Owls: Recharging The Batteries


The team that toasts marshmallows together wins championships together. 

One of the fathers of the players mentioned to me a few years ago that being a Division I football player was a 365-day-a-week job.

As someone who took the Fox Chase Regional rail into Center City for many years past the 10th and Diamond complex, I nodded affirmatively. All of those years, mostly Al Golden ones, I marveled how the players worked out in the elements, be it snow in January, driving rain in April or 90-plus degree heat of July. In none of those months did the Temple Owls have a scheduled game.

I believe grind is the word we’re looking for here.

That same grind did not exist with Bobby Wallace, who lived in Gulph Shores, Alabama for two-plus months in his time at Temple coach. Not coincidentally, with Wallace gone and Golden here, the grind turned into winning and it was all worth it.

Even with a tough taskmaster like Golden, though, he understood that the grind needed to be interrupted by recharging the batteries from time to time. Golden did it on site with things like Youtube singing videos and having the team go over to the Student Pavilion for some full-court basketball. Golden had a Masters in Sports Psychology at Penn State, so he was applying what he learned.

Recently, though, Matt Rhule took it to another level when the Owls went upstate for some camping. How does this help the Owls beat, say, Penn State? Simple. The team that bonds together off the field sticks together on it.  From all reports, the Owls bonded nicely on the camping trip and extended the bonding to the numerous Community Service duties they have done since.

The grind is real, but mix in a little bonding with the grind, and that cannot hurt. As always, we will be able to tell for sure by December.

Friday: Temple Wins Internet

11 thoughts on “Owls: Recharging The Batteries

  1. Monday, Dec. 26, 2016, 11am/ESPN
    St. Petersburg Bowl, Tropicana Field
    ACC (Pitt) vs. American (Temple)
    St. Petersburg, FL

  2. Christmas in Florida, Governor’s Cup, and a Top 25 ranking in the balance…, made for both ticket sales and TV,

    Kevin Negandhi and the ESPN team would go crazy marketing this game

  3. Find it interesting that TU-ND was not voted one of the top 25 games of 2015. That game was as good as many of the ones the fans voted for.

    • very pleasantly surprised to be channel surfing and see the game on prime time ESPN2 full replay the weekend of July 4th. Started watching and could not turn the channel. If Robby Anderson really had 4.27 speed, he would have scored on that 4th and 4 pass. (I’m sure he ran it on pro day, but there’s football speed and there’s track speed; Travis Sheldon had both but Robby was the better pass catcher.)

    • Rendell is assertive, plus he is a good friend of the BOT chair. It could be a team that works. So many other Governors became university Presidents, this could work.

      • thumbs up w/Rendell, does he even want the job?

        it is disheartening to watch lesser schools leap frog Temple into the P5..,

        you are what you do…, it is time for the BOT to show up and demonstrate they are worthy of the chairs they sit

  4. If they give him Matt Rhule’s new contract, rumored to be anywhere between $1.2 mill to $2.4 mil (heard the $2.4 mil from a big donor at Cherry and White Day), Ed would say yes. Working at a law firm can be very boring after what he’s done, plus Temple would let him do all of the other media things he does (MSNBC, 1210 am, Comcast Eagles, Daily News column).

  5. Ah yes, the Bobby Wallace fiasco. He should have been spending all his time down in Gulf Shores at least 2-3 years sooner than when he was let go. Another example of the poor decision making and timing of Temple’s president (whomever that may be) and BOT and why Temple will not make it into the truly big time unless they change their ways.
    Incidently, I just saw on the Big10 channel a bit on bonding at OSU and one of the players (from the south) had never had marshmellows, roasted or otherwise!
    Also, back in the 60s the track team used to practice outside in the winter on indoor track boards set up on the tennis courts. Coming around the curve the bitter wind would hit us square and was called “the hawk” (ala, Gavin White the head coach at the time before he became AD). It was good for us! Well to me anyway – I was a country boy from Bucks County and was used to being outside in all kinds of weather. Just reminiscing…..

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