Homecoming: Prodigal Sons and Daughters Day


Even an 0-6 Temple team drew this kind of Homecoming crowd in 2013.

Expect to see a lot of new faces today at Homecoming.

It’s the one game of the year where the Temple soft core fan base merges forces with the hard cores like most of us.


The numbers show that even on bad years, the crowd never falls below the 25,000 range. Even when the Owls of first-year head coach Matt Rhule were 0-6, the game against Army drew in excess of 25,000. The photo above just shows the tailgate row entrance on that day.

Today’s weather should be great, with a temperature 13 degrees above the normal 66-degree day on Oct. 14. I’m expecting a crowd between 27,000 and 29,000, somewhere in that area. Anything above that would be gravy. If the Owls put on a good show on the field, maybe some of the fans will develop a taste for more and come out to the remaining home games.

In the long-term, a stadium on Temple’s campus would bring about an enhanced benefit of attracting more alumni back to the main campus. Homecoming is the one time of the year where thousands of fans who do not normally attend Temple games do come back.

Maybe the on-campus stadium experience will be better for them, maybe not.

Us hard cores will take in the sights as we do every year and wish for the day that these Prodigal Sons and Daughters—especially those who live in the five-country area surrounding the campus—cross over from the dark side to see the light.

Tomorrow: Game Analysis


20 thoughts on “Homecoming: Prodigal Sons and Daughters Day

  1. I dont want to hear about mayhem or money down anymore. This team is bad and poorly coached. How many personal fouls? Unbelievable.

  2. Is #10 the best kick returner we have. He is not very good at it. Hard to believe we dont have somebody faster and better.

  3. JK, this team is NOT going bowling and ECU is just a terrible. Save the Kerosene for the basketball season.

  4. That’s why you should have taken the FG down 4……

  5. Worst coaching in a long time. Can anybody name one player who has gotten better this year. Almost everybody hd taken a step back!

  6. Perfect Homecoming Day! A football Saturday just as I remembered it, start to finish.

  7. What a devastating Homecoming loss. Probably set the Owl Club back thousands in donations. Head Coach is in over his head, the rest of staff is unqualified for D-1, and the chosen starting QB has neither the charisma or talent to make this team a winner. Has a college football program ever fallen from the penthouse to the shithouse so quickly?! Absolutely NO EXCUSES for this loss. NONE.

    • what happens when both your OC and DC are Below The Line?

      pick six was the difference in the game

      Machi has the longest and slowest delivery in college football…, he’ll never be able to fit it in tight windows.., from decision to release is an eternity.., it allows opposing DBs to close on open receivers

      how did we go from being a North and South team to being an East and West team

      we are a very bad team, does this mean TUFB is a very bad program?

      good news is that Russell, Randall, Bradley and Franklin hit like NFL players..,

      this team needs to find an identity on offense that vertical with some blocking

      • *that is vertical with zone blocking

      • I disagree about hard hitting. No offensive player ever falls backwards after getting hit. They always seem to fall forward. Marchi just makes bad decisions. His good is abover average. His bad is so horrendous. A game manager would probably be 5-2 at this point.

  8. On the Edge. Being there & watching this game I wonder if we are on the edge of being good or on the edge of being shit-full. Why all those throws of 35 yards to the side line for only 7 yards attempted gain ? Is this the OC or the QB doing bad plays….maybe both ???

  9. Mike, don’t think today’s mess of a game will get too many of the soft core fans crossing over.

  10. A bitch of a game. Temple was dogged by 117 penalty yards and two turnovers that unleashed 69 return yards and a TD. WR’s had more drops than my neighbors’ mangy rescue dogs leave on my front lawn in a month. Seems Coach’s tail was between his legs at the post-game presser.

    • 12 penalties is 10 too many and certainly raises a wtf red flag…, this offensive scheme is flawed for the personnel we can put on in the field.., we are stuck on stupid..,

      again, WRs are a funny breed, they make plays when they believe and drop passes when they don’t…, they believe we should be going vertical down the field…,

      time to see what Russo can do, get him ready CC!!!!!!!

