Back to the Bad Old Days

Anyone who has followed this space for the last dozen years of its existence knows where it started and where we left off last December.

From chronicling the depths of a 20-game losing streak to the glorious championship in a great league in December, the Temple program reached the lowest of the lows and pretty darn near the highest of the highs.

This team doesn’t
have a plan on offense,
other than throwing
the ball 54 times
a game. That’s not
the Temple football
we’ve all come to
know and love.
The Temple football
we love is running
Ryquell Armstead and
David Hood behind the
lead blocks of Nick
Sharga, and letting
that set up explosive
results downfield in
the play-action
passing game

Less than a year ago, many of these same Owls were holding and kissing a championship trophy in Annapolis.

Now, after a 28-24 loss to a UConn team that gave up 70 points a week ago, we can officially say we’re back to the bad old days.

Arguably, this is worse than the 20-game losing streak because those teams had no talent. This team has three of five starters returning on the offensive line,  a 900-yard running back, the best fullback in the country, the entire wide receiver corps, pretty much the entire defensive secondary and outstanding defensive linemen like Michael Dogbe, Sharrif Finch, Karamo Dioubate and Greg Webb. Al Golden had a plan and he stuck to it and saw it through to the school’s first appearance in a bowl game in 30 years. This team doesn’t have a plan on offense, other than throwing the ball 54 times a game. That’s not the Temple football we’ve all come to know and love. The Temple football we love is running Ryquell Armstead and David Hood behind the lead blocks of Nick Sharga, and letting that set up explosive results downfield in the play-action passing game.


Our hiring advice to Dr. Kraft the day Rhule quit.

There is plenty of championship level talent here and it is being squandered.

Whatever Golden lacked in game day acumen, he more than made up in being a brilliant CEO and terrific recruiter and Matt Rhule pretty much took the baton from Golden without fumbling it.

This team has plenty of talent, but has no plan and poor leadership at the top.

Would it absolutely kill
the Owls to start Anthony
Russo for a series or
two or even the first quarter
at Army? Certainly
not as much as the poor
quarterback play is
killing this
team now

Quarterback turnovers are killing this team and the CEO in charge doesn’t have the requisite gonads to make the change that is needed now. Would it absolutely kill the Owls to start Anthony Russo for a series or two or even the first quarter at Army? Certainly not as much as the poor quarterback play is killing this team now.  This offense needs a spark and a quarterback change is the best way to ignite that spark.

Logan Marchi isn’t as much the problem–the kid is trying hard but probably cannot see the field as well as a taller quarterback might–as the stubbornness from head coach Geoff Collins and  offensive coordinator Dave Patenaude of sticking with him when Collins said unequivocally that anyone who turns the ball over would sit.

That rule only applies to non-quarterbacks, evidently.

You have to wonder what Marchi has to do to earn a spot on the bench on this team. On the Pick 6, the ball was tipped ever so slightly and, had the Temple quarterback been 6-4 instead of 6-0, the pick 6 would not have happened.

After the Pick 6, what, exactly, does Collins say to the kid?

“That’s your ninth interception in league play,” Collins might say. “You can have 10, 11 and 12 but I’m drawing the line at 13.”


He probably does not say anything and that’s the even worse.

Collins has one of the best kickers in the country and, instead of using him with five minutes left to kick a field goal and cut it to one, he got greedy. Had Boomer kicked a field goal with five minutes left, it’s 28-27 and all the Owls would have had to do is get into field goal range again for the win. Instead, they put their hopes on the back of an erratic quarterback and asked him to throw the impossible Hail Mary pass.

After Rhule left, we wrote that it was time for Temple to hire a head coach, not an assistant. Temple had too much talent to have another head coach learn in the job and squander this much talent.

Golden was available, and that back to the future path probably should have been the road Dr. Pat Kraft had taken. UConn made the smart hire in Randy Edsall, a guy who knows how to win there.

Golden knows how to win here.

