Killing Two Birds With One Stone


Every year, I make a point of heading down to the Liacouras Center to check out one or two basketball games.

Not this year.

I’m just not as into basketball at Temple as I am football and never have been, but I love Temple and love the state-of-the-art arena the basketball team calls home so it’s always been an enjoyable venture the few times I could get out. The place seats 10,400 and is a spectacular modern facility as good as any on The East Coast. I can only pray the new football facility being built next to it is held in as high an esteem nationally but, for $130 million, I have my doubts.

After the basketball Owls beat Clemson, South Carolina, Auburn and Wisconsin early in the season, I thought it was going to be really enjoyable but then those wins were sandwiched around loses to George Washington and LaSalle, among others, and I said no more. Nothing in sports is more frustrating than a team capable of beating good teams losing to really bad teams so I thought I’d sit this season out completely.

Until something arrived in the email the other day: A Temple football event.


On February 7, there will be a recruiting event—called a celebration—at 5 p.m. Since the event ends at 7 and a basketball game begins then, my streak of going to at least one LC game a year since its opening will continue. The cost of the recruiting event is $20 ($25 for non-Owl Club members) and you can get a basketball ticket for as low as $12 added on, which I did. Pre-registration is encouraged so check your emails.

Call it killing two birds with one stone.

The recruiting part should be a celebration of the great job Geoff Collins did in that department this season. While he hasn’t signed any four stars, the depth of three stars is far deeper than Matt Rhule’s last full class. Of the first 25 signed commitments, 22 were three stars and above. Rhule signed only nine three stars and above in his last “full” class, the one after the Houston championship loss.

This is a consistently good class with a lot of guys who turned down Power 5 schools—offers, not just interest—to play and be educated in one of the greatest cities of the world. This is a class certainly deep and talented enough to be capable of beating the P5 teams and former traditional Eastern rivals on the schedule in the next few seasons.

Hearing Collins talk about how it came about is certainly worth the trip to town. While there, you might as well kill two birds with one stone—even though the other bird is a once vibrant now sickly Owl that certainly needs the love and attention it is not getting this winter.

Monday: The Attendance Bar

17 thoughts on “Killing Two Birds With One Stone

  1. Can you swing by and pick up John Chaney. Maybe the wise old Owl can speak some words of wisdom to the teams. Or at least light a fire under the basketball team’s asses. Fran Dunphy isn’t get the job done.

    • Will never forget Al Golden inviting coach Chaney to talk to the football team. Chaney said: “You’ve got to be tough. Temple tough.” Golden changed the spelling to TUFF and adopted it as the program motto. If Collins goes anywhere, I would take AG back in a heartbeat.

    • Dunphy has packed it in. It is time for Temple to announce that Fan has decided to retire and move on. He is destroying the Temple basketball Brand. Can’t recruit, his team’s play no defense, can’t score and look lost on the court. Time to throw Franny a retirement party.

      • At $2 million locked in through 2021, that’s an awfully expensive party.

      • Fake News

      • I don’t care how much anyone hates Dunphy, that’s a pretty terrible thing to post (not you, Dave, the website that generates these kinds of stories).

      • I saw it on my phone at the gym but did not fall for it. I know Temple too well. Fran will be here until 2021. They don’t have the money to field a baseball team; how the hell are they going to eat a $2 million contract?

      • Since Dunphy is locked in until 2021, it begs the question as to what knucklehead gives a coach in his mid to late sixties a long term deal? I think we know the answer to that question. I was a long time season ticket holder who gave up Temple basketball season tickets this year. I just could no longer go to North Philly and watch such awful, uninspiring coaching and play. I’ve had season tickets since 1985. One big difference between Chaney and Dunphy is big man player development. Chaney’s player’s got better in the program after 4 years, Players like Tim Perry and Duane Causwell while Dunphy’s do not. Think Ant Lee, Obi and Ernest.

      • Dunphy is 69 years old . At this point you can only hope he retires or has a buyout on his contract.

        Causwell didn’t play 4 years for Chaney.
        He failed out of school half way through his junior year . Causwell didn’t care, since he knew he was going high in the draft.

  2. Can Collins coach em up? That’s the question especially after this season when there was not much of that and he utterly misused many of his talented players. Getting good players is essential. However, that doesn’t always equal success. Think Brady Hoch at Michigan who had top ten recruiting classes.

  3. Collins made Al Golden look like Vince Lombardi this year. This team had more talent than any of Golden’s 9- and 8-win teams.

  4. Mike I will always hold Golden in high esteem for rejuvenating the program but let’s not forget his very average game-day coaching. If he would get a really good OC and let him call the shots during games, then yeah. You’ve always said, there’s always been really good proven HCs out there but Temple never went after them for whatever reason.
    And I’m still willing to give Collins a chance to see if he can improve the program. Next season will tell us a lot in that regard. I mean even with his obvious mess ups in a couple games, he still won a bowl game and ended with a winning record. Yeah the season should have been better but we can say that about every recent Temple coach, even those 10-win seasons! And the fact he’s a newbie HC, as I said I’ll give him some slack. Now tho, he needs to prove he’s got the right stuff. As always, we’ll see…

    • He’s gone with just one more bowl win. I’d like to get some stability back in the program and Golden would be a guy who would agree to a buyout so enormous no other P5 school would touch him. AAC schools have to think outside the box with these football hires and by hiring these unproven coordinators you are crossing a field laced with land mines. You might get to the other side OK, but if you step on a bomb you can blow up the program. Golden would get me great recruiting, minimum 8 wins every year and maybe a chip every 4-5 years. That’s the best-case scenario for Temple football. Not even Nick Saban wins a chip at Temple every year.

  5. Well, I guess playing it safe and hoping for a long term coaching tenure is something to go for considering the coaching fate of successful G5 programs. Golden is the kind of person for running an honest program (ie: Dunphy) who would probably bring consistent moderate success (ie: Ohio U) but few if any 10-win seasons. I guess I’d rather see top 25 teams and bowl wins on a regular basis regardless of the coaching carousel syndrome. Oh hell, it’s a toss up!

  6. PS: Collins doesn’t need another bowl win, just a couple more season wins and another bowl invite and he’s probably gone. His goal is to move up just like Golden and Rhule.

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