Fizzy’s Corner: TU’s Regression


No truth to the rumor that Temple band alumni were playing taps for the season after that fiasco that some describe as a game on Saturday.

Editor’s Note: Dave “Fizzy” Weinraub has played for Temple and coached subsequently. He’s seen the most well-coached Temple teams offensively (Wayne Hardin) and, now, the worst-coached Temple team, at least offensively, against UConn on Saturday. His recap follows.

By Dave “Fizzy” Weinraub

I would like to begin with a quote from my teammate, Dick Gabel, a former superintendent of schools.  “Worst coaching experience since I played for Pete.”  He’s referring to our coach in 1959, Pete Stevens. (He was a fine gentleman, though.)


Geoff Collins should whack Dave Patenaude like Tony Soprano whacked Ralph  Cifaretto for burning down the stable where his horse lived. (Figuratively, not literally, though. Patenaude has plenty of horses and has been killing  them with this ill-advised offense.)

After seven games and three woulda, coulda, shouldas, because of the offensive play calling, Dave Patenaude has proven to be an incompetent play caller with absolutely no instinct for the right play at the right time. Again, and this time twice, he’s failed to score from first and goal. That’s mostly because his first two plays are always run up the gut. He doesn’t understand that the only down you can really fool a defense in that situation, is first down, not third down. First down is when you should run the fake into the middle, and then there’s a multitude of options.

Speaking of the goal line, how about the most bizarre play call I’ve ever seen. On fourth and one, he puts in the wildcat against a gap defense.  Not only does that make no sense, he then runs a slow developing fake to the outside, and when the tailback finally turns to run up the middle, he’s overwhelmed by the penetration.

 By the way, I’ve nicknamed his offense the Broad Street Offense.  That’s not because Temple is on Broad Street, but because Broad Street is one of the longest, straightest streets in the country.  Patenaude’s offense is almost always straight ahead.  I have to say almost now, because in our seventh game yesterday, he finally ran a reverse which gained thirty-five yards, and never came back to it.

There were a multitude of other coaching mistakes. There were twelve penalties, and this shows an undisciplined team, and that’s carried over from the beginning of the year. Then there was unbelievably poor clock management at the end of the first half, and at the end of the game. The coach let the clock run down despite having three timeouts available in the first half, and two in the second half.  It’s my guess they were afraid Connecticut would get a first down.  Is that a way to coach a game?  Last but not least, it took the coach until the second half to realize he had to blitz and get pressure on the quarterback.

I’m probably missing many more coaching mistakes, but I forgot to bring my notebook to the game.  I do know one thing, however.  To earn even a six-six record, Dave Patenaude cannot be allowed to call the offense.

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20 thoughts on “Fizzy’s Corner: TU’s Regression

  1. Why isn’t Patenaude facing the press? Is the press (not the bloggers) pushing Collins on his play calling and personnel decisions? It isn’t like Collins is doing a Saban-like job and can blow them off because of his success.

    The way this season is being wasted for the seniors is a crime. The only good thing about this season finally ending will be that some seniors will start talking about how practices and game day events happened so we get to know.

    • Delvon Randall said the practices were being run like a cluster-fuck before the season even started. I interpreted that as Collins not wanting to see anyone sit, so all 105 players are on the field at the same time and that limits the reps of the 22-44 guys who should be getting them. Randall has since been silenced.

    • Patenaude is facing the press but Pravda being Pravda they keep throwing him those high-lobbing softballs that he gives stock answers to (“we had 5-6 drops”).

  2. Fortunately, Shawn Pastor of OwlsDaily is the only guy with the gonads to ask the tough questions. I fed Shawn this question today. Hopefully, he can get to the Tuesday press conference.
    “Geoff, do you even know Isaiah Wright can play tailback?”
    Here’s what Collins said yesterday:
    “We’re down to essentially two tailbacks,” Collins said. “We had to move [redshirt sophomore Travon Williams] from receiver to tailback to try and give us some depth. We had to put [redshirt junior Rob Ritrovato] from fullback to tailback to try and give us some depth. So it’s interesting but you gotta manage it as best you can.”