Instead, Kraft rolled the dice with Collins and, in a matter of months, Temple went from the Penthouse to the Outhouse.

Welcome back to the bad old days. We thought they ended roughly a dozen years ago but unless key personnel, philosophical and coaching changes are made on the offensive side of the ball, they are here to stay for a long time.

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48 thoughts on “Back to the Bad Old Days

  1. I tried to give the benefit of the doubt to Geoff Collins this season . But after watching this game today, it appears Dr Kraft needs to strongly push for changes in this team.

    3 turnovers on downs in the 2nd half !!

    The most embarrassing TOD was 4th & 1 on UConn’s 12 yard line ? Why wasn’t Sharga given the ball to get the yardage, rather than Wright.

    Also, why not kick the FG from the UConn 24, and make it a one Point game in the 4thquarter ; Rather than turn it over on downs, again.

    Again, time for some changes.

  2. Adding insult to ugliness, this was Temple’s first Homecoming loss since 2008. (No doubt costing the Owl Club thousands of dollars in contributions.) It was the Owls’ first loss to lowly UConn since 2013. UConn, thanks to Temple, ended an 8-game Conference losing streak. Coming in to this game, UConn was allowing 43.6 points per game, as well as 400 passing yards per game (399.8). Collins has quickly gone from ‘Minister of Mayhem’ to “Lord of Losing”.

  3. Hey Mike, long time reader here, first time posting. I’ve been biting my tongue for weeks, but I just need to let the cat out of the bag after this latest fiasco.

    They run 3 plays inside the 3 yard line and Sharga isn’t in the game for any of them? What kind of sense does that make? The coach calls him the best fullback in the country and then forgets he is on the team the last 2 weeks. It’s not as if the offense is humming along and you haven’t needed him. Did he somehow get into the doghouse for something? I can’t see that, he’s a great kid.

    Another thing I’ve noticed is there are absolutely no fiery leaders on this team. In years past when the offense or defense would have a bad series they’d come over to the sideline and one of the team leaders like PJ or Avery Williams would gather up the guys and yell at everyone to get their heads out of their a$%##es and get it together. Heck, I even remember Zaire Williams yelling at people one game. I saw none of that today or any home game this year. Not even any of the coaches get fired up. I remember Snow gathering the D on a few occassions and chewing them out for mistakes. Hell, I can never even find Taver Johnson on the sideline. I watched the sidelines after every bad possession today (I’m in the 8th row). The only guy I saw get fired up at one point was Sam Franklin. Marchi makes bad throws and bad decisions, and he doesn’t even look agitated after he runs off. PJ would yell at himself, Tom Brady, Philip Rivers, those guys get agitated when they make a mistake. Marchi just trots off the field like it’s a meaningless scrimmage. Where is the fire and desire on this team? Football is a game of momentum and passion, if you can’t get fired up, you aren’t going to win many games. Heck, the recruits in the gray sweatsuits looked more into the game than the guys wearing pads. Energy and juice? SWAG? The things Collins preaches every day. Where are they? The kids don’t buy into this phony baloney coach and either do we. I’ve had this guy pegged as a used car salesman since his introductory press conference. He went out of his way to endear himself to Philadelphia fans and his whole routine just screamed phony to me. I tried to suppress it and give this guy a chance, but you know what they say about first impressions. Kraft needs to step in and tell Collins that Patenaude is gone. If you don’t want to fire him then fine, give him a new title. Special Assistant to the Water Boy. Jock Strap Bleaching Coordinator. Whatever inventive title Collins comes up with. He’d be underqualified and overpaid, but at least he wouldn’t be calling the plays anymore. Collins seems to be good at titles and slogans, but not much else. Certainly not with seeing any of them actually come to fruition. I’ve seen no energy, juice, or swag from this team. I’ve seen no mayhem. All I’ve seen is sloppy, uninspired play from a team that certainly has the talent to be bowl eligible.

