Collins Needs To Hold QB to Same Standard

At a press conference a couple of weeks ago, Geoff Collins dropped some jaws in the room when he said this:

“If you turn the ball over, you don’t play,” the Temple head coach said. “No exceptions.”

The worst part
is that a Temple
quarterback can
produce zero points
in a half and still
be allowed to start
the second half

I guess the “no exceptions” part means the “no exceptions unless you are the quarterback.”

Collins has a credibility problem going forward if he doesn’t keep his word and give someone else a chance to play quarterback next week. That someone else should be the one guy who has not turned the ball over yet, Anthony Russo.

Three interceptions and a bonehead intentional grounding call from Logan Marchi is not the worst part, although it should trigger benching clause in Collins’ verbal contract.

The worst part is that a Temple quarterback can produce zero points in a half and still be allowed to start the second half. That shows the players that the coaches have zero sense of urgency at a halftime when urgency should have been the No. 1 priority. Amazing not a single reporter asked Collins why after the turnovers and the goose egg on the scoreboard that he saw fit to send the same quarterback out in the second half.


Your job as a quarterback and an offensive coordinator is to turn the scoreboard into an adding machine. Since the offensive coordinator is not going to fire himself, and since Collins sees no need to, the only way to energize that side of the ball is to try someone else at quarterback. If it doesn’t work, you can always go back.

You don’t know it won’t work until you try.

Since we have it on good authority that the coaches have decided to preserve Toddy Centeio’s redshirt that means either Frank Nutile or Anthony Russo. We’ve already seen what Marchi and Nutile can do, what harm would it be to try Russo?


Marchi has produced 16 points in two games, 13 in one and zero in one (the USF game saw a defensive touchdown scored by the Owls) in four of the five games he started. That’s just not good enough.

Turning the ball over should cause you to sit.

Geoff Collins said so.

Or he lied.

Lying is not a good way to start a head coaching career.

Geoff, the truth will set you free.

It also might give the offense the spark that has been missing for what is now nearly half the season.

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27 thoughts on “Collins Needs To Hold QB to Same Standard

  1. What happened to counting Isiah Wright’s touches? Too many to count?

    • after 38 years of supporting TUFB so it has come to this? just when the intoxication of success takes effect you’re humbled back to AA..,

      we are bad and getting worse…., true blame and fault lies w/the AD and BOT, they accept and embrace mediocrity..,

      we knew what we were getting w/the OC and DC but we hired them any way..,

      4-8 is High Hopes, wow!!!! yes, last call for alcohol

    • That’s the subject of Thursday’s post. Makes me wonder if the coaching staff is reading this blog because they made a special emphasis of getting the ball to him Saturday after not even knowing he was on the team the last 2 weeks.

  2. The game became predictable : Houston threw passes 10-15 yards down their left side when near scoring & our QB was in love with throwing into 2 and 3 man coverage, just loved it. I liked Houston’s QB #3 and RB #2, we could use help like those 2.
    Our QB was a stumbling , bumbling, near embarrassment, again. Who the F (–ootball) does a retreat backup for 25 + yards for a sack or grounding when you are near the 10 yard line and at least a FG.
    The QB kid has lost confidence or has not the required skill. Why no substitute for QB in 2nd half ?
    What is it with the coaching decisions here ?

    • Don’t forget that ridiculous option out of shotgun. This QB cant run it. They would start laterally 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage. Houston’s guy would come straight up field (the guy you are trying to option) and our QB would cut it back into the middle and the pursuit. Does he even understand the concept? You have the defender on an island, make him look stupid instead of yourself. It’s 2 on 1 with the “option” to pitch it, the defender should never get it right. I saw other teams running that yesterday with plenty of success.

  3. QB wouldn’t start in Division 2; too slow, weak arm, no consistent accuracy, no escapability, and makes bad decisions. The first drive cost Owls the game. I know there were 55 minutes left, but a score would have lifted the spirits of the Owls and might have made a difference at the end. Don’t believe I ever saw a team go from first and goal from the seven to third and 36. If any team could do that, it’s this team. Oh the life of an Owls fan.

