A Logical Place For Spring Game


When you are journalism major at Temple, as I was, they make you take 75 percent of your other courses as electives. The reasoning behind that in the 1970s—I do not know if the practice exists today—was  that if you knew a little about everything,  you could report on anything.

Maybe they should adopt the practice for sports administrators.


Today’s required Course Monitoring for Temple’s administration should be Logic 101.

The discussion should be centered on just why the university is intent on squeezing 5,000 pounds of fans into a 100-pound bag when a 2,000-pound bag became available in the offseason.

The latest poster on the Cherry and White Day came out and there it was, right there for everyone to see: Cherry and White Game, Saturday, April 22, 1 p.m., Edberg-Olson Hall.


Bringing portable seats for 500 people when, on a nice day, you can get 5,000 people into a little over 100-yard square area made sense when you had no place else to go.

Not this year.

The soccer facility some four blocks south opened in the fall and the place has 2,000 permanent seats and they can still move those portable E-O seats to that location.

South Florida, which also plays in a NFL stadium, moved its spring game from its football complex to its soccer complex last season and it was an unqualified success. All the Bulls had to do was line the soccer field with football yard lines, put a couple of goal posts in and away then went.

Plenty of seating for the fans and a great experience had by all because the sports administration there applied logic to the situation and came up with a better conclusion.

Right now, the TU administration is trying to fit a square Cherry and White game peg into a round hole when there is a square hole just down 12th Street.

As our favorite alien, Mr. Spock, would say, that’s illogical.

Monday: Fizzy Meets Coach Collins


2 thoughts on “A Logical Place For Spring Game

  1. It’s just another example of how bad the administration is. Why inconvenience your fans when there is a solution to the overcrowding. Frankly, C and W was great at O’Hara because everyone who wanted to watch could in comfort. I think if Theobald were still president they would be playing at the new field and the stadium would be on track. Although other reasons were stated for Theobald’s ouster, I believe that his aggressive and enthusiastic support for big time sports and the stadium had something to do with his ouster. As I’ve said before, if the administration is not all in on big time sports the prudent thing to do is end them. I would rather have no sports than sports teams that are mediocre because of a lack of administrative support. By the way, losing Lew Katz and and Bill Cosby may be two of the worst things to happen to TU sports. If Katz were still around he would be pushing for the stadium. The current administration appears to have capitulated on the issue and doesn’t seem to be pushing for it.

  2. Can they be so strapped for cash that they can’t afford to line the soccer field for C and W Day? If so, we should set up a Gofundme page for moving the football game to the new $22 million on-campus stadium. (There is a field hockey game scheduled for that day, but the adjoining soccer field is available.)

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