Nothing To See Here


Maybe Geoff Collins has us fooled all along.

The problems we have seen with our beloved Temple Owls for three games he does not see.

Like Baghdad Bob above, there is nothing to see here and the Owls are in fine shape to upset preseason AAC favorite South Florida tonight (ESPN, 7:30) in Tampa.

At least that’s the vibe I’ve been getting after each Collins’ press conference. Last Saturday, on the “Temple Football Playbook” show, Collins looked positively giddy to be 2-1 and the kids are playing great and the two teams he barely beat are “really, really good” football teams. There’s plenty of juice in the building.

Never mind that one “really, really” good football team barely beat Lehigh and the other “really, really” good football team lost to Coastal Carolina, Old Dominion and Hawaii.

Tonight, Temple plays a “really, really, really, really good” football team in USF on the road.

The fact that the public sees Temple as a 20-point underdog does not seem to faze him one bit, nor did the prediction before the season that USF would finish first and the two-time defending AAC champions would finish third. “I love it,” Collins said at the time.

Those same two-time AAC East champions are now ranked seventh in the AAC power rankings based on a couple of subpar performances after an opening-day embarrassment when there was no sign of the “Temple TUFF” we had been used to for the past two years.  Collins blamed it all on misfits, but Temple fans weren’t buying that explanation because essentially the same players who were supposedly caught in misfits were not particularly known for screwing up similarly under a different set of coaches.

Tonight’s game is a referendum on just how Temple should select its head coaches post-Collins Era. Should it go the way that, say, USF did and hire a guy with head coaching experience who has done it before as a HEAD coach in an urban setting (Louisville) or churn that coordinator pile once again and hope to come up with a flavor like Al Golden or Matt Rhule, knowing full well it could be sour-tasting like Steve Addazio?

Temple AD Pat Kraft thinks he made a brilliant selection with Collins. Only time will tell.

One thing about coordinators is that not every great one was meant to be a head coach. It’s a different job being a head coach and you never really know a good one until you see him in action on game day.

Maybe Collins was just playing Possum and we will now see Temple TUFF, a running game, a defense that can stop the run and crossing patterns underneath and an offense that is innovative and not predictable.

One thing is certain: Temple fans will be watching tonight with a lot of anxiety mixed with a only little bit of hope.

It’s up to Collins to Keep Hope Alive by proving that Kraft’s confidence in him was well-placed.

Tomorrow: Game Analysis


55 thoughts on “Nothing To See Here

  1. glass half full.., the kids are playing hard, doing the best they can..,

    glass half empty.., the kids are playing hard, doing the best they can. Poor results can only be attributed to inferior talent and/or inferior preparation…..,

    this game will serve as the ultimate wake-up call for the TUFB program….,

    what schools have the best football programs in the AAC? the metrics must include Top 25 finishes, Conference Championships, Bowl wins, winning percentage since league inception, and players in the NFL…,

    Go Owls, Beat USF

  2. USF players have been tweeting the video of Nick Sharga blocking everything in his path. They have revenge on their mind, hope GC doesn’t treat this like homecoming.

  3. What may be the scariest fact about USF is that the Bulls have scored 30 or more points in 20 straight games!

    • They scored most of those points late. Stony Brook and Illinois were still close near halftime and they were down 16-0 in their first game against a poor opponent. The only thing they did better than TU was pouring it on after getting a lead.

  4. I seriously hope he has been playing possum. still burned a redshirt, but I have high hopes.

  5. Want to see Centeio only if Temple actually has a chance to win with his particular attributes. Otherwise, if CC wants to try other QBs let’s see one or both of the other guys first to see what they can do. I just hope this isn’t a runaway out of the gate like ND was. Gotta give yourself a chance and keep some contact with the score to at least have a decently close loss. But without some changes from the coaches this will be another blowout. Back to old days I fear.

