Fizz Checks In With Thoughts on Cincy-TU

                                                             By    Dave (Fizzy) Weinraub

Well, double wow!  It’s obvious the Owls have a new confidence which emanates from the Central Florida miraculous comeback, and they refuse to be denied.  There was some pinpoint passing from Phillip Walker and two great catches for touchdowns.  The two-pronged running attack of Thomas and Armstead, along with outstanding blocking, wore down Cincinnati in the second half and put the game away.  Not only do we seem to have more depth than all our opponents except Penn State, which was about even this year and not the reason for the loss, we also seem to be better conditioned.  Finding our new kicker “Boomer,” was great scouting.  Props to the coaches.


Boomer: Great Scouting

There are, however, a few puzzling strategies that should be discussed.  For most of the first quarter, the defense pressured off and on with a five man rush and the Cincinnati quarterback was only modestly successful.  In the second quarter, we mostly went with a four man rush, and they scored two touchdowns. In the second half we went back to the pressure and shut them out.  Gunner Kiel is not a fast nor mobile quarterback, and no threat to pickup large chunks of yardage on the ground.  So why didn’t we blitz most of the time?

I did not enjoy half-time at all.  The reason was, when we got the ball back with 1:17 left on the clock in the first half in decent field position and we with all three timeouts (for the first time ever), the coaches chose to be very conservative and basically run the clock out.  The game was close then, why would you not throw the ball down-field and try to score?  A few weeks ago we went seventy yards in thirty seconds with no time outs.  Cincinnati ended up with forty seconds left to do some damage.

       Yeah, yeah, I know, we’re winning, and I’m thrilled. But I’m not just picking nits.  We have three more games in which we should be favored and we can’t afford any letdowns, either by the players or the coaches. Pedal to the metal, always.

Gossip:  Pre-game, I had a chance to speak with Pat Kraft our good guy A.D.  He was surprised to hear I’m totally against building a stadium on campus.  When he asked why, I told him to look around at the 25,000 or so people parked and tailgating in one spot, and that we can’t duplicate this.  I went on to predict we would lose many of the over fifty year-old season ticket holders who won’t drive to campus and have to walk to the stadium from remote parking.  I also foretold monster traffic jams at Broad & Vine.

The Other Football Team:  After the first three Eagles games I thought Doug Pederson was the second calling.  Then, he helped blow the Detroit game by being entirely too conservative in his play calling in the last two possessions, which precipitated the fumble.  This week, after he made so many bad and too conservative decisions against Dallas, he refused to shoulder any of the blame.  One more time and he will forever be known as Andy Jr.  “Time’s yours !”  

Tomorrow: Conference Reaction


10 thoughts on “Fizz Checks In With Thoughts on Cincy-TU

  1. Agree totally about need for adaquate tailgate parking. Pre-game partying is huge. When Phillies were hot, I remember seeing groups of young people that were there for the tailgating and many were groups of females. In fact, I don’t think what llittle TV advertising TU does puts enough emphasis on tailgating scenes. And I can see that aspect of going to a TU game has improved a lot for the non-major (i.e. PSU, ND) Games. It’s a pretty good pre-game environment right now.

    In fact, I don’t like the idea of cramming the stadium into the proposed site. There aren’t enough on-campus bars to go to. Nobody likes garage parking. You need some parking lots that have some feel of being part of the stadium area. Where people set up tents and tables and spread out. ((I’ve been to ND, Tennessee, Ole Miss Grove, Vandy, PSU, Old Pitt stadium among others. They don’t all have great parking. But other things compensated for good experience, Temple doesn’t have.)

    I really expected them to try to put the stadium about 3 or 4 blocks above the north edge of the campus and 2 or 3 blocks off Broad St (either side). That would allow for commercial development of that stretch of Broad St and room for parking lots. Good chance for city and state to address some of the antiquated sewer lines and substructure problems in that area of the city. And thought some funds would have come from those sources (LOL now.)

    Bottom line for me is that I probably lose some of the others of my season ticket holder group after the first year in the new stadium if its not a good pre-game experience.