    90% of the problem this season has been coaching, and I hate to blame the kids, but it’s time to sit Marchi. He’s just not an FBS caliber quarterback for a program with bowl expectations. He’d be a fine player at an FCS school or an OK backup in a pinch, but he’s not the future of this program. Ditto for Nutile. I understand redshirting Centeio, but it’s time to see what Russo can do. If he’s not the future then fine, let’s find that out now. It would be better for him and for us. If he’s not, he can transfer out and go be a star at Delaware. Then we can let Centeio and Trad Beatty battle it out for the starting spot next spring. If we lose to Army next week then this season is over for all intents and purposes. We need to find out what Anthony Russo can do in a game situation. The reason he isn’t playing is because he doesn’t look good in practice? Practice? We talking about practice? I think we all know a Hall of Fame player and MVP who didn’t think practice meant squat. I tend to agree. There are guys who are studs in practice, and there are guys who are studs in the clutch. Which one is Russo? His high school pedigree and championships point towards the latter. His decision making in practice hasn’t been good? Well Marchi’s decision making in games hasn’t been good. I refuse to believe Marchi is the best quarterback out of the 4. If he is, then we have a serious talent deficit at the QB position.

    Has anyone else noticed that Ventell Bryant seems to have checked out after the South Florida game and his argument with Patenaude? I also have to wonder if his downturn has anything to do with them taking his single digit and rotating it. Mike, you had Nick Sharga’s picture on a milk carton last week. Can you please put Sharif Finch’s picture on one? He supposedly came into the season “healthier than he’s ever been”, “feeling great”, “bigger, stronger, and faster”, yet he hasn’t been anywhere near the impact player we all thought he would be. Most games you don’t even hear his name mentioned. I know he was ejected early from today’s game, but I’m talking about all the previous games this year. Where is the punt-blocking, fumble-recovering, pass-intercepting Sharif Finch? Can he please report to the starting lineup immediately? We are in desperate need of a consistent pass rush and someone who can create turnovers. This defense needs a leader. He’s a single digit guy and has the respect of everyone on the team. Thought he’d be the heart and soul of the defense this year but I just haven’t seen it.

  4. What a bellicose analysis.

    • Just the facts. They objectively speak loudly and clearly. What a brutal loss!

    • Nothing bellicose about it. Collins has been out of his league from the day he took the job. Recruiting sucked and then he couldn’t pick a qb because, essentially, he wanted to be”fair.” The problem is that the guy who he eventually named as qb lost a lot of reps and then he picked the wrong guy. Wayne Hardin never would have delayed making the most important decision a coach has to make. Had he decided on a qb in the Spring, the team would have known that and acted accordingly. The receivers would have worked more with that kid over the Summer and that kid likely would have gained the confidence and swagger the starting qb needs to lead the team. Then, unlike Rhule, he didn’t pick the freshman when it was clear that he was the best of the bunch to run his scheme, or change qbs even though it is so obvious Marchi is not the guy. Couple that with running an offense with no discernable theme, essentially benching one of the best fullbacks in the country, stupid play calls (wildcats, running plays on third and long, qb options with a qb who can’t run, the spread offense etc), and sloppy play, which is on the coaches,and I say that the article actually should have been more bellicose. What many of the apologists do not understand and refuse to acknowledge is that D-1 is not the place to learn how to coach. D-1 coaching jobs (assistant coaches and head coaches) are among the most elite jobs on the planet because there are less than 1300 of them and unless a coach walks into a disaster zone like Golden did, D-1 coaches deserve no sympathy, condolences, or shielding. The money they make and the positions they hold require that they hit the ground running especially when they inherit a championship team like Collins did. I can confidently say that had TU kept Rhule or hired a competent head coach the Owls would now be 5-2. They would have beaten a so-so Houston team that got blown out by a bad Tulsa team yesterday and would have won by thirty yeaterday. The fact that they didn’t win those games and lost them looking as bad as any TU team in their long ignominious history is a testament to how bad the coaches are. Next week and versus Navy, I have no confidence that these coaches will be able to stop the triple option even though the Owls dominated Navy just 10 months ago. Finally, most of those kids who orally committed are each doubting their decision because they thought they were joining a successful team, run by competent coaches. Nothing could be further from the truth. If Collins, the James Gandolfini look-alike, ran the mob as poorly as he runs the Owls he would be whacked. Unfortunately for Owl fans TU never whacks a bad coach so hunker down and hope they get it right the next time. The problem is that time is running out for teams like TU because the last reshuffling of conferences is soon to take place because TV contracts are expiring. No conference wants a TU team that resembles the one that played in the Big East,

