#Myth Busting

The telling screen shot last night came not from the horror show that a nation had to witness for three hours prior, but in the interview afterward.

A profusely sweating Geoff Collins was wearing a vest that said, simply: #TEMPLETUFF.

Not TEMPLE TUFF, but hashtag Temple TUFF. Temple has been on national television twice, and there is plenty of talk about juice and swag and money downs and hashtags but the nation has seen nothing of the Temple TUFF brand we have become used to the last two years.


So we’re going to do some #Mythbusting today.

There are largely two schools of thought on what happened to a once-proud Temple football program floating around on social media.

One is that “the team lost too much from last year’s squad this is a rebuilding season” and another is that they “hired a head coach who is learning on the job with a group of ill-qualified assistants.”

One theory is an absolute myth perpetrated by fans who follow the program only casually and it’s surprising to those of us who have followed the Owls closely that some people find that line of thinking plausible.

An offense that lost its starting quarterback, but returned a running back who gained over 900 yards and scored 14 touchdowns, the top fullback in the country, three of five starting offensive linemen should not be rebuilding. A fourth non-starter, center Matt Hennessey, should and probably will be Temple’s next great center in the mold of Alex Derenthal and Kyle Friend. Ask any Temple fan who followed the team over the last 40 years (I will raise my hand here) who the best set of receivers are in Temple history and that fan will probably say the current group of Ventell Bryant, Adonis Jennings, Keith Kirkwood and Isaiah Wright. Any offense that has those four guys on it is not rebuilding, it should be reloading.

Emphasis on “should be” because the coaching is the X-factor here. Temple won the past two seasons because it catered an offense to suit the talents of its players, and did not try to force fit a square peg (spread offense) into a round hole (play-action offense). A good head coach tailors a scheme to the talent he has, not the talent he wants.

The myth perpetrators also say the defensive line lost a lot, but starters like Karamo Dioubate, Greg Webb, Michael Dogbe and Jacob Martin are still on the team from last year’s championship squad. Sharif Finch, one of the stars of the 2015 team, also returned this year. They didn’t lose as much as they gained. They did the pushing around last year and this year they are being pushed around. What’s the difference? Coaching.

Sure, the team lost three linebackers but that should have been offset by a secondary that was outstanding last year and mostly returned intact. The Owls replaced a fifth-round NFL draft choice, Nate Hairston, with a guy in Mike Jones who was projected by NFL draft guru Mike Mayock as a sixth-round pick last year. In Artrel Foster, Jones, Sean Chandler and Delvon Randall, those guys are not being put in a position to showcase their talents because the defensive scheme doesn’t call for the necessary quarterback pressures that would result in Pick 6’s coming back the other way.

Maybe the Owls were not meant to defend their championship this year, but they certainly were not meant to be embarrassed like this. When Matt Rhule left, the situation screamed for the school to hire a successful FBS head coach instead of rolling the dice on another coordinator. USF’s kids are benefiting from hiring such a coach, a guy who succeeded in an urban setting (Louisville) like both Philadelphia and Tampa. Charlie Strong did his learning on the job elsewhere and had a pretty good handle on it by now. Meanwhile, Temple’s kids flounder until this guy can learn on the job how to be a head coach.

These kids, and these fans, are the Guinea Pigs and there is not a damn thing anybody can do about it.

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76 thoughts on “#Myth Busting

  1. Hey Mike, I really think this is not even a problem about defensive schemes. The defense had their best game and it would have shown on paper if only we had any resemblance of offensive play-calling. Yesterday’s game was all on the OC. We hired a clown in Patenaude and either he needs to be fired (not happening) or learn how to run a pro-set offense in 2 days.

    • Announcers said that the long run was the result of Temple guessing wrong on a slant. Last year’s defense didn’t use slants. They stayed home and took care of their gap responsibilities. That was Snow’s sound philosophy. The offense was putrid, I agree, but the defense did not help.

      • I agree here, Mike. Despite having some great stops and forcing some USF punts (I shouldn’t being celebrating 3-and-outs), the defense gave up some major plays that were only limited by the short field. I believe that USF could have easily rang up 650+ yards of offense if they weren’t starting with a short field. Outside of the many turnovers, I was very disappointed with the 15 yard punt that left USF near the Owls 25 yard line.