  6. Hope Collins saw the video from last year’s game of Sharga reeking havoc on the USF LB”s and DB’s and tells Patenaude to work some of that in the game plan.

  7. I will only be really upset if they lose if USF beats the Owls predominantly by running short underneath crossing patterns. That would mean that the coaches are useless and that we’re in for another extended period of mediocrity.

  8. Don’t forget that Temple shut down the opponents run game in the last two games. We are playing with a lot of young and inexperienced players and that our heroes from last year are gone, most to the NFL. Matt Rhule was absolutely terrible in year one as he learned on the job. It is way too soon to evaluate Coach Collins and his staff. Villanova is a highly rated team in the FCS standings and has a very good and experienced quarterback. UMass fell to us two years ago, but it took a miracle ending to pull that off. Look at Baylor. I don’t know what Matt is doing over there, but I guess it is growing pains. We are in a rebuilding year, but we are still Temple Tuff. We have a tough schedule, and the AAC is better all around. Be patient, and let’s see how things play out. Rabbi Dick White (PS still steaming some at having two of our games on Rosh Hashanh (at least that one is away) and Yom Kippur at noon.


    • It’s not too soon to evaluate Coach Collins and his assistants. So far the coaching staff has not done a good job. Yes Coach Rhule was not good his first year (or the second) and yeas he learned and got better. But it is fair to evaluate his first year and say that he was not a good head coach. We don’t know if Coach Collins is going to learn to be a good coach. We can evaluate him now and he is doing a poor job. I leave to Mike and John and those who know more about Xs and Os to explain things he and his staff can do to improve the on field performance, but I can tell this is not a good head coaching job, given the talent this team has.

  9. Is Collins flying under the radar? Or into the shrubbery? We haven’t seen the stealth running game, swarming linebackers, and shutdown DBs.

  10. I enjoy the insight of Sir Rabbi , Dick White. You do provide a measure of insight, patience and a view of some added patience. I am a typical Temple FNB fan in max fear of our team devolving to a state of terrible and embarrassing. I bet there are many just like me.
    So this (german) catholic boy says again, thanks for the reminder of patience
    and keep posting your view, just to keep us sane.’
    PD – the Best of the Holy Days to you. !!!! Yes.

  11. FNB Fan means Football Nutcase fan , My spouse and I really enjoy temple FB

  12. Why is Marchi playing? He can’t run and hardly can pass. Don’t really care that he plays it safe.

  13. I double down on my previous comment. Marchi can’t read defenses, can’t run, and throws well sporadically. The OC is a joke.

    • can you say 2-10? from conference champs to 2-10…, we are worse than we all thought…, the OC is stealing money

    • not sure folks understand how far the program has fallen in such a short period of time.., the loss against ND was the worst loss in the last six years…, so…,

      in the first four games this season we will have suffered the worse two losses in the last six years

      CC, the DC and OC are stealing money…, boy oh boy did Pat Kraft make a very bad decision..,

  14. I can’t imagine how bad this would be if USF wasn’t playing so poorly….good Lord!

  15. I’m no expert, but anytime you run 3 different QB’s out there in one half, barring injury of course, kinda indicates you have no idea what your trying to accomplish.

    Which begs the question of exactly what the coaching staff does during the week.

    This guy Collins has been around football his whole life, has many years of experience in a conference head and shoulders above the AAC, yet it looks as if he’s just stepped out of a Pub League sideline. How is this possible?

  16. If Flowers had any passing ability whatsoever it would be 42-7 right now.

    • And if they hadn’t had so many penalties. I saw two scrimmages and was shocked that they chose Marchi. He was the third best qb at best. Like i said he can’t run or read defenses. Couple that with a delivery that’s worse than Tebow’s the kid is not a d-1 qb. Never thought I’d see an OC worse than Satterfield but this guy is ten times worse.

