Cincy Preview: A Large Fan Presence


If this is photoshopped, hats off to the guy who did this (hats on, I mean).

One thing is for sure tonight (7 p.m., ESPN2) is that Temple will lack a large road fan presence in Cincinnati for a very important game with bowl implications.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be large Temple football fans on display tonight.

Whatever the Owls fan base might lack in quantity, they should more than make up in quality because, in Freddy Booth-Lloyd, they not only have a future professional football player but future professional Temple football fan.

No. 1 in your game program and No. 1 in your heart should be Booth-Lloyd, who has gone on record as saying that after his pro football career is over, he wants to be a Temple Temperor.

Cincinnati backs trying to get by FBL tonight (will) be like this ….

To the Rip Van Winkles (or just the Winkels) out there, the Temple Temperors are three guys who put their Temple fandom out there on display unlike really any other three fans in the stadium on a weekly basis. It takes a lot of guts to do that. They put their Temple fandom on the line with those large crowns they wear and the accompanying capes. They are to be admired for being, well, out there. On road games, they are often highlighted by the TV guys. Now down to “beer money” those Temporors cannot make the trip to Cincy tonight but will have a very large fill-in for at least one of the nights.

It’s nice to know at least one of the real Owls have noticed.

If Refrigerator Perry could have a long and storied career in the NFL, there is no reason the 6-foot-1, 365-pound Booth-Lloyd can’t, either. He’s large, very athletic, and a prodigious run-stopper.

He’s big, tough and athletic enough to win a track race against similarly sized big guys in a Florida high school track and field relays. The video went viral a few years ago and the world knew that Temple football had a big guy who could run.

Booth-Lloyd had the best game of his college career against a Navy team that uses the fullback to set up success in the triple option. Playing over the center and often with eight-man fronts, Freddy was a big (biggest?) part of the reason why the Owls were able remove the key that starts the triple option.

Tonight against Cincy is a whole different story in that FBL will have to play a key part to stop a Bearcat running attack that makes quarterback Hayden Moore effective. Stop the run and the Owls can get after Hayden Moore, sack him, and maybe force him into interceptions that go the other way.

At least that’s the plan.

If the Owls win, a nice cap to the night would be for FBL to lead the “T For Temple U” cheers, not wearing the players’ helmet, but his future Temperor crown. If that visual can be made to happen, you can book it will go viral as well.

Tomorrow: Game Analysis


12 thoughts on “Cincy Preview: A Large Fan Presence

  1. Don’t think this game will be easy. Just hope the coaches design a D plan as effective, albeit different, as the D was in the Navy game. More importantly, whether close or with a big lead let’s hope the coaches do better at the end of the game. But overall? whether pretty or ugly, just win! Go Owls.

  2. Anyone who saw FBL’s recruiting video knew he’d be great. Mayhem would include Freddie bull rushing in from the blindside.

  3. Good Lord….what has happened to football? It’s chilly…I know….but Jesus Christmas Isaiah, catch the ball….maybe you were weighed down by all of the extra shit you have on…..the sleeves, the hood, the hand warmer fanny pack…c’mon man!

  4. What has happened to this team? Easily the worst tackling and softest temple team in years. Novody ever falls backwards.

    And I know that everybody on this site touts the WR’s. I think they have been pretty average this year. A lot of drops.

  5. Is it possible that when you give the ball to the same guy 7 times in a row, he gets tired and increases the potential for fumbling?

  6. Hallejlujia. Temple Tuff is back on O. They would have eight wins had Collins not tried to force the square peg of the spread into the round hole of TU Tuff. Tonight exemplified what made TU successful the last two seasons at least on offense. Dbacks still look lost. Can beat UCF next week, a team that suddenly looks vulnerable the last two weeks.

    • Jones just looks clueless out there. As bad as he is as an announcer have to agree with a lot of what Mack Brown was saying about Nutile, especially his decision making. Definitely think we have at least 6-7 wins right now if Nutile was starting from the beginning of the season.

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