TU Search: Good choices and Bad


Rather have Todd Bowles or Tony Orlando than Todd Orlando

A full day before Manny Diaz was brought to a city he had never been to and probably had no interest even visiting, we wrote this in the comment section of this blog:


… and so has Temple

And, of course,  Temple athletic director Dr. Pat Kraft made that official a little over 24 hours later when the first news leaked out that the Owls had hired the Miami defensive coordinator.

It was a disaster for all the reasons outlined in the illustrated paragraph. Not quite the disaster it would have been if Diaz stayed and coached a year with the Owls, but a disaster nonetheless.

This week’s sick feeling revolves around Texas defensive coordinator Todd Orlando. Maybe Pepto Bismol will help. The divining rod seems to be pointing in that direction, though. Kraft likes shiny coordinators from P5 teams.

Like Diaz, he would be the WORST POSSIBLE selection simply because of the number of returning starters the Owls have–the most they’ve had on both offense and defense since the 2016 championship season–and the learning curve on “how to be a head coach” every newbie to the job has.

Temple has a great quarterback returning in Anthony Russo and enough depth at wide receiver to switch “touchdown-waiting-to-happen” Isaiah Wright to the tailback position he flirted with during a game or two in the 2016 season. They have TWO potential superstars at wide receiver in Sean Ryan and the pride of Cheltenham High, Branden Mack, and a solid tight end in Kenny Yeboah and return most of the offensive line that dominated Houston for 59 points, 35 against Boston College and 49 against ECU. (When you have two star wide receivers and a run game that came up short in the bowl game, time to move the guy you want with the ball in his hands, Wright, to take care of the run game problem.)


On defense, they have Zack Mesday and Quincy Roche returning at the ends, Dan Archibong and Karamo Dioubate to anchor the middle and great linebackers in Shaun Bradley and Chappelle Russell. Linwood Crump mans one corner and Benny Walls and Keyvonne Burton have plenty of experience in the secondary.

This is a team built to win now and doesn’t need the additional handicap of someone who has to learn on the job.

Russo is a classic pro set quarterback with an NFL skill set and bringing in someone who forces that square peg into a run/pass option round hole would be counterproductive. Hopefully, all of this is part of the interview process.

You would think.

For a team like this, getting a guy who has been through the wars making the decisions only a head coach can make really is the best way to help them achieve their potential and that potential is lifting the AAC title trophy at Lincoln Financial Field.

A guy like Lance Leipold would be the best-possible guy to help these kids achieve their dreams. He’s already beaten one September foe, Geoff Collins, and his knowledge of Buffalo would be an immeasurable aid in beating another.  Eastern Michigan’s Chris Creighton would also be good and Kraft can’t go wrong by reuniting the long-term staff with their old boss, Al Golden. Michigan DC Don Brown, who has won twice as many games as he has lost as a HC, is also an acceptable option. Another named mentioned on Sunday, Northern Illinois’ Rod Carey, would be nowhere near as attractive as Leipold. Kraft played offensive line at Indiana. Carey played center at the same school. No doubt in my mind they know each other and that might have something to do with it. Geez, wish Pat played with Leipold because Carey is 0-6 in bowl games.

It’s Leipold or Creighton for my taste.

No need for a nightmare like Orlando.

Wednesday: Comparing First Years


27 thoughts on “TU Search: Good choices and Bad

  1. Only box Todd Orlando checks is he knows how to get to campus being he coached a few seasons at Penn. Might know where to get a steak sandwich as well. No big time exposure prior to this past season in Austin. I don’t count the many seasons at UConn during their Big East years.

  2. I agree with regards to Orlando and Elko for that matter. Of all the coordinators mentioned in this process so far, Diaz included, the only one I liked was Brown given his HC experience. To me Carey doesn’t seem to be a bad choice, winning record as a head coach, only 47, on the down side his bowl record and lack of exposure here in the northeast. Fran Brown, Infante, Foley and DiMichle should help there. Don’t understand the “instant” dislike for this name over on the TUFB Facebook page. One of the “negative” comments is “he seems to have done better with other peoples players”. Well if he can do that the next 2 years here, he’ll be one up on Collins. Also, isn’t that exactly what Diaz would have done as we all know he wouldn’t have been here long enough to do anything with many of his Temple recruits. To me Carey isn’t a flashy choice but looking at his resume I think TUFB could do a lot worse.

