Temple Wins The Internet


According to SI, the most popular team in Pennsylvania is .. Temple

We are now just about a few hours removed from the resolution of the strangest mid-summer controversy in the history of Temple University, the ouster of President Neil D. Theobald.

A couple of things came out of that settlement, one was that the Chairman of the Board, Patrick J. O’Connor, said the forward momentum of the university would keep moving forward in this letter to the Temple community (not to be confused with the North Philadelphia community):


Not in the letter, but something O’Connor made clear to Mike Jensen of the Philadelphia Inquirer, was that the stadium project will move forward and Theobald being gone won’t impede progress in that area.

That’s interesting because Temple has had momentum recently, with a hard-fought win on the field against Penn State. The football team also “beat” Penn State in the offseason, winning a Sports Illustrated mention as the most popular team in Pennsylvania.

Keeping that momentum will require another win in State College this fall but, as of now, it was nice to see Temple dominating that state map.

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17 thoughts on “Temple Wins The Internet

  1. This must be most upsetting to PSU fans. Like losing to us all over again.

  2. Gee, I guess winning means the most to people. Of course the controversial Sandusky thing has created devisions among the states fans too. There wasn’t much devisiveness among Temple fans over the Cosby thing unlike PSU folks continueing to battle it out.

  3. The poll that Temple won was hosted on r/CFB, the reddit for college football. Many of the states had “underdog” winners (UAB won over Bama) because there are a lot of G5 fans there (Cincy could have won Ohio if Akron, Toledo, etc. hadn’t split the vote). Temple, Penn State, and Pitt were the only three options for PA. Pitt is the butt of a lot of jokes at r/CFB and Penn State has a bad rep, so lots of people voted for Temple without actually being fans of the Owls. Just wanted to put that out there.

    • still good to see Temple’s logo splashed across the state.

    • PSU will have super issues if they lose to Pitt and Temple this year.., they will fire Franklin in mid-season if that happens

      • They’ll fire Franklin right after the TU game.

      • Franklin’s contract (I thought he was making more): Franklin will make a base salary of $1.3 million in 2014, an amount that will increase by $100,000 each season. By the time it expires in 2019, the head coach will make a base salary of $1.8 million. The deal was unanimously approved by Penn State’s board of trustees’ compensation committee Saturday morning.

  4. Well, let’s hope Temple stays on that map after this season. Go Owls.

    • wow. that is a great list to print out and put by the TV. Thanks. (Interesting that it is only 33 days to the Cal vs. Hawaii game.)

      • what is Hawaii thinking? Travel over 10 hours to lose in Australia, then over 9 hours to get destroyed by Michigan.., that is four travel days in 10 days?

      • That LSUfootball.net site has been around for a few years and is a resource I’ve used a few times; the people who run it do a very good job (particularly with identifying DI-AA/FCS and D2 games that will be televised/streamed). Just keep in mind the start times listed are Central Time and to adjust the start times for Temple and all other games ahead by one hour.

  5. Nick Rolovich (who was supposed to be the Temple OC in 2012) is now Hawaii head coach. He should do well once he gets the scheduling thing down.

  6. In all honesty I think the poll or survey that came up with Temple being the most popular college football team in Pennsylvania is probably invalid; one only needs to look at Temple’s average game attendance vs Penn State’s average game attendance. However, what ISN’T invalid is that Temple is making significant strides in the right direction and that Penn State will continue to be negatively impacted by the Sandusky cases for many more years. If the Owls can build off their 2015 season and sustain their success at a similar or only slightly reduced level for the next 5-10 years (i.e. winning seasons or no worse than .500 seasons every year), Temple will have a golden opportunity to grow its fanbase, partly at the expense of Penn State. I’ve already seen some other surveys that give me the impression the initial stage of this possible change is already starting to occur. The Owls just need to build on their 2015 success and more football fans who casually follow Temple will become more vested.

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