    Owls will not win six games. Navy, Tulsa, Army, and Navy are good enough to beat the Owls. Even UConn will give the Owls a game because they are better coached. This Saturday, the Owls better score early and often given that ECU has given up over 600 yards a game but have a decent offense. UCF is the best team in the league. They dismantled a Memphis team that beat UCLA. USF-UCF game at end of season will be a must-watch game.

    • How about when the Owls got the ball with 5 mins to go? Not one person on that team, coaches and players….had any sense of urgency.
      Then on that crucial 3rd down our QB slides short of the sticks, huh? Lower your shoulder and get the 1st young man.
      So, they are in a position to possibly drive and tie the game and they don’t have any urgency in getting set on the ball or getting a play in. Compounded by the fact that the QB doesn’t know where the sticks are or doesn’t have the stones to go get the 1st. Either way = big problem.
      I saw the Houston QB singlehandedly run around the TU D and lower his shoulder to get a crucial 1st just a couple series before that to burn clock and keep the drive alive. That is a big difference in field awareness and knowing what needs to be done to win! We dont have that here.

  4. Passing game was sophomoric. Defense played well enough to win. Refs sucked.

    • Dave, hopefully the officials won’t always be as bad as yesterday but I think your other points pretty much what it is going to be like the rest of the season

  5. I know it doesn’t do a damn bit of good now but Pat Kraft needs to file a protest with the head of the AAC officials, tell them the school is very upset, (especially over the clean Mike Jones interception that effectively decided the game) and tell the fans that the school is mad as hell and will not take it anymore. Home game and we got screwed like it was a MAC road game. The squeaky wheel gets the oil.

    • Didn’t even think of that, but you’re right. That game reminded me of reffing back in the MAC days. We expect and deserve better in the AAC and should demand as such.

    • The Jones INT & the Kirkwood Reversal sealed the game for Houston. It was pathetic, we should have won.

  6. We’ve had many games when the fans boo, and sometimes it’s hard to tell who they are booing. The coaches? 100% deserved at this point. My dad and I do our typical walk around the stadium before the game starts and both felt that if a change was going to happen this season, it would come after that atrociously planned/managed USF game. The best I can say is they realized what a running back is in the second half, and Marchi threw the ball away more this game than in any other (not exactly saying much). The worst I can say is that Collins is woefully unequipped to get this team back on track.

    On to Marchi: I detest anyone in the stands who boo’s a player. For most of the kids they have played since middle school and this is the end of their road. They do it for fun. They do it because they love it. No one is holding them up to it except themselves. A few will go on to the NFL, and rarely ever warrant even a raised eyebrow. Is Marchi playing well? No. Should he be benched? 100% without a doubt. Give Russo or even Nutile a shot. To Mike’s point, what do we have to lose? Nothing.

    If you’re going to boo make sure it’s at the coaches. Marchi can’t bench himself. Collins needs to make that call as Patenaude clearly won’t.

    • Your comment about booing Marchi is wrong. It is the epitome of what’s wrong with America, this idea that you can’t say anything that may offend. Marchi isn’t a kid, he’s an adult and when he graduates and gets a job and performs poorly he should and will get criticized. America has really regressed, 70 years ago 18-21 year olds stormed beaches, today they need safe spaces and can’t be booed for performing poorly on a football field. He signed up for the $100k plus scholorship to perform 12 Saturday’s in the fall and winter, booing comes with the territory. He can eliminate booing by simply performing better.

      • “He can avoid booing by simply performing better”. It’s pretty clear you’ve never competed at sports in a high level if you think booing a kid will transform him into joe Montana. I agree Marchi doesn’t have what it takes but it’s not because the kid isn’t trying and “simply needs to perform better”.

        The coaches own this situation and that’s where you should focus your ire. Also the average age of a WWII GI was 24yo and while younger guys were drafted they certainly didn’t win the day (according to my late father in law who fought in WWII at 16YO and had nightmares about it until his death in his eighties).