      • Some game comments, the QB stares down his receivers and can’t read a defense. Collins is inept as a coach making decisions. He goes for it on 4-7 instead of kicking a fg with 3:45 remaining and his d playing lights out. He also let the clock wind down to 56 seconds on the missed uconn field goal drive while having 2 timeouts. If he kicks the fg and stops the clock like he’s supposed to, we are down one with maybe1:30 on the clock.plenty of time to win the game on a fg.

      • John, hit the nail on the head that’s why I come here to get some common sense analysis. By the way you should be glad you were banned from the FB page, aside from “the coaches weren’t on the field committing those penalties” apologists we have Marchi’s aunt and grandmother spouting that it was all the receivers fault for dropping passes and those not ensnared with him at QB mustn’t be watching the game and getting the big picture. And of course the oldie but goodie has just been trotted out picking on the student athlete. I think I may ban myself from there for the rest of the season

    • Great analysis and spot-on. Spoken like someone who cares more about Temple than these coaches do, who have had very little success in the way of directly contributing to a winning culture elsewhere before they arrived at Temple. These coaches don’t give a crap about Temple. Thank God for this site and the fans who respond who do.

    • Colton…what is your analysis…curious to hear.

  5. I believe Fizzi suggested all coaches should play Madden football. Turns out that was a bad idea. Not kicking those field goals is exactly what you do when you are staying up late playing Madden-drunk!

    I dont see any improvement in most of the players from last year. Who has gotten better? More importantly, I dont see any improvements week to week, from anybody, especially the coaches. The defense played ok. Other than allowing a million first downs on 3 down. Isnt that supposed to be the $ down? Everybody throwing fake money in the stands, and the players giving up huge chunks of yardage on the field. Here’s an idea. Just stop somebody and let the fans cheer. Leave the fake money at home. Or better yet, for every first down the d gives up on 3rd down because of a terrible playcall, the coaching staff gives up some of there salary back to the fans who have to watch this garbage.

    And Marchi, seriously? What film is this staff watching? He is not good. 3 good passes a game does not make up for his 10 bad decisions.

  6. I’m not in the “rebuilding year” camp, I think that is next year, I also expected Collins would have a learning curve this year being in a new position but 7 games into the season and clock management is as bad as it was yesterday. Going into this season I was expecting an “Addazio” like first year for Collins, use the talent here have a 7 maybe 8 win season and start re-building next season. After yesterday don’t know what to expect from this guy. Right now I hope he’s the best recruiter in the AAC because it doesn’t look like we are going to win many games going forward on the Xs and Os

    • College football is a combination of recruiting and coaching…so far Coach Collins is an A+ on hype and a C-on putting a coaching staff together and game day coaching. Kids deserve more Dr. Kraft.

      • And a D on recruiting based on his initial recruiting class.

        I wonder how many potential recruits Temple brought to the HC game, decided to change their minds after witnessing yesterday’s game .

  7. Our QB is in LOVE, yes he Loves throws into nice coverage , 2 or 3 defenders bothers him not. And a few times our receivers will actually find and catch that football. Along with 35 yards across to the side lines to get 5 or 6 yards gain attempts.
    I watched him closely this week and I do think he doesn’t take his eyes off his original target very often.

    • In key situations throws the ball behind receivers after locking on them.

