The Conference Reacts


One of the best twitter comebacks was Temple-Made

The LSU fan who liked the way Temple’s offensive line blocked in that video we published last week said the words “shots fired” to describe the way the Owls were plowing down foes.

No shot was more on target, though, than the ones fired by the Owls’ band at Cincinnati coach Tommy Tuberville (above tweet, since mollified for political correctness). That was a beautiful thing enjoyed not only by Temple fans, but even Cincinnati fans on their board.


Which brings us to how, exactly,  most of the rest of the conference looks at Temple.

One of the more entertaining pursuits after a particularly satisfying Temple win is to check out the reaction elsewhere in the conference.

The facts, as we know them, are these: Temple looks like a strong favorite to win out and clinch its second-straight AAC East title. Once there, this Temple team looks to be in better shape than the last one to bring home the coveted overall AAC trophy.

If you are expecting a pat on the back from any of our conference brethren, do not hold your breath.


There is significant biting of fingernails being done in Tampa, the home of the USF Bulls, who, for the last two seasons, think they are better than Temple. The realization, though, is sinking in that they will be on the outside looking in again.

On the UConn side, there is a lot of angst leading up to the game on the Boneyard Board, saying that any of their fans who think they will “miraculously become competitive” against Temple was smoking something other than cigarettes:


It will probably be a long time before the Owls get the grudging respect they deserve, but they have to realize by now that they have to earn that respect by winning out.

Maybe the rest of the conference will never say the same kind of nice things about Temple that they did about Houston a year ago, but it would be nice for once to find out. In a month or so, we should have our answer.

It’s a three-game season now, one game at a time.

Friday: That One Game


14 thoughts on “The Conference Reacts

  1. It’s bad enough that all politicians are corrupt but now so is the bowl selection committee. How in the world is PSU 12th? I know it was based on the OSU win, a team that has not been that impressive of late. However, PSU lost to Pitt, another bad team and would have lost to TU had the Owls not had over a hundred yards in penalties. The whole system is rotten.

    • Big story in the Daily News yesterday (probably the Inky, too, since it’s now the same paper) on “Penn State getting a better bowl.” So far, no speculation of how a G5 slot (particularly if Western Michigan loses to Toledo and Boise loses again) for Temple does the same. Par for the course of papers located within a mile of Temple treating the team 250 miles away better.

    • PSU being 12th is very simple. The college football playoff rankings track the old BCS computer average (with Billingsley rightfully omitted) very well. PSU is #9 Colley, #10 A&H, #12 Massey, #14 Wolfe, and #26 Sagarin. Drop the highest (#9 Colley) and lowest (#26 Sagarin), which the BCS always did, and you’ve got rankings of #10, #12, and #14. That averages to #12.

      You can certainly argue that they either do or don’t deserve to be there, but if you’re asking how, that’s how. The committee likes to pretend to be secretive, wise, and engage in a lot of debate, but in the end, the results are pretty much those of the old BCS computers.

  2. Maybe PSU now is getting a little more credit for what looks like a pretty good OOC win against TU as well as their other recent wins.

  3. Then “let’s go Hawkeyes.”

  4. sat in the box right above the band the last Saturday…, they played on the edge even when we had the ball…, sound does carry.., the drum major signals the band to stop playing when the ref blows the whistle to start the clock., the sound does carry for about a second after.., Walker did have to wait.., no reason for Cincy to complain, it had the same negative effect when we had the ball.., ECU beware 🙂

    we will be ranked by the end of the season, Army can beat Navy this year which would also help us

  5. No matter what, Temple had it’s chances and blew it against PSU and Memphis, 2 games they certainly could have won except for all those undisciplined penalties. It’s their own fault. We could be riding high and on the verge of an unpresedented phenomenal season if not for those losses – and that doesn’t include why the coaching staff didn’t prepare better for Army. In a way it’s the same old frustration with the Temple program even when they are doing good overall. Wins against quality teams also matter and those 2 games would certainly have shot them into the top 25. 8-1 right now with quality wins and they could have been in the top15. Sorry, but it’s true…..

    • Yeah and they could have and should have lost to UCF. That’s how it works sometimes, you lose some you should win and win some you should lose. What is the point of revisionist history? it doesn’t change the facts. Let’s look forward and win one week at a time, win the next three and you finish 9-3, obtain a divisional crown with an opportunity to play for a championship. I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself because if they don’t show up and play well, they could lose the 3 remaining games. However, I like their chances, peaking at the right time and playing well in all facets of the game. One week at a time……………………………..

  6. Badley, I’m not revising any history, just bemoaning what could have been with a good dose of complaining about the coaching early on in this season and mentioning frustration over what could have been. I think what I said did review some facts. Several of my other comments are looking forward to what might be, which is just as foolhardy as looking back and wishing we hadn’t lost some opportunities. Don’t agree “they should have lost to UCF” simply because they didn’t! Could have, yes, should have, no. And that’s exactly what my comment was about – they could have beaten PSU and Memphis – it was possible as the games played out, but they blew it. It’s just frustration… leave it at that, ok? But again, predictions are worthless; looking back can help the learning process in terms of continueing what works and cleaning up mistakes (which it appears they finally did).

    • As for UCF, what do you think the odds are to go 70 yds. in 32 seconds, no timeouts and have to score a td to win? I’ll be it is less than a 1% chance of happening. I’d say winning the UCF game was a miracle and would have been a loss 99% of the time. It amazes me how people look at a game and only see what their side did or didn’t do. The other 11 guys lined up across the ball, have a coach, a plan and some talent and want to win the game too. As for the coaching staff, the team is 16-7 (11-3 in conference) over the last two years. I think that’s a 69.5% winning percentage overall and 78.5% in conference games. That sounds pretty impressive for guys who get second guessed quite often from people but that’s part of coaching. The thing is, teams and seasons have ebbs and flows to them and one play here or there can decide a game. You aren’t as good as you think you are on your best day winning and not as bad as you think you are on your worst day losing.This team is peaking at the right time, with three very winnable games against lower level opponents, I think they can end up 9-3 and play for a championship. If they win the championship game and a bowl game they would end up with an 11-3 record (school record) and if that happens they will end the year ranked. Now that might not happen since they may slip up in any or all of these games but after 9 games played, they are still in the hunt to make this a very special season. That’s the perspective I’m talking about!

  7. Agree with most of what you’re driving at. Again, look at some of my past comments – this one is just me bemoaning what could have been. And yes, I think a very good season is still in the relm of possibility and unlike past years I have more confidence they can actually do it. So hows that buddy. We’ll keep our collective fingers crossed.

  8. The band was not loud, but rock music over the loud speakers was too loud. In the old days at Temple Stadium we’d stand, yell, and wave our hands during kick offs.

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