Can We Now Finally Say The “S” Word?

Can we now finally say the “S” word when it comes to Temple football?

(No, we don’t mean the first letter in the last name of the hero of the Pravda crowd who was finally and justifiably kicked off the Temple Fan Facebook page today. Expect more to follow in future weeks if they follow that guy’s smug and sarcastic lead.)

For weeks we’ve been avoiding it because this coaching staff could not be trusted and was not following the simple but tried and true principles of winning at Temple that have been outlined in this space for the last five years: Run the ball, control the clock, play defense, great plays on special teams, explosive plays in the play-action passing game.

The “S” word we’re talking about here is Sweep.


Not having this kid starting from the jump a huge coaching error.

Yes, it’s just two games in the regular season and a game in the post-season but a sweep would turn this disaster of a Temple football season into another S word: Success.

Embracing the principles outlined here after year two made Matt Rhule a multi-millionaire and it seems, off a 35-24 win at Cincinnati on Friday night, Geoff Collins has moved a step closer to cashing in on his fortune.

There was more running the ball, more play-action, and more good plays on special teams in this one game than we have seen all season.

Let’s face it: Central Florida is going to win the AAC title whether it beats Temple or not next Saturday at noon. However, it will be another “S” word if the Owls become the lone team to hand the Knights a loss:



Went 3-0-1 as all these underdogs won comfortably and the BC game was a push. Now 10-1-1 on the season against the spread. Key is waiting until late in the season.

It could happen.

Florida teams do about as well in the cold as Temple teams have done in Florida in September and October historically.

The Cincinnati team that Temple dominated on Friday night lost in overtime to an SMU team that gave UCF a great game in the warm-weather state of Texas last week.

Forget the fact that the coaching staff failed Frank Nutile (and their own kids and fans) by not starting him from the jump, all that can be done now is think about the future.

The future with Frank and the staff embracing these tried and true Temple football winning principles can be describe with another “S” word:


One week at a time and an 8-5 season is now not the longshot it appeared to be two weeks ago.

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22 thoughts on “Can We Now Finally Say The “S” Word?

  1. The frustrating thing is that the head coach said the offense “seemed to move the ballbetter with Franky Juice.” So why did they start Marchi? And more importantly, why did they stick with him when it was clear to everybody (including my 3 year old) that Marchi wasnt very good? Dont get me wrong, I am glad they did, but we would probably already be bowl eligible if they did!

  2. Mike, happy I could make a small contribution in Mr. S getting booted from the FB group, though the rest of the Pravda crowd was full of themselves last night.
    Back to the matter at hand, if the team plays next week like it has the last 2 agree there is a chance to sweep these last 2 and maybe Collins caps his rookie season off with a bowl win. While 8-5 puts the record in the neighborhood I thought the team would end up if the season finishes up there certainly did it the “hard” way

    • Yeah, they were full of themselves. One guy started a thread: “Is this where I come to complain about a win?” Complain about a win? That’s an oxymoron and most of the crew that responded to that topic were regular morons (except for the guys like Walter Milton who took the time to explain how complaining works).

  3. Who is the QB coach? Small complaint, but with 4+ minutes to go, and the lead, Nutile snapped the ball with no less than 9 seconds each time. One time there was 15 seconds. 7 snaps x 9 seconds is more than 1 minute. That coukd be the difference between winning an losing. I know it is a small thing, but winning teams aleays do the small things well.

  4. Another view of the ‘S’ word here.
    This is how I see the year so far as to Temple football progress and especially the coaching process –
    ‘Soulda’ = yup , ‘Coulda’, = yup, ‘Woulda’ = nope.
    Paten-coach would not put in QB Marchi until way late, he shoulda and he coulda, but he wouldn’ta.
    This is a review of how the proper QB was placed into service when there was still time for a nice year.
    I have no anger or bad feelings towards QB Marchi, he may be very good and perhaps just had no luck.
    I have great hopes for QB Nutile, he appears to be vary good and has luck on his side.

    • The only people to blame for Marchi’s failure are the coaches who should have known that he lacked the skills to succeed. They then exacerbated the situation by not replacing him after it became clear following the Nova, UMass, USF games that he couldn’t cut it. There is no doubt that had Nutile or even Russo played against Nova, UConn, and UMass using the current offense, those games would have been blowouts or that TU would have beaten Houston. TU should have won nine games this season and gone to a bowl game against a P-5 opponent. If the coaches again try to implement the spread in the spring it will be clear that the coaches are clueless.

