Bombs Over Where?


Insensitivity on a Global scale topped the news this week regarding certain comments made about a certain Senator, so it was with a deep sigh of relief that we learned that Temple wasn’t taking one of its many swag slogans this year over to Tokyo to test out.

“Bombs Over Broad.”


Bombs Over Tokyo doesn’t quite translate the same way.

The Owls are expected to have what Steve Addazio only teased about on the day he was hired to be Temple’s head coach nearly eight years ago: “An explosive downfield passing game.”

That was just a promise then. It’s closer to reality now in that returning starter Frank Nutile had the No. 1 passer rating “while under a rush” of any quarterback in the country last year, including six of the top 10 NFL draft choices. He will have a bevy of talented receivers to throw to, including Ventell Bryant and Isaiah Wright.

So “explosive downfield passing game” sounds about right, although “Bombs Over Broad” is what the promotions people are going with these days.


This week, a few key representatives of Temple—including head coach Geoff Collins and eight players—are in Tokyo to bring a little flavor of the game of football to Japan.

If, in the process, they pick up a few extra fans, it cannot be a bad thing.

Temple has a real level of popularity in Japan forged by having a satellite campus there since the 1970s, a decade in which the Owls played twice in Mirage Bowls there against Boston College in 1977 and Eddie Robinson’s Grambling team in 1978.

Now the Owls are back again, teaching the intricacies of the game to the local population and stirring up that country’s significant sports-crazed population.

Just be careful about explaining a few slogans and the week should go just fine.



3 thoughts on “Bombs Over Where?

  1. Kamikazes in Lot K?

    • Good one. Great story. I wonder how many other American Universities have campuses in both Rome and Tokyo? Plus, the Owls played two games to crowds over 50,000 each in the 1970s there.

  2. And speaking of Rome, Jay Wright meets the Pope! My wife, before we were married, spent her Jr. year at the Rome campus. Started by Tyler dean Charles LeClair, for the first couple years it was just for fine art students at Tyler. It’s great TU has these foreign campuses.

    I wonder why more games over the years haven’t been played in Japan. It’s great these players had such an experience. Wonder if they explained to the Japanese what “bombs” stand for in football speak?

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