Fizzy’s Corner: Temple Puff


                                                                     By Dave (Fizzy) Weinraub

There are three important things in football.  They are, coaching, coaching, and coaching.

So here’s where we are.  We’ve been on national TV twice, and laid an egg both times. The offensive coaching in particular, has been totally abysmal.  This display of a not well thought-out offense, coupled with stupid play calling, is seriously going to inhibit our recruiting efforts.  What high school offensive star will want to come here?

  1. After a turnover on the SF 39, Patenaude ran three running plays.
  2. After scoring on a great defensive play, do we try an onside kick?
  3. Then trailing at the end of the first half and having stopped SF, do we call a time-out to stop the clock with almost two minutes left?  No, when we got the ball back, we ran out the clock.Maybe I don’t understand, are we trying to win here?
  4. Trailing by 26 with two minutes left in the third quarter, Patenaude runs the ball on first and second down in good field position. I guess we wanted to hold the score down.
  5. What about the fake field goal?  It seems no one was aware it was a fake but the QB.

I don’t know what he did at Inter-Coastel Waterway, but this is a junior high offense.  Everything is straight ahead and completely predictable. Yes, I know, Marchi had a terrible night, as did some of our receivers.  But it’s really tough to throw with an all out rush coming most of the time, because the offensive coordinator keeps putting you in third and long.

The defense held out pretty well in the first quarter and a half, but they obviously spent too much time on the field. I wonder if they would have continued to be successful if the offense was eating clock.  Once again, this offense needs to be wide-open and throwing the hell out of the ball with quick slants, outs and hooks, and then going long. What about mis-direction, has Patenaude heard about that innovation?

Right now, our football program seems to have returned to the depths.  Coach Collins, you must do something radical.

Wednesday: If Not Now, When?

Friday: From Plain to Plain Ugly



27 thoughts on “Fizzy’s Corner: Temple Puff

  1. Ventell Bryant’s body language says it best…. Fuck you Patenaude.

  2. The Temple offense ranks 122d out of 129 rated teams…, our weakest position on the field is the most important position in college football today..,,

    the players have lost confidence in themselves and their coaches..,

    what happens when you can’t run or throw the ball, and can’t coach? Another 30+ loss.

    Houston knows we have a problem.

  3. ” Greatness Does Quit ”

    Temple Football’s 2017 marketing slogan.

  4. I also wonder how much the apparent situation with Russo could inhibit recruiting with schools in this area. It’s one thin if a highly regarded player just doesn’t pan out when getting to college but from what I’ve been reading there seems to be some kind of personal issue between Russo and Petanaude. Don’t know how of that is any is true or what the deal is but I have to think that kind of ting can turn off local high schools coaches.

    • Russo probably has a clear idea of how this offense could be successful and the OC doesn’t like it. Plain ol’ spite.

    • Doesn’t matter. Russo will follow Rhule to Baylor, the way this season is going.

    • if it is a personality issue then clearly the OC is putting himself before the program.., ‘me first’ means you won’t last long..,

      we have two highly recruited QBs and two not highly recruited.., guess which two have the most snaps under center? we are not trying to separate the rocket from the booster.., is it me?

      The Fix:
      1. decide on an identity for the offense
      2. put the players on the field who are most capable of executing the philosophy
      3. coach, teach, and mentor that style of play
      4. recruit and develop those type of players

      unfortunately over the last nine months we have done none of the above

  5. Even as Season Tixx holders for 20+ years, went to several bowl games, including New Mexico, we decided not to go this week vs Houston. Just can’t take it right now as it could ruin my weekend, just like USF game last week.
    On this UH Cougar game, I get the feeling it’ll be like 12+ years ago when Bowling green killed us with scores like 72 to 3.
    When I read the OC ‘ Patented-Awful ‘ is relieved of duty somehow, then I will return. And I can’t believe head Coach GC isn’t being questioned deeply on this mess. Enough for now

  6. In sports there comes a time when the hype stops and you have to play the game. There has been a lot of hype Coach Collins with this team and program going into this year. There has not been a lot of sound coaching. The team is ill prepared to compete and there are very few if any gametime adjustments made, especially in the second half.
    New to following the Temple program (I started with the recruitment of Al Golden) there were always two things that you could count on strong coaching and putting the players in the right scheme to compete. Both are on hiatus under the Collins regime.
    I plan to continue to root for and watch Temple football even during such a disastrous start to the season, because the players deserve it.

  7. Collins needs to take a lesson from his friend Matt Rhule’s taking too long to act – he needs to act now, not wait 2 years to learn what to do. He needs to step back, take a look at the O situation and take steps to change what’s going on. As Mike has often said, The HC is the top leader and needs to get tough. The lesson is already on the chalk board that things aren’t working. Patenaude needs to be told what to do or be fired. Other programs do it mid-season, why can’t Temple? Just somewhat more moving the ball, using up clock would make a big difference. If this crap continues just what does Collins think his own future holds in store? The program suffers from starting from scratch again, recruits lose interest in Temple, fans lose interest and it doesn’t have to be that way. Damnit, make some changes Collins!

