…,

      • Amen, and John Belli (who you probably meant instead of Joe) as well. Go on there and say something even remotely critical of uniforms or the program or even the game plan and you are called names by people who hide behind anonymous screen identities.

  2. typing too fast.., please excuse me John.,

    this uniform thing is crazy, the kids like different uniforms so let’s wear them, no issues here.., except black! we never win wearing black, especially when it is 100 degrees on the field.,

    • Yeah, I could imagine them coming out in black on a day like today. Black absorbs heat; white deflects it. No nicer uniforms than than these Cherry ones. Don’t mess with perfection:

      • Remember the black helmets against Navy on one of the hottest days of that summer. By the way, Rendell is not the Rendell of twenty-five years ago. I’ve attended a couple of events he also attended and he made some questionable remarks at them. Recently he was chastised for disparaging women. Nevertheless, his political clout would be a plus.

  3. Black helmets and unis on 90-degree days=bad idea. Did they contribute to the loss? I’ll just say this. They did not help. Rendell said Elizabeth Warren is not qualified to be Commander-in-Chief. He said Trump lost the “ugly woman” vote by criticizing people like Rosie O’Donnell. Really, if he guilty of anything, it’s being too honest in this politically correct era. Temple has to decide if it wants a stadium. If it does, it needs to hire Rendell as President and make him the point man in City Council. If it doesn’t, it needs to hire another out-of-towner and extend the Linc lease. Rendell doesn’t have to be here 10 years. Just a couple to get the 15th Street permit passed.

  4. three months ago the stadium had a 60% or greater chance of being built.., Temple lost its biggest advocate and supporter by firing Theobald..,

    stagnation and interim are synonymous…, do you think the interim president will lead or follow the BOT when it comes to the stadium? The naysayers on the BOT will not remain silent. now, it is a 60% or greater chance the stadium will not be built..,

    non-profits, state and local governments, hospitals, etc do Feasibility Studies on very large projects, or when there is some doubt or controversy regarding the proposed development. It provides them the cover for a No-Go final decision. Yes, spending a million dollars or more to preclude a “$150M mistake” is seen as sound investment.

    Temple has an imperfect sense of timing and strategic vision. The Big East boot and now this fiasco are dark shadows that will cloud every future P5 discussion.

    The Big 12 asked Temple to provide an overview of the reasons for getting kicked out of the Big East.., losing your President, trying and failing to build an on-campus stadium are legitimate P5 discussion topics

    Lurie is shrewd, he understands and knows how Philly really works. My bet is he will raise the rent again when the stadium talk goes to rest.

  5. i see “Downer Kj” is in mid season form. Hey KJ i just need u to predict that we will lose every game this year which means we will win every game this year. You’re our reverse good luck charm.

  6. agree 100%, Temple Football lives in the Philadelphia world of distorted reality.., point is the Philly media shapes public and private opinion which heavily influences the big decisions…, the pendulum swayed last year from anti-Temple to neutral.., now we are back to anti-Temple

    we did not do ourselves any favors with this $22M shortfall…, the BOT must accept some responsibility.., did they suddenly wake-up at the end of the fiscal year and start paying attention to the financials? Did the BOT Budget and Finance Committee have any responsibility for oversight?

    • They trusted Theo too much because he was CFO at Indiana. When he came back to the BOT and said he was short $22 mil, the 36 members of the BOT said: “WTF?” That’s where their confidence in the great Indiana CFO fell through the floor. He brought in his CFO (Kevin Clark) and his AD (Kraft) from Indiana. I don’t know much about Clark but I know Kraft is responsible for Stony Brook, Bucknell, Lafayette and Villanova and that is not satisfactory to me (rather have Syracuse, Rutgers, Maryland and BC).

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