      • As has been said by some others as well, he is inconsistent. Plus in situations as you mention he hardly ever seems to know where to throw it away avoid a sack

      • As well as over throw and under throw the receivers

      • I noticed there is about a 1 percent group of our fans who say Marchi is not the problem, but he’s certainly part of the problem. How could anyone with that many interceptions not be? These receivers were great under a different quarterback last year. It’s time to at least try a different quarterback this year. Try. Show the fans you give a shit.

      • More importantly, show the other 10 players on the field you give a shit.

  8. They coulda and they shoulda, but the woulda part is deficient as hell. Between coaching and, sorry to say, a pretty bad passing game – inaccurate passes (too high, behind recievers) and frankly some dropped recievable catches, is alone where this game was lost, among other things. This season is essentially over because there’s no way they will win 3 of the next 5 games. UConn was a must win game, a very winnable game and they blew it. I’m done.

  9. There’s nothing that a lot of Diet Mountain Dew can’t fix. It’s mental duct tape.

  10. Collins needs to go back.
    He’s destroying what we had and demolishing what could have been.
    Benching Sharga, burying Russo. Temple builds tough kids and Sharga is the epitome of that toughness. Temple doesn’t get QB’s that were offered by SEC teams but we got Russo.
    You dont look a gift horse in the mouth and this guy wants to cut the gift horse’s legs off…
    Fire him now.
    AD needs to fire this guy now and invite Golden back.
    Or its another dark age.

    • Unfortunately, Temple doesn’t operate that way. I think Dr. Kraft banished Patenaude to the booth after USF and that was a good thing but there’s not much more he can do. Collins can fire Patenaude, hire Adam DiMichele (who knows the run-first identity of Temple football) and maybe convince Chuck Heater to leave Marshall’s great defense because these assistant coaching contracts are year-to-year but Collins is a guaranteed $2 million for five years and that’s too much contract to eat for Temple’s appetite. It’s a shame because UConn realized early how much a mistake it was to hire an unproven assistant (Diaco) and had the big donors to eat three years of that contract. We don’t have those kind of donors.

    • Also buried a 4 star recruit by the name of Karamo Dioubate. Nice job shmucks .

  11. I feel bad for Coach Collins. He is over-his-head. I think Temple should replace him and his staff. The fault is our own. Temple made a mistake and now we need to correct it. Or, did we get the Coach we deserve?

    I’ve been a fan since the 70’s. Played HS ball with Bob Harris. Then I chose to attend Temple myself. I like to see them win but I will still be a fan if they lose (I live in NC now).

    Temple is a tough place to Coach. Hardin and Rhule were lucky hires. Meaning the right guy was available at the time.

    We have also made some very bad hires. Wayne Hardin was a strategic force. Matt was a leader who inspired confidence.

    I just want us all to remember something Wayne Hardin said many years ago…”I never successfully recruited a player Penn State wanted.” I think an Al Golden rehire would have been a mistake. He was a poor game coach. A good recruiter but his real strength was organizational mgmt.

    Temple needed another Wayne Hardin. Rhule left the organization intact and some talented players too. But, most of our team would not start today if they were at Penn State. (Note that I dislike Penn State and find their self-riotousness abhorrent). Let’s stay real here. Our team talent needs a Hardin-like clone. Al Golden might have limited our penalty yards but did you not find him outcoached in many games? This will be a tough hire.

    • Tom, I’ve been saying what you’ve been saying since the early 1980s when coach Hardin retired at 55. A couple of years ago, an Epiphany came over me like the Holy Ghost himself descended into my body; THERE ARE NO MORE COACH HARDINS!!! They come along every once in 100, maybe 200 years, and Temple was lucky enough to have him. In fact, Temple had the Holy Trinity of coaches in football, baseball and basketball–Hardin, Skip Wilson and John Chaney. The best Temple can do now is this G5-P5 world is to hire someone like Golden and win eight games every year, maybe a championship every five years. If you look for a coach Hardin, you better be looking at a coach who won a professional football championship after getting a service academy to No. 2 in the country and you are not finding anyone like that. If I can’t get Golden, I’d go after someone like the JMU head coach. The next Temple coach should have no learning curve. There are enough challenges at Temple without adding a big, fat, learning curve onto the current dumpster fire we have to put out.