      • wonder if Kraft stepped in and ordered a stop to the spread madness? OL is playing much better 🙂

        Nutile has been around now and should be given the authority to check out of bad plays at the line of scrimmage.., Patenaude calls plenty of bad plays

        as I said in a previous post, Wright should be the KR and PR guy.

        what is Mayhem again? TFL, INTs, Sacks…, etc., etc.,

        perhaps we can catch UCF looking ahead towards USF

        we still have a chance at one of the Big Three (Conference championship, Top 25 finish, Bowl Win)

        Go Owls

      • No, Kraft did none of that. 🙄

  5. KJ. Everyone on O is playing better because they are now doing what is familiar. Many of these kids played the last two seasons and got positive reinforcement due to the success they enjoyed. The first job of a coach is to fit the scheme to his players. PSU is failing miserably in that task because of how they are using Barclay. Put him in an offense lie TU’s with blocking tight ends and a fullback and one that gives him the ball after he’s already moving and he’d be unstoppable.

  6. This team’s inability to make tackles this year blows my mind… 2 years ago we got praise from Kirk Herbstreit on national television about how we were able to ‘wrap up a ball carrier and give him little or no yard gains’…. Everyone on the field last night was there to learn from that 2015 team….. what happened. Rarely does the first owl to the ball make the tackle

    • word around campus is practices are not what they used to be.., not as much hitting, blocking and tackling as in years past.., if this new way of doing business works, then fine.., if it doesn’t then you should re-visit what worked in the past

      • This is contradictory to what i’ve been hearing, where they tell me there’s more hitting and that too at a faster speed.

  7. Stop the sanguinity. Sinsy sucked and s*%# the sack in 1st half.

    • Sanguinity is called for. Cincy went down to Tulane and won last week. Tulane is a decent squad. Cincy is bad, but to say Cincy sucks is a little harsh.

      • True. It started with the letter S. The first half was rough for the Bearcats, and the refs were not helping their cause.

    • everybody said, including me and many others on this site, Temple sucked after losses to UCONN and Army…, looks who’s back

  8. I’m concerned that if the Owls get their 6th win will they “automatically” go to a bowl? Just 3 years ago they didn’t at 6-6. They’ve had 3 close losses and beat Navy. Hopefully they’ll have a good showing againsgt UCF if not a win and should beat Tulsa. With all that, would someone please.answer my question above.
    They need to close out games better instead of letting opponents catch up, because against a team like UCF that trait will lose the game if it’s close.

    • Right now if Temple gets to 6 wins the one thing that could cause an issue would be if Tulane beats both Houston and SMU which put both Temple and Tulane at 6-6 and 4-4 in conference. That would give the conference 8 bowl eligible teams with 7 AAC primary tie-ins. Now if UCF goes undefeated and goes to the access bowl Temple and Tulane would get to bowls. If we win out at 7-5 we’re in

      • Nah, pretty sure even if Temple & Tulane are both 6-6, the AAC will find a way to “pay-out” the G4 for one of their bowl spots. At least, that’s what I would expect if we truly are part of the P6.

  9. numbero123abc, was only looking at the AAC tie-ins possibilities, realize there is dealing at bowl time,one of the reasons we missed out on a bowl in Rhule’s second season, plus not even sure if there will be enough 6 win teams so some bowls where the AAC has secondary may also open up

    • That is correct. According to computer projections there will not be 78 six-win teams and that means, unlike 2010 and 2014, a six-win Temple team is a stone, cold lock this year. There will be a bowl out there looking to slot a six-win team over a five-win team and it could very well land Temple outside the crappy AAC bowls (only two good ones, Military and Birmingham). Love to see Temple play, for instance, at Yankee Stadium in the Pinstripe Jawn.

      • The AAC inherited the Big East’s bowl issues (not enough ‘juice’ at the gate/ TV ratings; in the BE l remember hearing horror stories about teams like UConn being krypronite at the box office, often selling less than 4k tickets for bowls) and the P5/G5 differentiation has only made it worse. It’s much easier said than done but the AAC should try to work with ESPN in moving the Miami Beach game to Bowl Week, see if they can get interest for a P5 opponent and if so, make that the dedicated bowl game for your champion when not in a NY6 game. It’s sort of a shame that a team can win 9-11 games against decent top-half competition, win a conference title and still end up playing in a pre-Christmas/ random bowl game that 3rd+ place teams usually land in.

        Joe P.

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