      • Slanting by the defensive line is not guessing. Dline Slants right, the Linebackers fill left of them. Looks more like the play was communicated incorrectly.

    • The defense was also bad. Had Flowers been more accurate as a passer and had their linemen stayed on sides the score would have been sixty something to 7.

    • Am tired of seeing last season’s AAC champs looking like chumps on national TV! The play calling is beyond explanation! Better than average players, lousy coaching! What a shame! Just when we were on a roll with this program! Unless this coaching staff gets it together, the 2017 TU football season will be one to forget! One wonders how things would be if Matt were still here (?). But all is not well right now at BU with losses to the likes of Liberty and UTSA and with Oklahoma lurking on the horizon! It’s early, but could he go the way of Mr. Golden who, having gotten the ax at Miami, is now tight ends coach with the Detroit Lions?

  2. This guy is SOFT. Temple Tuff is no longer a cornerstone of this program under CC. He’ll shout it from the rooftop of EO but we’ll never see it on the field. So many players touch the ball carriers and usually the 5th player tackles him. We impose our will on no one and we all know it.

    Sad to see our grit and toughness leave the program with Rhule.

  3. Mike totally agree and rather respond here than your post of this on the Facebook page, I just can’t take the young team crap anymore over there. I can only imagine what the excuses are over on Pravada. These people make it seem like Collins inherited a team with true freshman making up 90% of the starting line up!!! Just had to reply to a couple more over there lamenting the young and inexperienced offensive line. Please, the 0-line seems to be having some issues but youth and inexperience aren’t one of them. DO any of these people bother to look at the ATL chart, at least when you can find one. Of the 9 playe3rs listed on he one I saw 4 r-SRs, 2 r-JRs, 1 r-SO and 2 r-FR. The 4 SRs all played in every game last year if not starting, Fair the r-SO played in all 14 games last year and started in the Military Bowl, Robinson played in 12 games last year. SO you have 6 of the 9 linemen having starting or played a substantial amount in a championship seasons and some over 2 10 win seasons. I sure hope Collins is building, rebuilding, whatever because he will have a lot of seniors to replace between the o-line, receivers and defensive backfield next year. If this season is any indication of the capability of this coaching staff we could be in real trouble next season.

    As for Patenaude, let the numbers speak for themselves, offense ranked 120 out of 129 FBS teams listed 288 ypg. The reclassifying Coastal Carolina is averaging 364 ypg. Guess they won’t be wanting Patenaude back!!!

    Bottom line, I may not have been as optimistic as your at the start of the season but I thought 7, 8 wins catching some breaks was were this team should be. Some of the casual fans need to realize this program is at a point where it needs 3, 4, 5 seasons of 6 wins or better in a row. We could quickly become irrelevant even in the AAC.

  4. What scares me, even during the 2-10 learning on the job season, we were in many games and not blown out. Perhaps a lucky break here or there we have a few more wins in 2013 This season we look totally lost. I do not see that light at the end of the tunnel I did in the Rhule learning stages. I hope I am wrong and see improvement as the season goes on. I used to see 6 wins as a minimum this year . I do no tot see this anymore.

    • this exactly. 2-10, but many losses where mistakes by coaching that they learned from. Now it is just disastrous with no clue where to begin on cleaning it up.

  5. Is it possible this is the way ‘out’ of football for Temple ?
    No need to talk stadium ‘no-mo’.
    Can this GC (moron ?) may kill everything, if un-checked ans un-challanged.
    Was this a setup ? Or just good old fashioned luck on part of the AD….

  6. in four games we have suffered the worst two losses in the last six years; both coordinators were not first choices.., the DC was his third choice….,

    where do we go from here?
    Houston – L
    ECU – toss up.., expect ECU to fight hard as this will be their only winnable game
    UCONN – L
    Army – L
    Navy – L
    Cincy – L
    UCF – L
    Tulsa – L

    going out on a limb, 3-9; both coordinators will be replaced, we’ll lose many recruits, and Spring of 2018 both sides of the ball will be learning yet another new system..,

    that will be three different systems in the last three years.., our future is dark

    • , UCONN is not a good football team, I know we aren’t right now either but I think the may be worse

      • ok, 4-8 is still a free fall.., I wonder how many Conference Champions finished below .500 in the following season?

        TUFB.., two steps forward and four steps back equals a bad program

    • Honestly hope Patefraud gets replaced the guy sucks. Any local high school coach can come up with better plays for the talent we have.