  3. NO NO NO to Carey. he had 10 and 11 win seasons his first 2 years wiith another coaches talent. Since then 8-6, 5-7, 8-5, 8-6. lost every bowl game. has taken NIU from cream of the MAC to middling.

    • I can understand having concern about Caret’s Bowl record but as far as having his best seasons with other people’s players that’s basically all we were going to get with Diaz, he wasn’t going to be here to do much with his recruits. Plus Collins didn’t even do that as well as he should have in his 2 seasons here. The talent is here to improve on this years record

  4. what type of offense does NIU run?

  5. This IS getting old now for me, I trust for a few others also.
    In the last 10-12 we have had 5 coaches, true ?
    In the past 12 years I have watched ( DIAZ on TV only, but he was HC)
    Diaz, Collins, Rhule, Daz, Golden , wow.

  6. If middling is winning the most recent Mac title, I will take middling

    • Mike reading the majority of the reactions over on FB you would think Carey is worse than Berndt-Dickerson-Wallace. Would he be my top choice, probably not but I would take him over Orlando. I mean if middling is a consistent 8 win team with being in the mix for an AAC title, I’ll take it. I think any of the MAC head coaches you mention would be better than the “hot” coordinator

  7. The true believers on the other site are dazzled by bright lights and P-5 coordinators. They fit the definition of insanity-doing the same thing time and time again, namely hiring the hot coordinator, and believing that this time, he’s going to stay. Kraft suffers from the same disorder. He, too, believes that the next coach won’t up and leave at the first opportunity while he himself always keeps one eye on the exit door. Like I said last week it’s time to throw that model out and take a chance on hiring the plain Jane coach who doesn’t dazzle except on the field on game day.

    • If it’s not P5 coordinator’s it’s non stop Fran Brown in the next Dabi Sweeney over there!!! Carey looks like a solid candidate and some of the arguments against are unbelievable. I’m just afraid Fran Brown could be a great recruiter but could have a couple year learning curve before he is even a serviceable HC. There is too much talent coming back next season to waste it on another on the job training coach

  8. im starting to think don brown might be best. his record as a HC isn’t too shabby

    • Like his resume the best of the coordinators

      • If you believe only Rod Carey or Lance Leipold can do a job equal to or better than Collins (who, to me, was just above a snake oil salesman), that’s a mistaken line of logic. There are plenty of coaches out there who are BETTER than Collins. I would rate guys who would do a better job than Collins as the following: 1) Leipold; 2) Carey; 3) Golden; 4) Chris Creighton; 5) Butch Jones; 6) Butch Davis; 7) Todd Bowles. I’m sure there are more. I am not ready to put Fran Brown in the above group, nor Schiano and DEFINITELY NOT Ed Foley, who would be coach now if he had beaten both Wake and Duke. He scared the shit out of everyone with how poorly he coached the two bowl games. I would not even allow him to be interim coach again.

  9. schiano just let go from ohio state. they hired Michigan defensive line coach to be their defensive coordinator. not don brown!

  10. no, but that is the career path he is on..,

    • Let’s hope so, KJ. I would have interviewed him but I heard so much bad stuff about how much a control freak he is that I’m confident Pat Kraft gave him a hard pass. Kraft is trying to get a guy who will preserve at least three, maybe four, coaching staff guys and he might only have old Indiana teammate Carey agree to those terms. If so, I say hire him. It’s important to me to keep Fran Brown, Gabe Infante, Adam DiMichele and Ed Foley. Not as important as getting a proven winner as HC, but ideally you can get both.

  11. looks like Arians and Bowles are moving to Tampa Bay

    • KJ, one reason why I’m concerned about how this search is going round 2. If Bowles was under consideration for the HC position the minute it looked like Arians was interested in getting back into the NFL Bowles could be joining him as DC.

      • Would have loved Bruce and Todd here for a couple of years to stop the bleeding and let the kids know that there are Temple people who care about them and Bruce, while adopted, has proven to be a Temple person since he left in 1988.

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