      • This is not a political blog, nor should it be. Still I think you miss the point. Boo the coach for not benching him; that’s the root of the solution. If you can’t see that don’t bother with the rest of my comment.

      • I played this game for Temple and also had a sniff at playing professionally in the Arena league chasing a dream. You better believe that getting booed is part of it. If people are paying to see me play then they have every right to boo. If you can’t be criticized by fans, coaches or anyone else out there then don’t play. Part of my motivation was to never embarrass myself. This is high level competition….no room for pussy-footin’!

  7. Forget turnovers, Marchi can’t lead the offense to score points. Locks on with his eyes to receivers from the snap of the ball, can’t throw a deep ball, isn’t accurate and isn’t mobile. If Collins keeps running him out there he is clueless. We’ve seen this show before, remember connor Reilly who was replaced by p: j. walker. On the defensive side, Mike Jones gets beat over the top a lot. He is over rated.

  8. Yeah, the reffing was reminiscient of the old days when Temple got screwed on a regular basis. But John, I agree with most everything you said about the QB except having a weak arm. In fact it seems he throws too hard often times instead of concentrating on accuracy and touch. And this Russo thing is getting ridiculous. Collins should come out and say why he hasn’t him played yet.
    So much negativity, meaning ONLY negativity here. Was it just my imagination that Temple look pretty decent in the 2nd half? It actually gives me a glimmer of hope if they can keep it up and do it for a whole game – they could have won yesterday! Those lousy penalties in the first half reminded me of the PSU loss that could have been a win except for 120 yards in penalties. That lack of concentration has to get worked out in practice (like Pettine at CB HS). I for one will hope the coaches continue with the adjustments we saw in the 2nd half (albeit for a whole game) and maybe, just maybe this season will improve. ECU will tell us a lot.

  9. The running game got going because Houston lost it’s best d lineman to injury. That kid is all-conference. At least Collins put new players in except for Russo. He has to start one of the other qbs and give the kid a half. One or two series is unfair to the kid because he can’t get a feel for the game.

  10. When I criticize a player it’s not about the kid but the coaches who put the kid in a position to fail. It’s their fault because they failed to properly assess the kid’s ability. This crew is now doubling down and instead of saying they were wrong, they’re going to keep te qb in.

    • Marchi is doing the best he can, and giving all that he has.., that is not the point.

      The question is: “is he the best QB for this team right now?”

      based on past performance, most would say not………; and, we’ll know the coaching staff is either doubling down on stupidity or packing it in the rest of the season if Marchi starts next week.

      This is a perfect time for the AD to give the head coach guidance and strategic insight on the direction of the TUFB program.

  11. Does anyone know if Russo can transfer and play immediately for his new school if he never plays a down at TU? If that’s so and CC knows the kid has no future at TU, perhaps he doesn’t play him for that reason.

    • New NCAA rule which takes effect on early signing day (12/21) is that a player can transfer from one FBS school to another and play immediately regardless of whether he played a down or not. I’d like to see Russo throw a few touchdown passes for Temple before somebody makes a bonehead decision and lets him go and he throws a zillion touchdown passes for somebody like Matt Campbell at Iowa State.

      • If such a thing as coaching malpractice existed, it would apply to this coaching staff if Russo transfers out before ever playing at least one half of a game at TU. Unfortunately the more the clamor for playing Russo the more stubborn they might become and not play him.


    out of 129 rated teams…, we are the 108th ranked defense and the 102nd ranked offense…, reinforcing failure is not a recognized path to success..

    let Russo run the team from the pro-set, give Glenn Thomas a call and offer him the OC job.., MR would let him go.., why wait?

    • First and goal from the 7 and we go away from our identity which is Temple smashmouth football. Two tight ends, Sharga leading the way for Armstead was the way to get it from 1st and goal to second and short. We end up punting on 4th and goal from midfield because our brain dead OC is trying to force feed a Coastal Carolina system on Temple TUFF players. Collins needs to step in and become the CEO Golden and Rhule were and tell this guy to cut out the bullshit.

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