Only Birthday Wish: Stadium Closure


If this doesn’t work at 15th and Norris, Broad and Master should be an option.

Another year down, another foot closer to the grave.

That’s a harsh way to look at it but, when the years in the rear view mirror represent a long road and looming just ahead is a brick wall with failing brakes those are, err, the breaks.

Come Tuesday, I will smile at whatever “happy birthdays” come my way with the realization that there has been nothing happy about the day since, oh, about age 40 when I realized what the average life expectancy was for someone of my demographic.

Taking the optimistic view, at least I don’t ever have any intentions of exiting stage right like Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade did last week.

There is too much to live for, like maybe another Temple football championship this year.

While that would be nice to get, the birthday present I would like most doesn’t involve a Stormy Daniels encounter or a lottery win as much as closure on this ongoing Temple Stadium issue.

One way or another. If it’s happening, I want to see a shovel-in-the-ground date in the next month. If not, I want to know that, too, in roughly the same time frame.

A good friend of mine ran into a member of Temple Board of Trustees in March, 2012—the day Fran Dunphy’s basketball team beat North Carolina State in the NCAA tournament—and the BOT member told him the stadium was a “done deal.”

Three years ago—in 2015—I was told by a BOT member on Cherry and White Day (not the same one) that the ACC wanted Temple to build a stadium first and, if the Owls did, an invitation to join that league would be forthcoming within a couple of years. The ACC did not know if Temple was committed to football and needed a concrete sign like a stadium before considering Temple.

Since 2012, all we’ve heard is a lot of talk and very little action other than drawings or renderings or an open meeting shouted down by the neighbors.

Some done deal.

To get things done in Philadelphia, you need the approval of the City Government and that hasn’t happened. I’ve vacillated on this stadium over the last five years but only a few months ago came to the conclusion I was for it for a simple practical reason. The BOT almost voted to eliminate Temple football in 2005 (the measure lost by a single vote) and no stadium and no additional Linc deal could regenerate the same kind of opposition. They might have to move the site from Broad and Norris to Broad and Master, but they should be willing to do it if that turns out to be the only option. Building a stadium means Temple Football Forever.

I know this blog won’t last forever, but I hope the program does and it would be nice to know what the deal is on that very soon.

This never-ending saga needs to conclude on way or another.

Wednesday: No News Is Bad News


5 thoughts on “Only Birthday Wish: Stadium Closure

  1. First and foremost, Happy Birthday tomorrow Mike! Mortality is humbling, no doubt. The best we can do is lay our contributions to societies feet and see what sticks.

    Similarly, when it comes to stadium talk I’ve for the most part stopped commenting here having already laid my opinions on the table. The Linc is a separator and helps bring big name competition to the schedule (or it used to), boosts recruiting, and gives the fans a better service line than would be found at a Temple owned stadium (you cannot convince me J&H food is better than the Linc, not happening!). However, and maybe you’ve said it here before and I missed it, your comment about how building the stadium cements the schools commitment to the program is deep. That is certainly the biggest threat looming overall, and I agree increasing Linc costs over time will bring the question up again.

    Guess I’d rather J&H food than no TUF.

  2. For my next birthday, I’m wishing for a three with my last 2 wife’s.

  3. Happy Birthday Mike.
    I hope you realize your rightful place in this life is to make it interesting for TU fans. People enjoy reading these posts and your written articles full of joy, pain and endless questions on the state of TU Football.
    You make a contribution to life.

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