  17. Three 1st Downs, -22 yards rushing and just 41 total yards, 1 fumble lost and 2 interceptions in the First Half. 3 QBs used. May be the worst exhibition of Temple Offense in the history of the football program.

  18. I’d rather see Bill Cosby at QB at this point.

    • there is a reason why Glenn Thomas and MR didn’t let Nutile and Marchi play last year….,

      let Russo or Centeio play the entire 4th qtr..,

      players have zero confidence on offense and zero respect for the OC…,

  19. This is really, really bad. Give Russo a shot. All the other QBs look horrible. If Russo doesn’t get in during this fiasco, it will be like giving him the ‘invitation’ to transfer out. (Wouldn’t blame him.)

  20. Where is Russo? OC and O-Line coach should be fired!

  21. Think about how bad Russo must be that he’s our 4th-stringer. Also, it seems we are red-shirting Centeio and he is our future.

    Defense has played the best this season… but there is only so much u can do until they wear out (3rd quarter).

    Just burn Toddy’s redshirt and let him be the starter is all i can say.

  22. These players do not want to play for this (OC). Very telling conversations on the sideline….this guy has to go.

    • I agree… Our D played really well, better than the 2015 team and it would have showed if only we had an offense. I thought it would be silly to fire a coach this early, but Fire PatenFraud.


  24. Substitute pasta for cheese steaks and dude for mayhem this is starting to look like Daz 2.0. this guy is a lot of talk but not much else. It may actually beworse Daz with Satterfied as his OC. Oh well another failure with a spread FCS o-coordinator. Don’t know if this season can be turned around but this program can not have this season go 2-10, think that would out us almost back to the start of the AG era. I know Temple doesn’t fire coaches but a 2-10 season in my mind would deserve it. At a minimum I think this OC needs to go now!!!! How bad will attendance be for Houston?

  25. Collins is a FRAUD. Most people on this site knew in the spring that changing the offense was a HUGE mistake. Took the announcers five minutes to recognize that and yet the coaches getting paid big bucks are blind to it. What must Russo have done not to get a play? Thought that Satterfield was the worst. Have to change my assessment. The last two years may not be matched in some of our lifetimes. Can hear next year’s recruits contacting Collins and telling him that they’re de-committing. I can’t blame them. Finally, please disavow the idiots who are going to defend Collins. Remind them that he was handed a championship team and did not have the sense not to change a thing, that the last three games proved how bad a coach he is, that he can’t evaluate talent, that he has not taken advantage of the strengths of his players, that he hired incompetents as his assistants. that he embarrassed TU twice in a month on national TV, and that he didn’t even know what was happening during the interview to start the second half. By the way, did anyone notice some of the receivers on the sidelines? They have no respect for “Paint in the Nude” the OC. He’s painted four of the worst called games I have ever seen. Did you also notice that on half the plays, USF’s defense shifted to the side of the play and yet TU still ran the plays. Unbelievable.

    • John, I think I made my last attempt with one of the vive Collins a chance, total rebuilding year, this is the youngest Temple team ever, blah, blah, blah. I listed all of the changes Memphis went through from 2015 – 2016, new coach, new QB, top receiver, top 3 leading tacklers, interception leader and 2 and 3rd leading rushers along with there placekicker all gone. Yet that team still managed to go 8-5 and they seem to be continuing that trend this year beating UCLA. I don’t understand why these people don’t get that Temple needs 3, 4, 5 winning seasons, even if a P5 move never materializes to stay even relevant as a top tier AAC team. This team should have been good enough over the last 2 years to attract a coach that didn’t need to take a mulligan with a first year learning curve. I good almost live with that if his coordinator hires, especially OC weren’t so unqualified. Even wonder about some of the position coaches, there has to be some reason the o-line is playing so poorly. I’m guessing part of it is Patenaude’s “deal a meal” play calling but I have to think there is something more going on. Also, for all of there people talking about “how young” this team is what will their excuse be next year when Kirkwood, Jennings, Sharga, Foster, Chandler, etc are gone after this year. If this season continues this way even a “recruiting machine” like Collins is going to have de-commits. I’m also concerned about transfers if the rules for that changes as has been discussed. I did see you putting up the “gallant” fight over on FB as well.

