The Lost Letter


Dear Geoff,

Despite having used some of the extra money in my new contract for a canopy bed and a nice new My Pillow that I ordered online, I’m having some bouts with insomnia.

Oh-and-three will do that to any coach who gives a damn and, from being my friend for over 25 years, you know I do.

So to combat the insomnia and before I get back to that My Pillow, I thought I’d jot just a few notes down because I’ve been able to DVD all three Temple games. Here are a few suggestions. You can take this letter and crumple it up in the circular file if you don’t like them and it won’t affect our friendship. Getting this off my chest might help me catch a few zzzz’s. Even though they are your players, I consider them my kids, too, and I’d like to see them succeed.


Keep Nick Sharga In the Game

Watching the Notre Dame game, I thought the first series was promising. Nick Sharga was in the game, the offense was moving and you made the right call on 3d and 2 with the handoff up the middle to him for the first down. Then I went, “Oh no” when Nick was pulled for three wide receivers on the next play. Things went rapidly downhill after that. I , too, was talked into the trendy multiple wide receiver sets by my first offensive coordinator. You are only going to have Sharga this year. You can let Patenaude try all his fancy stuff next year.   It took me two years to figure that out and I’m giving you the benefit of hindsight. Having Nick is like having an extra OL blocker. This is not a bad offensive line. Three of the guys who were starters return and a fourth, Matt Hennessey, who did not start, is a Rimington Award candidate. It should be performing better and using Sharga as a full-time blocker will help.  Once that happens, the linebackers and the safeties inch up toward the line of scrimmage, fake it into the RB’s belly and you’ll have these great receivers running so open through the secondary Logan won’t know which one to pick out. Hell, you might consider playing Sharga on defense, too. He was my best linebacker in a 34-12 win over Memphis two years ago. Position flexibility is something you should know a little about.

Stop the underneath crossing patterns

When Villanova gained about 8,000 yards on a crossing patterns underneath and throws to the tight end, I knew that wouldn’t happen the next week because I had faith in you. Still do. Then UMass gained what seemed like 8,001 yards off the same patterns. My only guess is that you allow Taver to make the defensive calls and he’s a little stubborn. Maybe you should take over as DC until things are cleaned up. I asked Phil what he would have done and he said put Sharga and Folks at linebacker, put Freddy Booth-Lloyd over the nose and Julian and Dogbe at tackles. Don’t forget Karamo Dioubate is also on the team. Please dust off his recruiting film. Nick Saban loved it. He’s a one-man Mayhem Machine. Anyway, Snow said that the best pass defense is putting the quarterback on his ass—err, backside, my faith won’t allow me to say that word this year—and having those three in the A gaps and over the center should cause the requisite Mayhem you desire. You’ll be surprised how that much traffic around the quarterback frees up guys like Quincy Roche and Sharrif Finch. Even if the quarterback isn’t sacked, hitting him might result in a hurried throw that Champ or Delvon can take to the house.


Make Isaiah Wright The Tailback

Love Ryquell, but he looks a little slow this year. Is he hurt? If he is, don’t hesitate to use Isaiah Wright at tailback. We practiced Wright as both a tailback and a quarterback and I thought he had a chance to be our most dynamic offensive player last year. We had Jahad so we couldn’t use him at tailback a lot, but we still found a way to put IW in as a Wildcat Quarterback. Putting him at tailback even for 10 carries makes the team that much harder to defend and he can do a lot of damage with that swing pass out of the backfield. I think he needs more touches and don’t forget reverses AND he can throw the halfback pass as well. Ryquell is a one-cut runner. This guy is a five-cut runner who, to use a basketball term, can create his own shot.

Good luck against South Florida and I will be watching.

Thanks for letting me get this off my chest. I have to get back to My Pillow now.



p.s. Please ditch the black uniforms. They are VERY unlucky. Stick with the Cherry helmets with the white ‘][‘.


11 thoughts on “The Lost Letter

  1. Screw Matt Rhule.

  2. TU is a 20 point dog after opening at 18. That’s the case even though USF’s defense is no better than it was last year and is still susceptible to TU Tuff. So far, Collins doesn’t seem adept enough to recognize the strengths of his own team and is sticking to that spread nonsense. We’ve all seen this picture before and it’s worse the second time because the coach should know better than to rerun something that was an utter failure.

    • John, what do you expect Collins to do, don’t you read the Temple FB page posts most of the talent on this team is freshman and sophomores….LOL. Hey I’m not expecting Temple to be like Alabama or Clemson but is expecting a string of winning seasons in a row too much to ask. I don’t get the attitude that seems to be 1 or 2 winning seasons every 4 to 5 years is fine.

  3. If Temple does what they did at ND to start the game at USF they may as well sneak out to the airport at halftime and come back to Philly. I just hope the coaches are capable of making needed adjustments and they can keep the score respectable.

  4. Mike, I see you’ve thrown your hat into the ring with the Temple is such a young, inexperienced team debate. It’s a waste of time and I’m sure if next season doesn’t start off well, which the way things look we’re repeating the patter of Rhule’s first 2 years, the cry will be “but look at all of the starters Collins had to replace.”

    • USF is a better team than ND and the stars are aligning for them to make a run this year…,

      best we can hope for in this game is week to week improvement on things like penalties, missed assignments, all the metal stuff, etc., etc.,,

      bottomline is a drop in talent both on the field and on the sideline equals losses

      position comparisons, 2016 vs 2017, which is better?

      WRs – 2017 (same crew, more experience)
      RBs – 2016 (no one has stepped up to match Jahad’s production)
      OL – 2016
      QB – 2016
      TEs – push (do we ever run more than one play for the TE?)

      DL – 2016
      LBs – 2016
      DBs – 2016 (hard to explain..,)

      Special Teams – push

      Sideline and press box coaching: 2016

      2017 is a tough year for the Owls

  5. Dear Matt, You’re set for life brother, so I’ll follow in your footsteps. I’ll follow recommendations like you told me. Mr. Wright at tailback, shear genius. Shargattack at LB, why not? Uniform decisions: do what Under Armour says. Good Luck in Waco Lol. Take the money and run. Peace, GC

    • Under Armour offers Temple a variety of uniform combinations; Temple can decline to use them, just like it did when it went to Cherry and White combinations during the entire seven-game winning streak to close out the Rhule Era.

  6. Yeah George those black helmets in particular. I don’t know who designed them but the Temple T is hard to see – why not just put a white T on the black.
    Under Armour should consult with the graphic design dept. at Tyler which is where the T originally came from. Anyway, visual design aside, I hope the coaches come up with some newly designed schemes and plays, especially on pass coverage and the run game.

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