Fizzy’s Corner: Then Broad And (Now) Ridge

Editor’s Note: Now that Mack Brown says Temple has ditched the spread and gone back to the “Temple TUFF” offense it was known for the last two years, Dave “Fizzy” Weinraub has some nice things to say about Dave Patenaude. No nicknames for Patenaude quite yet, though.

By Dave (Fizzy) Weinraub

 Can you believe it?  For the first time, a bootleg at the goal line for a TD, and Frankie could have stopped off for a hot dog.  Then, some razzle – dazzle, where Frankie pitched to Wright, who then threw (finally) back to Frankie for a two point conversion.  There were even play-action passes on first down, (instead of drop-backs) and after turnovers, and even the second jet sweep of the year.


Don’t get me wrong, there were still up-the-guts at the wrong time, especially at first and goal, where we were still not efficient. It’s on first down, at first and goal when you have to show imagination.  But all-in-all, a remarkable turn around from the junior high offense we’ve been running all year.  There was so much improvement, I’m forced to upgrade the name of the offense from “Broad Street,” to the Ridge Avenue Offense.  Where Broad Street runs straight, Ridge Avenue twists and turns and curls.  Has Dave Patenaude seen the light?


However, I’m still pissed.  If we’d been running this type of offense all year, we certainly would have at least two more wins.  Also, Frank Nutile has been simply terrific.  His only two interceptions were passes that bounced off the receivers hands.  When given time, his passing has been phenomenal.  So my question is, why wasn’t he the starter from the beginning of the season?

The defense which had been mostly exceptional against the run, was only okay.  It allowed some sustained running plays for a time, but then righted itself.  It’s still the pass defense, especially against the two-minute offense that’s been terrible all year.  I just don’t understand why we can’t do the same thing the Eagles do in that situation. They rush four  and play a five across zone at about 12 yards, with a deep safety on each side. Then the defenders can see the QB and the ball, instead of running with their backs turned.  Even the announcer Friday night said, “no one knows where the ball is.”  We’ve given up an awful lot of TD’s in the right corner of the end-zone all year, and that’s because number ten (Jones), can’t see the ball.  To stop Central Florida, we have to defend the pass.

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16 thoughts on “Fizzy’s Corner: Then Broad And (Now) Ridge

  1. Right on Fizzy – especially about the pass defense and how it needs to change/improve to beat UCF. I’m still concerned about whether 6-6 will guarantee Temple a bowl bsid (or not). Go Owls.

  2. what would be most gratifying, a win over Top 25 UCF or a bowl game win/trophy?

    • To me a win over UCF. For the good of the program a bowl win. We will really look bad if we lose our third straight bowl game.

      • Can I have all three: Beat UCF, Tulsa, Bowl win. I thought we could win nine because I already had Army and UConn in the books. Since we can’t have those back, 8-5 would be terrific. Weather looking good (hard rain which benefits Owls’ running behind Sharga’s blocks if Patenaude is smart enough to go that run heavy).

  3. Another insightful report. Mike Jones has great closing speed, but he needs to show more this week against top-shelf competition. Frankie Sodas also has a shot a fame and fortune by putting the ball on the numbers.

  4. remember a few years ago when ECU was ranked and came to town in the pouring cold rain? Their fans were freezing in K LOT, half wouldn’t come out of the bus.., then ECU fumbled the game away.., cold and wet is good

  5. This group, including me, won’t forget the woulda, coulda’s of this season, but many of us had called for a 6-7 win minimum, bowl season. Well, we’re on the brink of it. It’s already much better than rhule’s first season but we really need that 6th win.
    BTW Mike, I didn’t go to the Cincy game. It’s 2 1/2 hours each way, probably would have had to stay over, the weather was nasty and the price of ticket/parking and all, plus you can see the game better on TV anyway. I did consider it, but being a cheapskate and getting lazier in older age, well you know…… I did really enjoy going to the Nova game at the Linc and talking to some students on the subway and doing other things in Philly/Doylestown and all, made it a very worthwhile trip. It’s nice to get back there once in a while. If they ever play OU again here, that I would do. And it’s on my bucket list to see them in a bowl game some year.

  6. Hey Owl fans just be glad Owls aren’t in the MAC. They have two games tonight. Nothing worse than Tuesday Wednesday football. Remember the Ohio game in the rain when Pierce sprained a hamstring. It was so empty you could hear the exhaust fans running. That’s never a good thing.

  7. Is the OC still in the sky box during games?

    • Yes. They showed him looking down on the field from the press box in the Cincy game. Hard to yell at the qbs and the wrs from there.

  8. Just read that Nutile still does not know if he will be starting. Collins hasnt learned a thing! How can they even be considering Marchi? Temple will lose this week. How can they be focusing on Central Florida if they still havent told the players who will start at QB? Unbelievable!

  9. Maybe that is s newer story, but according to Matt Vendet’s twitter at noon today, Nutile said he had not been told he was starting. It is Tuesday of game week of the biggest game of the year. That is ridiculous. Why would the coaches even consider Marchi? This is why Collins drives me crazy. What decision? Nutile has played circles around Marchi. How is this even a possibility of a story? Collins is still out of his league!

    • The fact that Nutile has not been told he is starting is startling considering that a whole story in the Inquirer was devoted to “Collins being excited about Frank Nutile’s fourth start.” I guess they assume Frank knows. Still would be nice to tell him. If anyone transfers out of Temple, I hope it’s Marchi.

    • Maybe someone went higher above the line over the weekend. Tough decision….there hasn’t been any separation……sarcasm off.

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