    • And the two games we won were both ugly. Nova is ranked high in the FCS grouping and it was our next game following the pounding by ND. So I guess that last minute win was understandable. But the 8 point win over UMASS, who came in at 0 and 3 was evidence that this team is not improving, especially on offence, as was so evident against USF.. In fact, I thought both Nova and UMASS outplayed us. We could very well be 0 and 4 at this point. Although it is year one for this coaching staff, I do not have a warm feeling for the future of this team with them in charge. The talent is there; it just needs to come together as a well-coached and productive unit!

  7. Article is spot on. I am not accepting ANY EXCUSES for Collins or staff. He did not inherit an “empty cupboard” by any stretch. Will never know, but if Rhule and staff were coaching this roster, hard to believe that results would be as horrible and embarrassing. Too disgusted and disappointed to say anything else.

    • If Rhule were the coach, there is no doubt in my mind Anthony Russo would be the starting quarterback. Kid is a magician at play-fakes and you need those in a play-action offense and he’s the only guy on the team with an arm strong enough to consistently find those great receivers deep. Patenaude is clueless and not playing the kid not because he wants to lose but there seems to be some sort of personality dispute between those two. Collins needs to step in and over, err, Rhule, him. Russo would be perfect to run the kind of offense Temple NEEDS to run, not the kind of offense Patenaude WANTS to run.

      • I’m still trying to figure out what kind of offense that is, this guy is clueless and seem to just pull plays out of the playbook at random

      • Centeio is the best QB we have to run the spread.., history tells us Temple better when we don’t run the spread…,

        so, either we ditch the spread and go back to TUFB w/Russo under center or we run the spread w/Centeio..,

        the announcers picked this up in the first half.., what is taking CC soooo long?

      • EXCELLENT article, Mike! Now can you please send a copy to the coaching staff? It’s clear they are desperately in need of having the obvious spelled out for them.

      • Article had over 2,000 views. Since Matt Rhule said he read all of my posts the year he was with the New York Giants–in fact, he said that was the only way he was following Temple football that year–doubt this did not get to them through back channels. (Matt also said he stopped reading once he became HC, but that’s a story for another day.)

      • ….and according to the newest article @TempleNews —- Collins will be going with Marchi and Nutile again.

        Someone explain this, please.

        We have an Elite 11 QB who had a great HS career with all of the awards and accolades, offers from plenty of schools including serious interest from LSU, and we’re not even willing to give him a shot after your other THREE QBs threw 4 interceptions and only completed 7-of-25 passes?!?!? In the article, Collins said that “they didn’t think about putting Russo in”. They’re having THE WORST game in recent Temple history and they * “didn’t think” * about putting in someone who just might possibly save the day?? Man, if there really is some sort of personality dispute between Russo & Patenaude, as you referenced, then that’s downright insanity that the 50+ year old man has a beef SO big with a college kid that it may literally be the difference between a winning and losing season…..?

        If that’s really the case, then shame on you Collins for aiding and abetting.

      • Collins and/or Patenaude are running an Offensive scheme that is not working and are in love with 2 average (at best) QBs that ‘fit’ a failing system. A scheme that would fit Russo would actually maximize the talent of our receivers and running backs. Since it is obvious that needed changes are not going to be made, get ready for a long, disappointing season and be prepared for Russo transferring to a program that will appreciate and use his talents.

      • If that be the case, then the entire coaching staff must go! I don’t understand why Collins would continue to field the pathetic offence we have witnessed thus far ??? The performance against USF was perhaps the worst I have ever seen for this program! And there have been some bad ones over the years! I just hope we can get it together for Houston on Saturday!

  8. My comment is at the end of the “nothing to see here” article. No need to repeat.

  9. Chris Collins = Chip Kelly??? Incredible let-down..
    But they’re still my team. The players deserve so much better!