    • Tom, you make some valid points regarding Golden’s game day coaching but I don’t think his re-hire would have been more of a mistake then the admin made with another learn on the job assistant. First, for the most part I think these coordinators from conferences like the SEC are really used to “coaching” players up, they second team players that could start for most AAC teams, second he’s out of here the minute he has a winning season or 2. Obviously I don’t know but I do think if Golden was rehired he would stick around for awhile. Also I believe his recruiting would be able to keep this program a
      consist 7+ win team a year and most
      likely in a position to compete for the
      conference championship every few
      years. There is still at least one more conference realignment out there and having a couple of good years followed by a couple of down years is not going to get this program anywhere. Need to start stringing together 4/5 year strings of winning, bowl seasons. I agree with the position Mike took at the start of the search for Rhule’s replacement in that the new coach needed to be someone with successful HC experience. I can’t believe after 2 10 wins seasons Temple couldn’t have attracted a successful HC from CUSA, Sun Belt, etc. to move up a level

  12. Marchi has mechanical challenges, his delivery is the longest and slowest in college football…, we must be in serious trouble if he is the best QB on the team.., I firmly believe he is doing the best he can and is giving 100%…, on the other hand, can you get water from a solid rock?

    no other position in sports is as important as the QB position in football.., you can’t win if your QB isn’t one of the best players on the team PERIOD

    the WRs have checked out on Marchi, now simple becomes hard.., i.e., the drops.., plus the WR coach and the OC don’t see eye to eye..,

    Sharga and Bryant? wow, how/why did they become so irrelevant?

    What happens when your OC and DC are Below The Line? Again, while at USF Taggart fired both his OC and DC, success soon followed

    Kraft hired Colliins, ultimately Kraft is responsible and should be held accountable…,

    first to worst means the program is seriously flawed.., absent of dramatic change this team will be challenged to win another game

    • KJ, worst part is this team is going to need Bryant next season when Kirkwood and Jennings are gone. As I’ve said to all the “rebuilders” over on facebook next season is going to be a rebuild year more so than 2017

      • think you may be correct.., plus we should have two new coordinators, and players will have to learn yet another system..,

        that will make three different systems in the last the years, 2016 (Thomas and Snow); 2017 (Patenfraud and TV); 2018 (so and so, and so and so)

        just got back home and watching Hawaii vs San Jose St delayed broadcast.., Montel Aaron would start over both Marchi and Nutile

  13. There’s a lot of praise for Rhule and criticism of Collins here – both understandable – to a point. This is pretty much parallel to the criticism of Rhule his first season, which was horrible and unacceptable (so was his 2nd season record) don’t forget. Everyone was calling for his head too. Then, finally, he made some changes, changes he should have made much earlier. Then he gave us some of the greatest highlights in Temple football history, but with what seemed unecessary disappointment (bowl losses and dropping out of the top 25). I think Collins is messing up royally but it’s the same as Rhule’s early seasons. What really is bothering us all, is that we are taking such a drop, a totally unecessary drop in success, when so much excitment had been generated. But again, Rhule did the same.

    Right down the road from where I live here in Ohio there’s an MAC Ohio U team under a HC who was successful HC at Nebraska. He’s had OU in bowl games every year for 6-7 (?) years straight. Temple should and could be doing the same with better decision making for hiring coache. The Owls shouldn’t be having these deep drops as many of you have said. This should be a bowl season even if the record dips.

