Fizzy’s Corner: Good, Bad and Ugly


Editor’s Note: Dave “Fizzy” Weinraub brings a lifetime of football playing and coaching to his analysis of Temple games here. Fizzy played at Temple in the pre-coach Wayne Hardin days. 
By Dave (Fizzy) Weinraub

The Good

The defense was pretty doggone good, considering the loss of our middle linebacker, and playing against 17 guys. I truly believe we could have held Houston to ten or thirteen points without them receiving all the extra help.


All of a sudden, in the second half, we found the missing running game. Geoff Collins said, “We changed things schematically.” As an old coach (very old), I take that to mean blocking assignments and rules were modified, probably simplified. It was about time. Keep in mind; however, Houston lost its all-American defensive lineman. The passing game improved somewhat, even though there were still drops, and two of the three interceptions were not the fault of the QB.

The Bad

As long as it’s understood hindsight’s always 20 – 20, here’s my list.

1. Bringing Wright in to run a third and one, in the red zone.
2. Punting on fourth and three from their forty.
3. Throwing a drop-back pass instead of play-action, after running successfully four consecutive plays in the second half.
4. Running a QB option on third and seven in the red zone.
5. Running a pitchout to the tailback on third and ten with one minute left.

Please look at what plays we haven’t seen after five games.

1. A reverse
2. A pass thrown by the running back
3. A pass in the flat to Sharga after lining up in the “I Formation.”
4. A bootleg run by the QB.
5. An inside reverse
6. A second jet sweep.
7. A fake jet sweep and throw long
8. A throwback to the QB
9. A roll right, throw-back left.
10. A fake run by Wright in the “Wildcat,” and he throws the ball.

There’s a pattern here. We have no mis-direction of any kind, and that’s why we see so many run blitzes inhibiting our run game. C’mon Patenaude, wake up.

The Ugly

I guess I say this once a year, but this was the absolute worst officiated college game I’ve ever seen, and most of the bad calls were made by the same official. These calls totally affected the outcome of the game.
1. The interference call in the end-zone, before we intercepted. There was very brief contact, which affected nothing.
2. There was another interference call made against us in the middle of the field that was bogus.
3. The same official did not call offensive interference, when our defensive back had inside position in the end-zone, and was manhandled before the pass got there.
4. They called a bogus personal foul on Houston, after Marchi slid to the ground. The defensive guy had already started his tackle before the slide, and barely hit Marchi.
5. In the last few minutes, there was clearly contact before the ball got to our receiver in the middle of the field.
6. The review which overturned our reception at the six- yard line. OMG, clearly the receiver was dragging his inside foot on the ground.
7. And last but not least, the targeting call made against our middle linebacker. The man was not defenseless, he crouched over at the last second, and was hit by a shoulder as he was bending over. It was not even a penalty, let alone a reason for throwing someone out of the game.

This team of officials and whomever was doing the reviews, should be relegated to calling freshman games in the Philadelphia public school league.

There are a three more things I’d like to see.

1. Geoff Collins raising some hell on the sideline. (I don’t care who he shouts at.)
2. Marchi not sliding until after he gets the first down.
3. Our offensive coordinator assigned to play ten hours of “Madden Football.”

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27 thoughts on “Fizzy’s Corner: Good, Bad and Ugly

  1. As for the officiating, the 10-second run-off at the end of the first half was the oddest call I have ever seen. Why would a team ever choose to play defense in the last 2:00 of a half when they could kill the clock by faking injuries, stopping play and taking 0:10 off the clock, by choice? That was just bizarre…

  2. It’s pretty bad when the seven worst calls of the game don’t include a clear misapplication of the ten-second runoff rule.

    I would also add that while two of the picks weren’t directly the QB’S fault at least two that absolutely should have been picked lie squarely on his shoulders.

    • Wow….just go to the dorms and pack his bag for him coach, I’m sure he’d appreciate that more.

    • Seriously – what does that mean? Mike – any insight? I’m not finding info on what a “Scout Team Player of the Wk” is… ?

      Is Collins literally throwing a bone to a player he’s treating like dog…..?

      • I fear it is that bone …. also, Collins said: “His (Russo’s) time will come.” He didn’t say what uniform he will be wearing when it does. I hope it’s a Temple one.

  3. The official in question should be reviewed and investigated by the NCAA, it was that bad, and yes, it cost us the game. I have to say that he wanted Houston to win. That catch at the Houston six was so obvious, even the announcer said, as the review was in progress, that it was a catch with clear evidence. Something smells very bad re the officiating. Rabbi Dick White

    Sent from my Galaxy Tab® A

    • I doubt the tin foil hat conspiracy against Temple…

      College replay officials have always made the mistake of using the video to validate the confirmation bias of what the replay official thinks happened instead of only overturning what was called on the field based on “clear video evidence.” It’s been that way since they’ve instituted replay.