  10. Well, here it is anyway…..And just why didn’t Russo get a shot last night. Temple had nothing to lose by putting him in considering the other 3 each had a chance. Somethings going on behind the scenes between Russo and the coaches. This was the worst offensive showing in memory. The kids look demoralized and totally disorganized on O. The D shows some promise. It’s not just the losing, it’s how badly the team is playing and getting blown out. Why can’t Temple ever make the obvious changes that are needed. Collins shouldn’t be awarded more time. He should be forced to make some changes (OC?). Therefore the AD and BOT members aren’t doing thier jobs either if they want to continue with a decent program and become attractive to a P5 conference. I guess since Rhule turned things around from a bad start, they’ll give every new coach the same leaway? That’s Temple for ya!
    Temple SHOULD be able to win another 4-5 games looking at the schedule. If not some serious action needs to be taken – other schools seem to know how to adjust.
    Also, I kept thinking and commenting that as good as we were hoping GC could be, we still didn’t know what would show up on the sideline gameday. Well, now we know. It’s looking like Bobby Wallace all over again. Crap!

  11. Mike, you left out the worst offensive line in the last 12-15 years. Can’t block for the run, can’t block in passing situations couple that with bad play calling and an inexperienced QBs and you have last nights whipping. The O.C. pantload is terrible. I was switching back and forth between the Temple and Rams game and noticed the new explosion on offense by the Rams. They have improved their coaching on the offensive side of the ball and their Oline is much improved as well. bottom line you can have all the weapons in the world good RBs and good wide receivers but if the oline stinks and ours does and the guy calling the plays doesn’t have a clue you have a really bad situation. This is a really, really bad situation.

    • really don’t see the o-line as awful. I see that we had an offense in place that included a RB, FB, and 1-2 TEs. This would greatly help the running game. now we are lucky to have anthing in the backfield. spread and hope it goes well is Davey P’s motto.

  12. Mike, I always go to Owlsports to listen to Coach Collins’s post game press conference. This time it is not on Owlsports. Did he speak at a post game press conference, and if so, do you know what he said?

  13. Who is the coach of special teams? Who decided to go for the fake field goal? That play was a true cluster f**k.

  14. It’s just a flesh wound.

  15. When it comes to TU Football truth, who Am I gonna call ? Mike G., the Truth-Buster. Good job Mike on this, a sad early obit on a once hopeful season.

  16. 85 yards total offense ? pathetic !!!
    Time for Collins to give JIJ (job in jeopardy) notices to Chris Weisenhaun (offensive line) and Patenaude.

    The offensive performance is unacceptable, given the talent on this team.

  17. Looking forward to Fizzys Corner regarding last nights debacle. I don’t get the feeling we’ll be reading any of that new coach, give him a chance, rebuilding that seems to be becoming a mantra of a deluded group on Facebook

  18. What those forgiving the coaching on Pravda and Facebook are overlooking is that Nova has a new coach. Although he had been an assistant there, the fact is that he never had been a head coach. I’ve watched TU football for 43 years and last night was, by far, the worst coached game I ever saw the Owls play. Collins forgot one thing in his fair quest for a starting QB and that is that teams name a starting QB as fast as they can so he can get as many reps as possible and the offense gets used to him. Instead of having 4 qbs, he now has none. I hate talking about players but Marchi simply lacks the skills to be a D-1 qb. He’s too slow and inaccurate and he takes too much time to release the ball. Anyone watching the last four games could see that. Why haven’t the coaches? People say they can beat UConn and ECU. I doubt it because both teams are better coached.

  19. This is SPOT ON in every way. The most important point being this was a team that needed a coach with some credentials. We weren’t starting from scratch here. These coaches even look confused and overwhelmed on the sidelines and the play calling is atrocious.

  20. Instead of mayhem we have B-em.

  21. Plan and simple:

    Underwhelming recruiting class, lackluster Coordinator recruitment to boot.

    USF game shows the coaches have no plan/strategy/identity outside of a marketing campaign.

    The continuously odd offensive play calling reeks of desperation and being unprepared.

    This all sums to a complete lack of understanding how to use the talent on the team, game plan, and how to lead a team (which is what coaches do). If you haven’t done so already, buckle your seat belt. I can only imagine how the players feel about this on the inside.

    There were winning FBS coaches available when Rhule left…..

    • Ben, good point about winning FBS coaches being available when Mr Mayhem was hired. I’m concerned that the AD is neither interested in this type of hire or wining head coaches from lower conferences like the Sun Belt, CUSA, etc are not interested in the job here

  22. Houston will be a big challenge if the coaches don’t come up with an effective game plan, particularly on offence! Embarrassing games twice on national TV is enough! Temple TUFF is fine, but intelligent game day preparation based on knowing and concentrating on the opposing teams’ strengths and weaknesses is what is lacking thus far! Yo Geoff, get it together!

