Another Sign of the G5 Apocalypse


Dave Aranda, a SEC coordinator, is now making considerably more than Geoff Collins.

Every offseason or so over the past five years, something has happened to illustrate the urgency of getting Temple out of the G5 and into the P5.

You can argue all you want about the window already being closed for that eventuality, but if there’s even a one percent chance of it happening, Temple should pry to prop up that window and force it upward.

Maybe building a 35,000-seat stadium is a step in that direction. Maybe it’s not. (I’m thinking a 40-45K stadium probably would work more than a 35K one in attracting interest.) Probably winning a NY6 bowl game would be the best way to do it and bringing along a top basketball program would not hurt as well.

Whatever, staying in the G5 for the next 20 or so years is not a sustainable business model. Worse, it could mean “an event involving destruction or damage on an awesome scale.” That’s the very definition of the word apocalypse. If the G5 is marginalized into pretty much what is now FCS football–without the distinguishing feature of a true championship–it will be damaged beyond repair.

Real football will be playing with the big boys in the P5. Anything else will be considered the minor leagues.

The latest evidence of that occurred when it was leaked that several schools at the top of the Power 5 food chain are now paying their top coordinators MORE than the $2 million Geoff Collins is being paid to be the Temple football CEO.

If so, the trickle down effect—the inability of G5 schools like Temple to attract top head coaches and therefore top assistants—probably assures that the ceiling will be made of cement, not glass.

LSU defensive coordinator Dave Aranda is now making $2.5 million per season—a hefty $500,000 more than Collins currently makes—for doing the same job at the same level Collins left Florida to do. It doesn’t take much of an imagination to figure that Aranda does half as much with about a quarter of the headaches of Collins these days. That’s not to say Collins doesn’t love his job; it’s just that it is his responsibility to keep 105 scholarship athletes on the straight and narrow in addition to the winning that is demanded of him.

If LSU puts together a good defense and loses, the head coach, not Aranda, gets the blame.

Aranda now makes more than 75 of FBS head coaches and there are only 127 of those jobs in the world.

It appears the Aranda contract and other seven-figure contracts signed by Power 5 coordinators this offseason further marginalizes the 63 schools who play non-Power 5 football.

Pretty close to an apocalypse.

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14 thoughts on “Another Sign of the G5 Apocalypse

  1. Escalation is a human trait otherwise known as no self control. So it is what it is. Between coaches salaries and the LINC rent, seems TU spends more than is reasonable considering the limits it’s donor and fan base intake can provide. BTW, just how much do TU’s coordinators make? I’ve said it before, TU is never going to be a big money school for sports so it has limits on reasonable expectations. The powers-to-be just keep coming up with new ways to solidify and increaase the gap between the different levels to garner more and more of the money for the top teer. TU is doing just fine in the AAC. If it all blows up at some point, so be it – another example of human excess.

    • Chuck Heater made 400k only because daz went to Lew Katz and got permission. That was the last time Temple had a big time coordinator. I’m sure Collins, like Daz, knows a big-time DC who he can bring in but he’s handcuffed by money. Now we have to settle for the Kennesaw State LB coach as our DC next year. It may work out but, like most things in the G5, it’s a crapshoot.

  2. Mike as you know I said years ago that TU should drop football. The costs are astronomical and absent an invite to a P-5 league, the Owls are doomed to fail regardless of what they spend or do. The administration, as usual, doesn’t see the futility of the situation because if they did, they would be planning to do something drastic like starting a men’s lacrosse team, which would make them attractive to the ACC both because every ACC school doesn’t play it and because of ESPN’s TV lacrosse deal. They also should be kissing Kevin Negandhi’s butt given that he now is their prime anchor and might be able convince his bosses to “suggest” to the ACC that they offer TU membership because of the large TV market. Right now, TU can run as fast as it wants, but in the end they are not getting anywhere and likely are losing ground.

  3. Strength coaches in the SEC pull in seven figure numbers as well.

  4. Mike, you make a lot of excellent points (although even within the P5 the stratification is very real) and it’s pretty much why as frustrated as I’ve been with RU’s situation since the summer of 2015, I’ll take it in a heartbeat because as the old saying goes,’you have to be in it to win it’. I actually felt for you guys a bit (but also thought it was very telling) that you won 10 games and your conference crown but still didn’t finish ranked in the Top 25 in 2016. Eventually that takes its toll on the eyes and minds of recruits. I remember reading somewhere a few years ago that Rhule said in a discussion once that one big obstacle he was facing at TU was that a lot of good recruits would come in for visits, like everything, but wouldn’t see it as ‘big-time football’. In many ways the AAC still carries a number of the problems that plagued the Big East- upper teams are quality, but the drop off is huge and there’s struggles at the turnstiles at TV sets.

    Joe P.

    • Best sign of the pecking order within the P5 itself was that Vandy lost its head coach to Penn State. I hate the fact that college football eats its young and that a great school like Vandy cannot sustain success because money talks and bullshit walks.

      • …the UNC and Baylor-type situations make my blood boil. Run fake classes for decades or cover up felony charges/ crimes? If you make the NCAA money apparently it’s a-ok…

        Joe P.

  5. With all the $$ they’re saving on not paying assistance coaches & support staff. Temple should have enough money to pay off the Philly politicians and build that OCS in 2 years,

  6. Larry, as I said, TU only has so much to spend to begin with. They’re not “saving” money, they’re already at or beyond their limit of what they can spend. You can’t compare TU’s spending with what the big-boys spend and split the difference.

    Mike, actually Vandy has plenty of money given their solid alumni donor capabilities. I think their problem is that they’re cheapscapes – they limit their spending. Their stadium after expansion years ago is only @ 40K. But really, there are differences in which schools are considered top jobs and not just because of the salary but reputation too. PSU is top teer situation and Franklin wanted to “come home” to one of the top jobs (I admit, salary included). I’m sure he isn’t looking ahead to bigger and better as long as he keeps winning he’ll be another Paterno as far as longevity. TU will never be like that. And will an OCS help move them up? The student body at large doesn’t really care and they still can’t beat top MAC teams. Sorry, but it’s the truth…..

  7. “They got no-neck oilmen from Texas… college men from LSU
    Went in dumb, come out dumb too
    Hustlin’ ’round Atlanta in their alligator shoes
    Getting drunk every weekend at the barbecues
    And they’re keepin’ the N&^%) s down…” – Randy Newman

    I like Temple’s Golden Rhule: “Give up-and-coming, hard working coach a chance to succeed. Owl football players and coaches will always be loved and appreciated. “

  8. Our next HC is gonna be Al Golden or come from the FCS.

  9. Or, get a top HC from the MAC. They know how to win and would come-a- runnin’ for Temple’s salary range (assuming they don’t get invited by a P5 school). Why dip to the FCS unless it’s a proven guy like from Nova? Golden saved TU football but was otherwise very mediocre here and at Miami. But right now? Let’s see how Collins does in 2018!

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