Tea Leaves and The Coaching Shuffle


Taver Johnson

You’ve got to hand it to Geoff Collins.

With some recent coaching assignment reshuffling, his vague “Above The Line” concept  at least has extended throughout the Temple football organization.

A cynic would suggest that Andrew Thacker’s “promotion” to defensive coordinator would indicate that Collins was not entirely pleased with the job former defensive coordinator Taver Johnson did. Yet, despite the promotion of Thacker, Johnson was named “co-defensive coordinator” in the shuffle. So we have a new defensive coordinator, yet the old guy is the co-defensive coordinator, and an assistant head coach to boot.

Like the depth chart that really isn’t a depth chart, the lines are further blurred here because this doesn’t indicate who will be calling the defensive signals.  Got to think this is a way to get Johnson a raise, as well as some of the other guys. Presumably not getting a raise last year’s offensive coordinator Dave Patenaude because the title Johnson “assistant head coach” had on defense went to a familiar name on offense.



Foley, who knows Temple tough inside and out, must have pulled the remaining hair of out his head when Patenaude called for a pass on first-and-goal from the 1


That’s also the title Ed Foley got on offense and all of us at Temple Football Forever (all one of us) are thrilled with that promotion. That means that Foley is the new boss of current offensive coordinator Dave Patenaude and we might not see a pass on first-and-goal at the one with 3:16 left in the Army game. At least that’s the hope. Foley, who knows Temple tough inside and out, must have pulled the remaining hair of out his head when Patenaude called for a pass on first-and-goal from the 1. Foley would have lined Ryquell Armstead (who had 151 yards in that game) behind fullback Nick Sharga and pounded Rock home for six on first down. Patenaude went Coastal Carolina soft and got zero points and cost Temple a win.

All in all, coaching assignments, like depth charts, should give fans an indication of who rises to the top of the organization but this is how Collins wants to operate so let’s hope he’s successful with it.

Other changes:

Reggie Garrett was promoted to defensive analyst after spending two seasons as a graduate assistant, working with the defense. Tom Pajic moves from director of player personnel to senior offensive adviser. Larry Knight, who was in charge of quality control for defense and recruiting, is now the director of player personnel.

Last week, Adam DiMichele was named recruiting coordinator/offensive assistant, allowing him to become the 10th full-time assistant coach. DiMichele shares similar offensive principles with Foley, which is a good thing.

Here are the coaches who have different roles and/or were promoted:

Ed Foley: assistant head coach offense/special teams coordinator/tight ends

Taver Johnson: assistant head coach defense/co-defensive coordinator/safeties

Dave Patenaude: Offensive coordinator/quarterbacks

Andrew Thacker: Defensive coordinator/linebackers

Jim Panagos: Defensive line/run game coordinator

Chris Wiesehan: Offensive line/run game coordinator

Tom Pajic: Senior offensive adviser

Larry Knight: Director of player personnel

Josh Linam: Quality control – defense

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11 thoughts on “Tea Leaves and The Coaching Shuffle

  1. Now that they have the titles in place, hopefully, they can now use the next several months to figure out what they will do when the season starts – regarding concept, identity, personnel, etc.. They couldn’t seem to get that nailed down in the winter, spring, summer (and most of fall) of last year.

  2. I’d like to be consider fit the tea leaf reader coordinator position. Perhaps a nice Earl Grey .

  3. Cranial hair aside, Foley, who’s been pretty chubby in the past, looks very fit and Temple tuff in the photo (assuming it’s not photo shopped). But Mike (and others), you must feel anyone is better than Patenaude because you’ve been quite critical of Foley in the past but now are glad he’s in charge over Patenaude (or so it seems Foley’s the new O boss). All this mixing up is making things interesting for next season. Wait and see, wait and see……

    • Must’ve been the cheese steaks

      • I was critical of Ed in the Wake game because he had an NFL second-round draft choice on the left side and ran Jahad and Rock to the right side for 14 of the 15 running plays. Ed choked in the Military Bowl and is not a head coach. That doesn’t mean he hasn’t been a GREAT assistant coach at Temple. To me, the perfect next coach for Temple after Collins has Ed’s heart/loyalty and Frank Solich’s brain and Al Golden’s recruiting ability. Get me a guy who is all three wrapped in one.

  4. Glad to see Foley looking lean and mean. I maybe unfairly blamed the Wake Forest loss on him, but he was understaffed after the Texodus. He’s a true local Rocky-like underdog, and I hope he succeeds.

  5. Love the “Texodus” word play Dave. The overall coaching fiasco against WF, having to reorganize instead of just getting ready for the game, in general is to blame, but Foley didn’t come out with a very good game plan. Altho, something happened during halftime because the 2nd half was an almost complete turnaround so maybe he gets credit for that. To me, it’s on Rhule deciding to leave town early making it the Texodus.

  6. PS: it’s always something at Temple that holds it back from attaining really greater success,ie: the WF bowl game which promised a record breaking win season and finishing in the top 25. Always some unexpected BS……

  7. Losing should be inspirational and a learning experience. Foley will recruit some diamonds and win his next bowl game.

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