    • what is our record this year vs the spread? Houston will be favored by +21 points.., we’ll lose by over 30 again

      • One can only guess what the point spread will be against Houston; I wouldn’t think it would be +21. At least I hope that we have not looked so inept in all four games thus far that that is all the respect we would get from the odds makers! +14 might be more like it – still not good! After all the success this football program has had over the past few years, it is hard to believe that things have gone downhill so quickly! Keep the faith!

  23. If you post to the Temple Owls Football fan group beware that if you criticize the coaches or respond in kind with disparaging remarks about someone else’s posts which personally disparaged you, you will be flagged from the group. I was banned for responding to a useful idiot named Mark Leventhal who attacked me for pointing out the obvious failings of the coaching staff. He is another useful idiot who thinks these coaches deserve a break because of the false narrative that this team lacks talent. I would appreciate it if those who comment on that site, push for my reinstatement and negatively reply to that bonehead’s posts. Thank you.

    • Come on over to Cherry Connect: http://connect.owlsports.com/ Not only is it a friendly environment for posting on Boards, you can get prizes, make game predictions, answer trivia questions., etc. Besides, I’m getting lonely over there because very few but me are posting anything!

    • What do you know John? You only played here and followed closely since your playing days were over. what insight could you possibly have?

    • John, hope you don’t mind but I sent Mike a FB message about your situation as well, The funny thing is Frank Stephens, who is the group moderator, posted a message to Mike’s link of this article on the FB page amost in total agreement. Marc Leventhal is a tool, his whole mantra is new coach, new system, young team….. I took the time to point out that yes this year’s team only has 10 returning starters but there were an additional 44 upper classmen on the roster who had a good bit of experience last year. I looked at the ATL and indicated that outside of QB and LB there are r-so, r-jr and r-sr at almost every other position and not a single true freshman is on the ATL. DId an estimate on the average age of the squad, using 18 years old as the starting point, for 111 players the average age is 21 yo (20.68). Marc’s response to all that was what the announcers said during the UMASS game, he is talking about the entire roster not just the player dressing, like a couple of dozen freshman who the closest they will get to the action is standing on the sidelines at the Linc have a huge impact on the performance of the team this year!!! Plus he made a point ho can you expect 21 year old (ok 20.68) to go head to head with 22 yo players. He is the poster boy for a group over there who make statements like “is it me or did we lose our entire staring line up from last year” and “total rebuilding program this year”. Then when you point out the level of experience on the roster, how units like the receiving corps and defensive backfield were consider some of the best in the conference and even nationally, they come back with “I didn’t say the team had not talent”…..well you just did. Sorry to everybody here for the long winded reply but I think you can tell I’ve been going at it since Thursday with several of the new coach, young team gang.

    • John, I may get booted from there after this afternoon, our boy Marc posted a few that I had to go after,

      Marc Leventhal Totally agree. Nobody expected another 10 win season this year. The expectations for this team should not have been through the roof. Teams like Penn State and USC and LSU just retool. Teams like temple and wake forest and Maryland have to rebuild every once in a while. I just want to see progress each week.
      LikeShow more reactions · Reply · 1 hr

      I especially liked this one with my reply:

      Marc Leventhal I just hope he doesn’t follow Rhule into the abyss. Temples future quarterback hasn’t been recruited yet.
      LikeShow more reactions · Reply · 54 mins

      Jim Danner
      Jim Danner Oh, that thought really gives me a warm and fuzzy for the future of the team. I hope whoever is the coach when that future QB is recruited stick s around to develop him. So I guess we he is finally recruited it will be “we need to give him few years to develop”
      LikeShow more reactions · Reply · 4 mins · Edited

      I an only imagine where it goes from here with these people the remainder of this year and next.

  24. Thanks, guys. He banned me for name calling because I called the guy idiotic. If that is all it takes, who needs that website especially because I was responding to his f-bomb and repost of my post for purposes of again attacking it. Frank, whatever his name is is just a another delusional owl fan who thinks everything is just wonderful and Collins is the reincarnation of Vince Lombardi.

