Reddick Taking It To Another Level

Coach Collins is using Reddick as an example for the rest of the squad.

To put into perspective what Haason Reddick did over the weekend, all you have to do is look what running back Bernard Pierce did in the same environment.

Reddick’s most impressive combine number was a 4.52 40-yard dash.

Coming out of the 2011 football season a year early, Pierce went into the combine and posted a 4.55 40-yard dash. This was considered good for a running back.


This was the same Bernard Pierce who was the PIAA state indoor champion in the 100-meter dash (10.8) while a senior at Glen Mills and was Pennsylvania’s version of Usain Bolt as a high school senior. Except that Bolt didn’t have Pierce’s moves in the open field.

Reddick took the combine to another level.

Reddick’s number was literally off the charts and that’s why he will be drafted anywhere from nine to 30 in the upcoming NFL draft in Philadelphia. His 40 time was one-tenth of a second faster than the Owls’ Nate Hairston, who many considered the fastest Owl last season. (You could probably get an argument from reserve wide receiver Cortrelle Simpson, who will hopefully show some explosiveness this fall when he gets on the field for the first time.)

My guess is that the number Reddick is drafted will be closer to 20 than nine or 30 and that will represent the best Temple has ever had if it happens.

Muhammad Wilkerson was a 30th-round draft pick out of the 2010 college football season and he is now considered one of the top five defensive linemen in all of football.

While offensive lineman Dion Dawkins got rave reviews coming out of the senior bowl and had a very good combine, there is more talk of him going in the second round than the first round now.

However, Mel Kiper still ranks Dawkins as his No. 1 SENIOR defensive tackle, so there’s an outside shot that Dawkins could go in the first round as well.

If that happens in a draft held in Philadelphia, that is a value from the Eagle-and-NFL-centric fourth largest market that would yield dividends down the line in areas like attendance and recruiting.

Friday: The Spring Game


7 thoughts on “Reddick Taking It To Another Level

  1. I’m just hoping we get some quality commitments out of all this.

    Also what was your impression of Keith Gaither and his departure? We hardly knew him.

  2. Not to detract from HR’s freakish numbers nor split hairs but didn’t John Rienstra go with the eight pick to the Steelers in the first round circa 1986?

  3. now that one of the most disappointing seasons in TU BB history is over, can’t wait for football season. For too many years it was the other way.

  4. Now that this disappointing BB season is over can’t wait for football season. For to many years the opposite was true.

  5. Would be fabulous for Owls being drafted to get rousing reaction from the crowd that will be present, but I’m not expecting much in terms of reaction by the midnight green crowd. Only Harry Mays out there educating the masses about Owls.

    Non-related comment: Will Dunphy keep his job? Or is it that an abominable season by four of the Big 5 teams was hidden by Villanova’s year-long success?

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