Christmas: Best Gift Could Arrive Two Days Late

Love the way coach Foley cracks up Christina Applegate here. 🙂

If Christmas comes two days late for Temple in the form of some valuable hardware, the Owls will have to send text messages in the direction of Detroit.

They will have one guy to thank for it and it was a guy who came under a lot of criticism in this space over the last two years.

Geoff Collins.


Give credit where credit is (or will be) due this game week.

“When I got the (Temple) job, I saw a lot of guys coming and going,” Collins said at his inaugural Georgia Tech press conference. “The one thing I made sure to say the last day I talked to the team was that this wasn’t going to happen now. I told all of the (assistant coaches) to stay in Philadelphia and concentrate on winning the bowl game. I felt I owed the Temple kids that much.”

Collins can do Temple
another solid by taking
Dave Patenaude’s fate out
of Manny Diaz’s hands and
offering him a GT job. That
way, we can get back to
the Temple football all
Owl fans know and love–a
pro set with a heavy run
package with plenty of
play-action designed to
accentuate explosive downfield
plays in the passing game
and one that is perfectly
suited to Anthony Russo’s talents

Collins will be in Detroit for Georgia Tech game against Minnesota the night before in the Quick Lane Bowl. Mix in a trophy ceremony after that game and chances are that Collins is still in the stadium late  and to expect him to make flight connections for a 1:30 start in Shreveport the same day is a little unrealistic. He won’t be coaching GT–legendary Paul Johnson will finish up–but he will be there to press the flesh with Yellowjacket fans just like he did in Annapolis with Temple fans two years ago.

Wherever he is, though, the Owls will owe him some thanks because Matt Rhule put Ed Foley behind the eight ball for the 2016 Military Bowl against Wake Forest. While Wake head coach Dave Clawson had a complete group of well-paid Power 5 professionals  Temple really only had Ed Foley and offensive line coach Chris Wisenhan as constants. Pretty much the entire Rhule staff spent the time recruiting for Baylor and making a bare minimum of Temple practices. Foley had no choice but to assign grad assistants to run eight Temple defensive practices.


Our Oct. 19th poll

It showed in Temple, a 14.5-point favorite, falling behind, 31-6, at halftime. The offense made a gallant enough run, but the Owls fell, 34-26.

Temple’s only a four-point favorite this time and Foley said he’s learned a few things this time. That, and having a full complement of assistants should be enough. Diaz has the best special teams’ coach in the nation in Foley and, after Ed hoists the bowl trophy, he deserves to stay right here.

Collins can do Temple another solid by taking Dave Patenaude’s fate out of Manny Diaz’s hands and offering him a GT job. That way, we can get back to the Temple football all Owl fans know and love–a pro set with a heavy run package with plenty of play-action designed to accentuate explosive downfield plays in the passing game and one that is perfectly suited to Anthony Russo’s talents. If the nightmare scenario happens where Collins is gone and Patenaude stays, Russo remains a read-option quarterback and he’s no more of a read-option quarterback than Tom Brady is.

If Collins’ departure means Patenaude is gone and Diaz finds a pro set coordinator, that’s a net plus for the good guys who remain.

Wednesday: Bowl Preview

Friday: Bowl Analysis


15 thoughts on “Christmas: Best Gift Could Arrive Two Days Late

  1. something is going on.., offensive coaches Lucas, Hixon, DiMichele, Wiesehan, and Foley (TEs) are not following Collins to GTech.

    1. Collins didn’t offer them a job; or,
    2. Diaz offered them a job and they decided to stay; or,
    3. Diaz is bringing in a new OC who will get to choose his own offensive coaches; or,
    4. Patenaude is staying 😦

    Whatever the case it says much about the relationship between Collins and his offensive coaches.., no love lost

    And, Diaz’s first two coaching moves were on the defensive side of the ball…, Pat Kraft needs to step in and prevent Patenaude from staying

    • Agree…when Collins quit I was jumping up and down with joy because it meant Patenaude was gone. Now I’m not so sure. I hope Kraft made his feelings on Patenaude abundantly clear during the interview process.

  2. I want the Owls to win big. However, if the O has a big day against Duke Patenfraud may be asked to stay. If one looks at TU’s offensive numbers without digging into them, it looks like TU’s was offense wasn’t bad. Those on this site know better. The scored above forty against ECU and over 50 against Houston. ECU was putrid and St. Joe’s Prep can score 50 against Houston, Moreover 14 of the points against Maryland were not scored by the O. The games to look at are Nova, Buffalo, and BC, games. The Owls would have won had they run the pro set offense with a blocker for the back. Nine points against Nova warranted his firing immediately after that game. Why they didn’t stick with the O they ran against Maryland for the remainder of the season also mandates that Patenfraud be fired. The New Year will really be getting off on the wrong foot if Patenfraud stays.

    • I did not like the report that Patenaude flew to Carolina with Diaz to look at a recruit. I hope they sat in icy silence the whole way but I doubt it. Patenaude was probably pleading for a job he does not deserve.

      • Why would Diaz keep a guy the outgoing coach does not want? If the OC stays, Diaz has much to learn about running and coaching an offense.

        Regardless, teams do well when there is a special bond between head coach and QB. PJ was Rhule’s guy and the team played well.

        I think Nutile was Collins’ guy..,

        Perhaps Diaz is playing wait and see vs Duke.., risky strategy if he does not have a competent and willing OC in the waiting.

        Off subject, “Houston, we have a problem.”

      • I think Patenaude is staying too. Why would Diaz take Patenaude to help recruit a QB if he were not staying? I’m not a coach but if Diaz keeps him it will be because he sees something that he wants to tap into. My problem with Patenaude is not the type of offense he runs, it’s been his inability to get a QB ready to go out of the gate or he is not evaluating talent properly. He was saved by injuries both years. You guys are hung up on this two back football set, it’s history open your eyes.

    • I think you could add the second half of the UCF game. coach Patenaude had no adjustments at all.

      • Only 10 points produced by the offense against Villanova when better FCS coordinators (Towson, 45; Stony Brook 29 and JMU 37) embarrassed him should have been enough to have him fired on the spot. Through mid-October, the Temple offense (with probably the most lethal weapons I’ve seen in terms of individual talent in my 40 years of following the team) was ranked No. 89 overall. As of now, the Temple offense is No. 50 in the country with only 45 offensive touchdowns. Not good enough. Diaz would be foolish to keep him. Run an NFL offense with Russo. Patenaude is too stubborn to do that. He needs to go.

    • John, fear you could be on to something with regards to Patenaude and scoring a lot today. Just got roster by the fanboys over on the FB page for daring to be critical of a post indicating with the points scored in the first half today this is the highest scoring Temple team ever and I merely mentioned yet only won 8 games

  3. As usual, great story, Mike. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Your best line is about a nightmare scenario of Collins (who was good) leaving and Patenaude (probably the worst Temple assistant coach in history) staying is so true. If 45 offensive touchdowns on the 50th-ranked offensive team is good enough for Diaz, then I really question Diaz. Hopefully, he brings in a guy who believes in a pro set. Nothing gets kids to the NFL faster than the same offense the NFL runs and the NFL does not run a read-option.

  4. Bring Todd Bowles back as the co-defensive coordinator., it would allow Diaz to learn and act as more of a CEO

  5. Maybe we should wait till after the Miami bowl game to see what Diaz has in mind for OC (maybe Patenaude had his fingers in the recruiting of the player they went together to visit?). Diaz can do whatever he wants to with the staff and hopefully is/will be assessing things a bit later.

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