    • Idiotic was being kind to that guy. As I said he is the poster boy for a group over there that seem to have no problem with giving a couch a couple of years to learn his job, only fools like us can’t be patient. They always trot out we’re not (insert any top P5 team) who can just retool. I don’t understand why they don’t get that Temple doesn’t have the luxury of letting coaches keep taking 2 years to learn to be a head coach. With Temples current environment with coaches moving every 3-4 years this team needs to get into a cycle where it string together 3 winning seasons then maybe a dip for a year with a new coach on board. I honestly believe some of these folks would not be troubled with 3-9 season this year

    • I was kicked off FB for being cursed at after the Military Bowl I reported the inappropriate posts and foul language, so they booted me! Russian meddlers no doubt. I left Owlpoop because of one nasty troll and the compulsive basketball whine-a-thoners.

  25. Hey everyone just keep up the good fight against the propaganda. Frankly, if someone I knew was banned for bringing truth to a website, I’d quit it. LOL. Seriously, these these idiots do not recognize the current college landscape. Every team in the G-5 is currently having a tryout for acceptance into a P-5 whether they recognize it or not. When the tv contracts expire, the last bit of conference reshuffling is likely going to take place for ten or fifteen years and the teams not selected for a P-5 conference will be left for dead. With coaches like Nick Saban calling for an end to the financially lucrative but competitively dubious P-5 G-5 patsy games, the next tv contract may bar them and require that every P-5 game be against a P-5 opponent. At that point, the G-5 will just be another FCS league. That is why TU or any other G-5 team can’t afford to be a stop for a coach to learn his craft. Currently, I’m watching CSU dismantling Maryland with a seconfd-year coach and saw Memphis with a second-year coach beat UCLA. Don’t tell me that TU couldn’t find a coach as competent as they are. Houston’s coach s new and while they lost today, they looked well-coached and had an obvious scheme on O and D. We have nothing except mayhem in the coaching box.

    • John, that is exactly the point with the whole P5, G5 game and the TV contracts. Whether you think it’s good or not to move to the P5, I know ther are some folks over there who are against I want the program in the position where they have the choice. When that last reshuffling comes along teams not in P5 will be left with those Tuesday/Wednesday slots like our MAC days. Forget prime time, decent payouts and if you want to see Temple play on Saturday get a ticket
      By the way I’m staying in the FB group and while being sure not to call him names going to take a consistent contrary position to Marc to see if I can get him banned

      • never understood the misplaced blind loyalty to head coaches from the folks on Pravda..,

        all coaches come and go, that is the nature of their chosen profession.., our loyalty should be first and foremost to the TUFB program…,

        it is us alumni, parents, and die hard fans who have the right and duty to level constructive criticism.., we all want the same thing, a relevant top program fighting to get into the P5 club

      • Well said!

  26. kj .. bravo, my man. bravo.

  27. For whatever it’s worth, UMass looked damn good yesterday against a good P5 team. Trouble is Temple would have done badly. If Temple can get something going on offense they might give Houston a hard time, but don’t expect that to happen.
    And guys, sometimes it’s better to just ignore people who try to prove their point when all the facts point in another direction. It’s just not worth the angst. There’s enough of that going on with truly important issues nowadays. We all love our football and team but it’s not the end of the world. Please don’t ban me from this sight Mike for saying that, Ha, Ha?

    • No worries. I’m half-expecting to read a headline that says: “Collins shakes up staff” but then I realize it’s Temple and nobody in the administration wants to pay off an assistant coach’s salary. To me, though, what the OC did to embarrass the kids on national television does not reflect well on Temple and I hope the administration is watching this guy closely.

    • More than a modicum of truth here! As for UMASS, they have to be the best oh and five football team on the planet! I thought they actually played well enough against us at the Linc to come out on top! Surely the Vols got more than they had bargained for on Saturday!

      • agree, it’s a shame they have no semblance of a kicking game, otherwise they could have had a better shot.

  28. I wish Tu had UMass’s coach. he can flat out get the best out of his kids and he’s smart.

  29. UConn and ECU now playing makeup game on ESPN3. 7-7 first quarter

    • Sunday game, rare for College football – going up against NFL? Not many in stands – hot, near 90 degrees. Lots of scoring. Hope the TU coaches are watching!

  30. If TU coaches remain FUBAR, scratch ECU off the win column. They have players. Don’t forget, they played VTech tough for a half.

    • FUBAR – Ha! Haven’t seen that acronym in a while! Let’s just hope that things being “fouled” up beyond all recognition is short-lived!

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