  26. One more thing. i attended the scrimmage at Franklin Field and discounted so many bad things that occurred during it including the defense getting torched too many times. I should have trusted my eyes.

    • yes, the announcers hit it right on the head.., what is our identity on offense? I can’t remember the last time Temple played this poorly on offense for an entire game..,

      what did Russo do to piss off the coaching staff this bad? he or Centeio should start the rest of the season

      the OC should step down now…,

      we are light years away from the P5

  27. Can’t wait for the traditional match-up with Tulsa. American Fever!

  28. Fuggin-frauds, that’s the only answer. Looked like year 1 of Al Golden or worse because AG had 0 players at least then.
    The new O C ‘ Patently-Awful&Offensive’ looks to know nothing about big time football, even at the lower AAC level.
    I think he will be fired very soon if GC wants any future in Level 1.

  29. If the OC isn’t cleaning out his office right now then Collins isn’t interested in winning, just collecting the money. He knows the drill…..come to TU for some cash, get a couple winning seasons and split for the real money. Psst, coach….you have to get some wins first. Get an OC that can help with that.

  30. Last night had to be the worst exhibition of TU football I ever saw given the level of talent on this team and the amenities now available to the football program. I don’t care if it upsets people. So tired of folks making excuses for D-1 coaches making millions. This was not a rebuilding year until Collins made it one.

    • Absolutely frustrating John….that was Jerry Berndt level last night….embarrassing! The players know it, too!

    • John spot on, yes thought the would be re-tooling, which a lot of the folks on FB think is impossible. Agree regarding the facilities as well, when I was a student in the 70’s the practice facility was that big field behind McGonigle with the double height chain link fence and the surrounding houses looked like Berlin 1945. Even the with the complaints about the Linc (don’t want to get that started again) I still find a lot of people don’t realize Temple has their own locker room.
      Things keep going this way we will not be a relevant player in the AAC, let alone thinking about moving up!!

      • Was on that team. It was worse than you describe given the lack of grass, the fact that a grave would collapse every now and then, and no weight room except for the inadequate one in Pearson Hall, which could accommodate only half the team at a time. Despite all of that, the team was mostly successful because of coaching.

  31. When the two senior ladies behind me in section 120 were accurately predicting our play calling in the UMass game, as well as identifying our defensive weaknesses, I had serious concern that we could even have five wins this season. Granted those two senior ladies may be retired SEC Head Coaches for all I know, but it is more likely our HC and his coordinators are that obviously underqualified for their positions. After last evening’s performance if the OC does not resign, I think we’ve witnessed the only two victories we will have this season.

  32. Hey Mike you out there? Did the ineptitude of the coaching last night render you incapable of rational thought and rob you of the ability to put fingers to keyboard? I commiserate with you my friend because what happened last night is ineffable.

  33. And just why didn’t Russo get a shot last night. Temple had nothing to lose by putting him in considering the other 3 each had a chance. Somethings going on behind the scenes between Russo and the coaches. This was the worst offensive showing in memory. The kids look demoralized and totally disorganized on O. The D shows some promise. It’s not just the losing, it’s how badly the team is playing and getting blown out. Why can’t Temple ever make the obvious changes that are needed. Collins shouldn’t be awarded more time. He should be forced to make some changes (OC?). Therefore the AD and BOT members aren’t doing thier jobs either if they want to continue with a decent program and become attractive to a P5 conference. I guess since Rhule turned things around from a bad start, they’ll give every new coach the same leaway? That’s Temple for ya!
    Temple SHOULD be able to win another 4-5 games looking at the schedule. If not some serious action needs to be taken – other schools seem to know how to adjust.

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