    • It’s bizarro world….so many people here can see the time management problems, the personnel choices (Sharga disappearing, QB situation, etc.) And I hear the guys on TV broadcasts asking the same questions….what is Temple’s offense? Why didn’t they call timeout? Where is Sharga? Where is mayhem?
      How does this go unanswered? It is so damn frustrating!

    • Isaiah has alligator arms and may be better at tailback than slot receiver.

  3. how can we pen and collect signatures for an open letter to Kraft? Patenfraud must go now, sooner is so much better than later…, what does Temple Tuff mean to him?

    Temple is Philadelphia and Philadelphia is a blue collar town, that is the means and method to connect TUFB with the city…, hello, does anyone remember college game-day? The show started and ended w/the city..,

    It took MR two years to embrace the identity and create the brand. CC has destroyed it in 7 games.., this is a crime

    • I think Dr. Kraft is caught between a rock and a hard place. Deep down he knows he made a mistake, but Temple’s finances being what they are, he cannot do anything about it. He cannot even order Collins to fire Patenaude and Johnson, he can just strongly suggest it.

    • College Game Day prior to the ND game was a day to remember! Everyone was talking TU football! Now, friends ask: what’s wrong with Temple football? Changes for the better drastically needed!

      • At least college game day isn’t asking “what’s wrong with Temple football?” We’re being ignored. I’m not sure which is worse. Apathy to follow if this trend continues.

  4. It’s amazing that someone can’t order someone to make some changes. So even the Coordinator salaries are high enough that Temple can’t buy them out?

    • Buy out isn’t really an issue with the coordinators unless you fire one mid season. Their contracts are usually on a year by year basis so in the case of Patenfraude, Collins could just relieve him of his play calling the rest of the season and just not offer him a new contract for 2018. Don’t believe there would be any buy out at that point.

  5. it took MR too long to get Satterfield in the right direction…, at some point in time CC must overcome his misplaced loyalty in Patenaude..,

    responsibility and accountability rests w/Kraft, he is supposed to be the grown-up with this young and inexperienced coaching staff…, AND, he has seen this picture before..,

    simply amazing why grown men double-down on stupidity.., coaches and college athletic administrators are not politicians, little reason for them to act that way

    • You mean GC, not CC, but your point is excellent. Wish they had followed my advice on the day Matt quit and hired a competent guy who had been a FBS head coach elsewhere. With back-to-back 10-win seasons, Temple became a much more attractive job than some of these bottom-feeder Power 5 programs. We probably could not have gotten P.J. Fleck, but there were a lot of successful head coaches from the CUSA, Sun Belt or MAC who could have flourished here without a learning curve. … of course, Golden should have been the top target.

      • my bad, I thought CC was short-hand for Coach Collins..,

        more energy should be focused at and on Kraft, he has the ability to right a wrong.., this is not the time for the AD to sit on his hands and watch the drama play out.., he needs to take a pro-active and active role

      • I agree. You don’t sit on a bad hire. I reject the notion that since Rhule went 2-10 this guy should be allowed a crappy first season. Rhule was left with nothing like the talent this guy has now. At the minimum, Dr. Kraft has to order major coordinator changes.

  6. Houston Nutt just got his check from Ole Miss for the way they handled his dismissal. Word is he wants to get back on the sidelines. Maybe he can buy out Collins and take the job? Doubt he’d jump for subsequent offers given his age once he rights the ship.

    On the other hand, there’s Bo Pellini recruiting and being successful with the same type of gritty players in Youngstown. I’d have to think he’d relish the opportunity.

    Butch Jones might want to duplicate his success at Cincinnati to show the world he can coach. Mike Riley should be available as well….either could buy out Collins. Hey, maybe start a new trend that way.

  7. Wasn’t aware of the details JD, but my point really was to do SOMETHING about the OC situation no matter how it gets done. It may be too late for this season (should have happened already) but a change right now could give the Owls the wins they need – but it won’t happen. Temple really should have a chance against Army, Navy, Cincy and one more, but not without changes.

  8. Is this the same “Fizzy” Weinraub of Coatesville famr?

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