Recruiting: About as good as expected



Roughly a year ago at this time, Geoff Collins was on the beach sitting on a chair by a table with signatures of 24 commits all while prepping for a bowl game.

What a difference a year makes.

Coaching changes always cause upheaval so that’s probably one of about 99 good reasons why Temple needs to fix the revolving coaching door office at the Edberg-Olson Complex.

Just about every story coming out of AAC schools on Wednesday, including Temple, talk about how happy everyone was with the early signing day.

That’s great, but as an ex-President once said: “Trust, but verify.”

This is where Temple stands nationally, according to this morning:


This is where Temple stands where it counts, among its fellow AAC members, according to

scoutIf Temple is really going to be pleased with this recruiting haul, it should come in February, not December, this year because, while Collins just about nailed every target by now, new head coach Manny Diaz is going to have to use some of his Power 5 coaching connections to flush out the remaining eight scholarship recipients. If Diaz can bring in a lot of guys who have Power 5 offers between now and then, the Temple rankings go up considerably. Temple hasn’t had the No. 1 recruiting ranking in any league its played in since ranked the Owls’ 2012 recruiting class No. 1 in the MAC.

If recruiting rankings really mean nothing, then why are teams like Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma, Georgia and Ohio State in the top 10 the last three years? Temple can get lucky on the Tyler Matakevichs and Muhammad Wilkersons of the world, but those are anecdotal stories and outliers to the whole recruiting process. It’s nice to get five of those type kids in every class, but it’s even nicer to get a boatload of four-star commits in the other 20 signees.

Maybe Temple shoots up the charts with a bullet in these next two months or so.

Hold the celebrations for February, though, because anything else is seeing things through Cherry and White-colored glasses.

Monday: Reasons To Be Optimistic This Game Week


9 thoughts on “Recruiting: About as good as expected

  1. I am a trust but verify believer as well. Manny hasnt coached a down as an HC yet but just compare him to who he is taking over for. Manny, Fran and the current staff held on to alot of great players. Collins didnt have as much success his first year hanging on to kids. He was more worried about printing cash for the money down and throwing slogans and nicknames around. Manny has not come in with that same bullshit, used car salesman approach Collins did. I dont get a phony vibe about him at all the way I did with Collins. With the recruiting ranks among the AAC, its not like 1st has an average of 92 and were at 81. Its a couple points. Shouldnt be a big deal and hasnt been over the years if we have good coaches. Lets wait and see what Manny does with his staff and available scholarships. The revolving coaching door has been addressed with the hiring of Fran Brown. Its not always the best route to go with a former HC. Just take a look at USF! Go owls, beat Duke!

  2. With a pronounced need for a running back, why aren’t they recruiting Billy Lucas of Cathedral Prep. The kid runs with power and speed and showed he was Temple Tuff in the playoffs. Against Imotep, He gashed them for 240 yards showing that he can excel against good competition. Hope some coach sees this and gets on that kid before another school does.

    • yes we need a players at RB, less so if Wright plays RB next year…,

      Mike is dead on, there is a very strong correlation between wins and recruiting class rankings. The correlation with this class will occur in seasons 2021 and 2022.

      Diaz and FB must add at least 5 or more 3-stars to this recruiting class. Eighth in conference means sub-.500 seasons in years 2021 and 2022.

      Don’t think so? Run the numbers on AAC teams since the inception of the league.

      The sole outlier is Navy.

      • Not sure I’m following you. Based on your logic, we must’ve had killer recruiting classes in 2012 and 2013 that correlated to 2 championship appearances. 247 has our ranking as 6th in 2012 and 7th in 2013. Again, I find it hard to believe that there is much difference between a 82 average and 84 average. It’s more about coaching and desire to work hard. Check out Last Chance U on Netflix and you’ll see what some 5 star players will get you. I’ll take the diamonds in the rough any day.

  3. Surprised that there’s no comments about the addition of the St Joe’s Prep coach. He’s won 3 state titles. Seems like a great hire that should be well connected to this region’s HS coaching fraternity for recruiting purposes. AND he knows how to coach winning football.

    • Great job by Temple. This year… THIS YEAR … I saw no better coached team at any level (NFL, FBS, FCS, high school) than St. Joe’s Prep. No offsides, no false starts, no helmet targeting to speak of (compared to Temple, for instance). They get more done in their two hours of practice a day than Temple does. Diaz shows me a lot with this hire. You can’t have too many guys who have been a head coach before on your staff and I hope Diaz adds Foley before the bowl kickoff.

      • The hiring of Infanti and Brown suggests Diaz is building a strong recruiting force in the New jersey, PA region. Smart moves on the part of Temple and Diaz to use this approach. Build a pipeline into the program. Diaz is 44, Infanti is 42 and Brown is 35. bright young coaches who can aggressively recruit the local talent.

      • Infante’s hiring of Infante is wonderful. I equate it with the hiring of Dick Bedesem by Wayne Hardin when he became coach. Bedesem, who won 5 City Championships in eight years for Bishop Egan after it became a member of the Catholic Leaugue, convinced numerous Catholic League guys to go to Temple, many of whom started and excelled for the Owls. TU lost many of those kids when Bedesem went to Nova as head coach. The Catholic League is one of the best around with fine coaches who produce college ready athletes. Having someone who can tap into that pipeline and whose coaching record matches Bedesem’s is a major coup for Diaz. Infante made sure his kids did not beat themselves, and I’m sure he will assist in making sure the Owls improve in that area. .Anyone who has followed the Owls know how self-destructive they’ve been over he last five years. Think PSU in 2016 and the 115 or so yards in penalties. Discipline will win you a game or two a season. Just look at PSU under Paterno. Those guys hardly ever beat themselves and Paterno was the reason for it. Now, if Diaz keeps Foley, Wiesehan, and DiMichele, the Owls will be well-served. Although we don’t know how Diaz will turn out, so far it’s the best hire the Owls have made in the last ten years at this point of his tenure.

      • Looks like Tony Lucas is not going w/Collins to GTech

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