  4. disturbing as it may sound absent the addition of any impact freshmen the team next year will be worse….,

    why? nobody on this year’s team is capable of matching the production numbers of Jahad and PJ.., and next year we lose the skill players at WR..

    hard to fathom the OL playing better next year after replacing 3 senior starters..,

    same story on the DL and at DB

    back to the future with the same old Temple.., we were able to enjoy three wonderful years in the sordid history of TUFB

    • Kind of fitting KJ, the Temple story if you will. Always seem to be missing a piece or two to the puzzle. We have our best group of receivers ever….cant get the ball to them. Returning 900 yard runner….can’t scheme it or block it right. Highly touted D that was advertised as mayhem….spent the first 3 and a half games trying to figure out the system. I think the D is trying to make things happen in spite of what’s coached. The coaches can’t think that mayhem means base most of the time, can they?

    • if we go 3 and 2 the next 5 games, which is very likely. All of a sudden, we’re back on track to being a bowl team. Shocker.

      • Anything is possible, saw a little glimmer in the 2nd half last week. Let’s hope they can sustain some positive play and momentum. My eyes have been telling me something different though…..

      • Mine, too; maybe the most shocking thing about this season is this staff’s acceptance of the fact that we can’t score more than 16 points on any opponent (with the exception of 29 against the same opponent our old MAC friends Ohio U. just put up 58 on). CHANGE THE QUARTERBACK!!!!! DO SOMETHING!!! You’ve got the best fullback in the country, a tailback who gained over 900 yards and scored 14 touchdowns behind what is essentially the same line he ran behind last year (minus Dawkins) and the best group of wide receivers Temple has ever had. This is a disgrace … disgrace … that Temple accepts 16 points is the ceiling, but it is with this quarterback.

      • This week will be telling. EVERYONE has scored 50 on ECU, so if we don’t come close, it will show this staff thst a major change is needed… I hope…

  5. Starting to really enjoy Fizzy’s Corner. He tends to solidify the mood and sum up the major points. Still, “The Bad” is bad. I’m happy they found a bit of a run game. When the air isn’t working push on the ground. I get it’s harder to run the ball in the red zone, but I just couldn’t help the number of times we ran down the field only to come up short with failed passing. Rakes the nerves!

    My mini version of Fizzy’s Corner:

    The Good: Found the run game!

    The Bad: At least our complaints are vindicated?

    The Ugly: Second article I’ve seen so far this season saying “wth” Temple…

    • the staff is doubling down on stupidity…, where/when will it end?

      this is classic match-up, really bad offense against a really bad ECU defense

      to date, Collins has been nothing more than a rah-rah Gomer Pyle….,

      disgusted, angry, frustrated, and extremely disappointed for throwing good money after bad

  6. I’ve wanted to be optimistic. But I can’t be overly excited about last week’s second half. Forgive me for my lack of football expertise as I explain what I think I saw. There were 2 or 3 very awkward looking option toss plays for some significant gains and with them those drives continued. But as I recall they tried the same play on 3rd down on that next to last possession and Houston blew it up for a loss. That just goes further to Fizzy’s comments about the lack of diversity in play calling. Yes there was a 150 yds rushing. But there wasn’t much that looked polished about it. Further to all this is how bad things look when in the red zone.

    • Agreed, I want to be optimistic, however this team stinks right now. It stinks from the top….the above comment is correct as well. More of a cheerleader than a coach is what I see. Make some tough decisions about players and coaching and you might be able to right the ship. What aggravates me the most is all of the hard work and success of the previous 10 years, to finally get off of the bottom, is now gone….like a fart in the wind.

  7. In there’s an article saying that the coaches are doubling down on Marchi. They are either blind or stupid or both.

  8. On paper, this is a great WR corps. Unfortunately, they have not showed it on the field. A lot of drops and a lot of mistakes. Marchi is still bad, but these WR’s are over rated in my opinion.

    • They were great last year with P.J. They’ve had a few drops, but the problem isn’t them as much as the guy throwing it to them.

      • the word is “chemistry”.., PJ had it w/the WRs last year (UCF game was a prime example), they believed in him and made plays..,

        there is no chemistry between the WRs and The QB this year..,

        WRs are a funny breed.., the make great plays when they believe and are “all in”…, hard, extremely hard for them to be all in this year…,

        IMHO Russo and Centeio are the only two capable of establishing and creating chemistry

      • ^^^^^1,000 likes to this post^^^^ sad that this staff doesn’t know that Isaiah Wright is possibly the best running back on this team and Nick Sharga is the best linebacker. Both could help production at both positions. Quite possibly (probably), Russo is the best quarterback as well. This team SHOULD be doing much better than they are and it’s not a single kid’s fault.

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