  2. Lurie charged Temple $70K to paint the end zones last Saturday, and he has taken 90% of the concession and parking sales this season! Miami, Pitt, SDSU, USF, UMass all get much better deals.

    Why does Lurie bilk a public university? And why aren’t our elected public officials raising the issue? The City and State financed a substantial amount for the Linc.., and Lurie continues to profit.., why can’t he give the program a donation out of his own pocket?

    Mr. Lurie go back to Boston! Shame on you

  3. I also was perplexed by the strategy employed at the end of the first half. It appeared that the coaches couldn’t decide whether to run out the half or try to score. Instead they did neither and risked having the opponent score. right before the half.

  4. I think Fizzy protests too much. The coaching staff has done an excellent job with the lads. Team is clicking on all cylinders, great offense, great defense. As for the stadium, this is an economic decision. Lurie wants to double the rent, get $15M upfront while keeping most of the concessions and the parking revenues and Temple gets to use the stadium for 3 plus hours 6-7 times per year. And this creep Lurie didn’t even hire enough people to work the body scan machines on Saturday. It took me 25 minutes to get into the stadium with many machines sitting idle. Why would we ever want to continue to enrich this ahole? if it is feasible to build a stadium on campus, I say do it and screw this arrogant elitist! I’d rather my money go to Temple instead of this crook.

    • well said.., Temple has a bad habit of accepting conditions not in the long term interest of the University.., the BOT should all resign if they can’t figure out the politics of getting a better deal at the Linc and building an on-campus stadium.., Lurie actions are not aligned with the underlining principles which govern the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania..,

      • in fact, if Lurie was half the man the eagles fans think he is he would donate to Temple Football.., but no way, he is intent on ripping out the financial heart of the program.., the program is challenged enough.., the financial burden Lurie hangs on TUFB is the darkest and dirtiest albatross imposed on any program.., it makes me sick in the stomach.., we are trying to stay afloat in the cement shoes of Lincoln FINANCIAL Field

  5. Frankly, I think the on-campus stadium is a no go. It has nothing to do with the school, some to do with the location, some to do with race and the bitterness many of the long time residents have toward Temple, and a lot to do with the redevelopment in North Philly, In the last twenty years. Spring Garden and the lower end of Fairmount have been gentrified as has much of the neighborhood south of the campus toward Girard Avenue. The houses around the university are now going for 200k or so and if they’ve been refurbished and made into student housing, they’re selling for 600k, if not more. Temple had a shot fifteen years ago before the neighborhood changed and vacant land hadn’t been built upon to build a stadium. At that time though, the future of the program was in grave danger. The Owls will likely have to look elsewhere- even Camden at the minor league baseball facility, which is closer to campus than the Linc. It would probably cost less than half what the bare bones on campus stadium is projected to cost to refurbish and the school probably get NJ to chip in.

    • I’d rather stay at the Linc if an on-campus stadium is a no-go. Optics of a Pennsylvania university playing in New Jersey not good. Amazing that the community did not say one word when Temple built two large fields for soccer and field hockey in roughly the same square footage area, but when it’s a football stadium, it’s a lightning rod of the “man” taking advantage of us. As far as the tailgating scene, I’ve had a spectacular time–just as good, if not better–in the lots around the E-O on Cherry and White Day. There are plenty of lots closer to the stadium, too. Open them all for tailgating and stage the big student tailgate–which now takes a huge part of Lot K–on Liacouras and Pollett Walks. Students don’t need to use cars for tailgating. The politics of this with the City could make this all a moot point.

  6. Lots of pressure from politicians should be focused on Lurie to lighten up on the stadium deal. Find out what the Army-Navy deal is and compare. If that turns out better than what the Owls have, then get Bob Brady rev’d up along with the neighborhood coalitions (make your enemy your friend). Mr. Finger-in-the-Air who is mayor right now would go that way then. Also find some sympathetic writers at the papers and twist arms of some alums on sports talk radio to work the subject in between Eagles hand wringing. Straight comparisons with the Pitt/Steelers deal also should be publicized. Hell, they have a joint practice facility.

    One could easily think a better deal would enhance chances in the future to be invited to the ACC.

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