    • First, Rhule did not inherit a team with as much talent as this one has and second, his teams were in almost every game and always appeared to be moving forward. I’ve been saying for years that I wished that Frank Solich was TU’s coach. Nebraska fans regret his firing to this day because all he did was win between nine and eleven games a year. All Nebraska has had since he’s been fired is a barely better .500 team that can’t win a big game. They have hope though because Scott Frost will be their next coach based on the fact that what he’s done with USF is nothing short of a miracle. I think that they’re going to beat USF because they’re better coached and don’t make as many mistakes as USF.

  14. Anyone have access to Florida Gators football message board? Please post: Collins Sucks. Please Take Him Back!! (Etc etc)

  15. John I think if you read my comment a bit more, you’ll see I too agree Collins is doing a crummy job. However, Collins last 2 losses were competitve games and winnable like you say Rhule’s losses were . The fact that Temple lost is why we’re criticizing him now and rightly so. But I remember you were one of Rhules biggest critics his first 2 seasons (and rightly so) calling for his head too. My point is, even if he didn’t inherit as much talent as Collins, he certainly inherited enough to not get beat by Forham and that team out west (sorry can’t remember the name). And even last year losing to Army right off and then skipping out and leaving the team high and dry for the WF bowl game and the Toledo bowl game where he led the team on a vacation instead of trying to win, both of which we could have won and both times dropping Temple out of the top 25. Look I’m not defending Collins at all but I’m also not forgetting that Rhule did things you and others (and me!) thought were totally unacceptable at the time.
    I think really what we’re all tired of, when you get right down to it, is Temple’s apparent inability to make solid hires to begin with (for whatever reasons) instead of like, as Mike said, the Wayne Hardin hire. The spotty success recently is because of hires that require a learning curve and so far those hires have generated some success but only after some down time in between. I agree Temple should be able to get successful HCs with the salary they now offer. (And I’m still pissed that they supposedly “had to” drop 5 teams from the athletic program to do that – sports that about every other school still has.) So there’s a lot of impatients to go around if, as it seems again, we have to wait for another learning curve period. It ain’t like it hasn’t happened before.
    Again, in the beginning we thought Rhule was a big mistake too. Now maybe you think Collins just doesn’t have what it takes to get better? Who knows? When Rhule didn’t give up on his OC early on, we thought he wasn’t either.

    • actually, Rhule gave up on Satterfield and went with Thomas. Hopefully, Collins will do the same with this bozo and end up with someone who understands and embraces the run game combined with play-action.

      • TUFB is best with a lunch pail identity.., would love to see us go back to being a pro-set power team on offense with a dash of Hardin genius.., exploit the opposing teams weaknesses and actually do real game planning..,

        the defense has enough talent and hitters to be a force.., Franklin reminds me of Jaiquawn Jarrett, all he wants to do is hit..,

        both sides of the ball need new coordinators who understand, embrace, and can teach/coach TUFB PERIOD

        Kraft needs to call CC in his office and start the conversation with, “This is what TUFB is, this is our identity….,”

    • Rhule deserved to be fired because D-1 is not a training ground. I still hold that opinion even with all the success he had the last two seasons. Rhule’s inexperience lost at least six games his first two years, then the Toledo bowl game, and then the Army game last season. Maybe the Owls would have had even greater success and won one or both of the winnable bowl games with a seasoned head coach like Frank Solich.

  16. where the fuck is the great wise old Owl, Fizzy ???

  17. Well then John, we DO agree! So, why is it so hard for Temple and it’s HCs to make changes when other school’s football programs do it all the time?

  18. And Mike, I know Rhule changed from Satterfield but it took him 2 seasons to finally do it, the result being one very horrible season and then another season that should have been much better. That’s why I said “changes he should have made much earlier. Collins has a lesson, from his friend, right in front of his face as to what he needs to do.
    Also I watched the Navy game and I think Temple has a real shot at them on D especially and on O if Marchi can improve his accuracy percentage. And that means they should have a chance against Army too. Temple is close in some ways but apparently Collins needs a 2X4 up side his head first to make the changes that will put them in the win column!

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