      Army will smoke a 4-2-5 defense…., absent of radical changes future outcomes will be increasingly disappointing.., first to worst in less than 12 months, bear market looms

  11. Like I said two weeks ago-the Owls were going to lose one of the next two games simply because both ECU and UConn have better coaches. (Candidly, I said they could lose both. ECU just seemed to give up last week.) Our coaches are stealing money. Their clock management makes Andy Reid’s look like he works for Timex. On top of that, the wildcat call was the worst call ever. Is Nick Sharga still on the team? Everyone at the Linc knew Wright was keeping the ball. Couple that with a qb who is slow, inconsistent, erratic and makes bad decisions, it’s clear why they lost to a UConn team that had 70 points scored against it last week.When TU was in the pits, UConn was the game where the Owls took measure of the program. Over the last four years, the Owls showed that they improved by leaps and bounds and in doing so dominated UConn. Even when they lost to UConn in Rhule’s first year, they were up 21-0 and lost because they became complacent. Losing today, shows how far they’ve dropped all because they hired a coach who wasn’t smart enough to leave everything alone and keep the O and the D the same. On top of that, Patenaude didn’t run any of the long pass plays that worked so well last week. Like I’ve been saying -instead of mayhem we got BM. The Owls may not win another game although Cinncy is pretty bad. The rest of them are losses because these coaches do not have the smarts to beat the others.

    (For those that don’t know what that means, it means bowel movement which was the way we said we had to take a dump as young kids. Some people told me that they didn’t know what BM stood for)

    • John, after today I’m 100% on board with you regarding this staff. I expected somewhat of a learning curve for Collins but after 7 games seeing the same issues, even worse today. Play calling, clock management, you name it. A number of folks over on FB throwing out all the penalties, which we had way too many. For stuff like offsides, procedure penalties to me that’s as much coaching as on the players. An undisciplined team starts at the top. As for the OC what can you say, I’m even wondering how good he really was at Coastal Carolina!! He scheme could only put up 19 points against an FCS team and he was out coached today by a former FCS d-coordinator. If this team doesn’t show improvement over the remaining 5 games, no changes made in the off season (e.g. Getting a new OC), and things continue like this next year, which I think they could given 2018 is going to be the “real” rebuilding year, the admin needs to do what it takes to pull the plug on this guy. I felt there was enough talent on this team for it to go 7-5 without Collins having to break a sweat.

      • Plus, I just about had it with the apologists for the staff on FB, now it’s you can’t judge Collins until next year’s recruiting class, unbelievable

      • JD-They banned me from the site because they can’t handle the truth. So be it. They can remain delusional and think all they want that these coaches were handed a bad team that required rebuilding. Fact is that they had 80% of the team back and decided to install an offense that was ill-fitted to the talent the team had. The number 1 rule for a coach is to design a scheme that fits your players and these guys have failed to heed that rule. Despite evidence from Rhule’s first two years that the spread doesn’t work here even with a competent QB like PJ, these clowns threw out what worked well enough to get 20 wins and installed an offense using a QB who simply lacks the tools to run it. I’ve heard rumors that Russo can’t grasp the offense. Of course he can’t because neither can Marchi or anyone else. If Rhule were here they’d be running a pro style offense with Russo behind center throwing darts behind Sharga’s crushing blocks. Instead we have a QB that takes forever to throw a pass and seems only to see guys forty yards to his side.

  12. with a better scheme and MUCH more discipline, defense should be great next ..,

    you can build an aggressive Temple TUFF ‘D’ around Russell, Franklin, Bradley, Crump, and Randall, all next level guys…, with the disappearance of Dioubate, Dogbe will need help on the DL.., an addition of a sack specialist would make this a Top 10 D, caveat is a new DC to make it happen..,

    CC should be the HC/DC next year.., hire an Associate HC to run the offense and to make decisions like when to kick FGs, 4th and 1, etc.,,,

    one thing is crystal clear, dramatic change is required.., end of season would be good, sooner would be better.., no change would be continued disaster

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