  8. I for one would like to see fewer slogans and gimmick boards from Collins and more, well, actual football….

  9. Question regarding one of our highly recruited QBs, Centeio. Does anyone here have better information or better understanding of the red shirt rules then I have been able to research.
    My understanding is:

    1. Centeio’s red shirt has been burned by playing this year, there is no limit on how much you can play in a season.

    2. Can apply for a medical red shirt at the end of the season, not playing anymore this season.

    3. Given he played as a true freshman, he could be red shirted next year and then have 3 years of eligibility after that. Ash did this with one of his RBs up at Rutgers this year. Played 12 games last year as a true freshman and is being red shirted this year.

  10. New slogan: Mayhem into BM. Unbelievable. Collins has caused the program to regress ten years in four games. There is nothing to look forward to and the Owls may be lucky to win any more games. Watching UConn and ECU yesterday showed me that either team could beat the Owls because, although they are not as talented as the Owls, they actually have competent D-1 coaches who understand how to game plan. I’ve said it before and will say it again-D-1 is not the place to learn how to be a head coach or a coordinator and those dopes who say give Collins a break are either fools or relatives of his. Wish I was rich because I’d force TU to buy Collins contract out immediately. Les Miles is available, speaking of a coach who won a national championship and was fired. If he can be fired during the season, so can Collins because he’s shown not a thing to conclude that he’s going to get better. Although Rhule made many mistakes, at least the team was competitive in every game. That cannot now be said and no, wins over Nova, which lost to Albany (who knew they even had a team) and UMass despite what they did Saturday against UTenn do not count. ((Butch Jones is another coach stealing money.) I and so many Owl fans are rightly mad because we all finally thought the Owls were respectable and would remain so. What this guy has done with 8 win talent is an effable travesty.

    • John, reading that article it’s amazing how this guy has caused the perception of TU FB to regress so quickly. Granted a small sample but that coupled with the way the ESPN crew was basically mocking Patenaude and the offense very easy to get the national perception and local back to same old Temple. That PSU victory and ND game here are starting to fade. If Collins doesn’t get his act together can the next 5 years, since we probably don’t have the $$$ to fire him before his contract is up, will he take us back to the Berndt, Dickerson, Wallace nightmare!!! By the way the give Collins a chance cabal isn’t letting up!

  11. I just read on that Marchi and Nutile are the only qbs in the mix to start. The man fits the definition of insanity-doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. I haven’t gambled in years but with the line 13 and a half, I’m mightily tempted. If Owls are blown out again, time for posters saying Collins has to go at Homecoming.

    • John, I hear what you are saying. Personally, I have had a hard time coming back to TU football. I signed with Temple out of High School because of Bruce Arians. Two years later I had to deal with Jery Berndt, the absolute opposite of Bruce Arians. He hated BA’s players and we hated him. I see the players who have fought hard to bring success to this program absolutely frustrated that they have been saddled with these sheisters. It’s a terrible feeling when you don’t even want to report to the facility to play a game you have put so much blood , sweat and tears into. Temple’s decision on certain coaches in the recent past, their success and certainly this site has gotten my juices flowing again for TU. However, I get too emotionally involved and I’ve seen this crap before….I feel so bad for the kids right now.
      Transfer rules were different back then or I would have gone to Kansas State with John Latina when he asked. I would not blame any transfers or de-commits after what we’ve seen so far. Absolutely terrible!

      • Brian: Kids know phonies and frauds when they see one and they saw right through Patenude. I was on the field the first two games and was screaming like a madman at how bad he was. By the way, if you have a free Saturday and want to go to a game, email Nadia Harvin and ask for a field pass. They give them to football alums for every game. if you don’t know it let me know and I’ll text it to you.

    • wow.., well we are the 122nd ranked offense and it appears we are trying to move down.., giving 13.5 carries little risk…,

      does anyone know what put Russo in the doghouse?

      • Was talking to a buddy of mine last week who had access to summer camp and said he played himself out of contention. Hard to believe, but he’s basically another Aaron Ruff.

        Only difference is MR tells us if a player sucks, GC just tries to be nice about it.

      • I guess he peaked in High School, they didn’t like his play in camp. My gut tells me something different. At this point, when everyone else has been shuffled in, why not him? Looks personal to me. How could it hurt, maybe drop the offense to 123rd?

      • Funny. I’ve talked to about five ex-Temple players who saw a lot of the practices and say Russo was the best qb of the lot. Not by much, but certainly the best. Seems Marchi was recruited by Patenaude at Coastal Carolina and is given preferential treatment for that reason.

  12. Most managers know: forming, storming, norming, and performing. Sideline eye-rolling and disagreements are common. Good teams handle the difficult storming stage, but it takes time. Good managers know the drill. Bad managers panic, cover their asses, and screw people. We’ll see how this plays out.

  13. Articles such as “Temple’s Two-Year Run Is Starting To Look Like A Flash In The Pan” are becoming too common and misrepresent just how magical the past few years have been. What took years to build is being squashed in mere games. The hype/marketing campaign can’t hold water when the basin doesn’t have a bottom. Very sad to see the team in such a state.

    I’ll be at the stadium on Saturday. At least parking isn’t as painful.

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