Could 2019 Be The One?


Could this actually be THE one?

The first season since Wayne Hardin was on campus that Temple actually won every game it was favored to be in plus a couple it was not?

Nobody knows if Lance
Leipold will be in it,
but he’s got to have a
better handle on the
Owls than any other
outside candidate since
he studied enough film
on the 2018 version
to beat them

A lot will depend on which candidate wins the interview room for the Owls’ head coaching position in the next couple of days. Nobody knows if Lance Leipold will be in it, but he’s got to have a better handle on the Owls than any other outside candidate since he studied enough film on the 2018 version to beat them.

Leipold might have also watched the bowl game. He probably did.

From what I hear, he probably won’t be in the interview room in the next few days. From what I know, he definitely should. There is still time to get the right guy and not settle for second best.

If the Owls do, this year’s team has a chance of lifting the AAC title trophy. They will have to win every game they are favored to win and reach up and get a game or two they are not to accomplish that task.

One way to do it is to bring in a binder, like Al Golden did to Bill Bradshaw’s office in 2005, on how to build a program. What was in the binder made so much sense that Bradshaw wrote on a yellow legal pad:

“This is our guy.”

Now the binder isn’t how to build the program but how to add a wing onto it.


“This is our guy”

The last guy who had this kind of chance to win a championship in his first year was Steve Addazio and, when you really think about it, it’s hard to fathom how the 2011 Owls did not win a league title. Addazio never figured out until too late–the game against Ohio–that Chris Coyer was the best quarterback on his roster. Had Coyer played from the jump, instead of Chester Stewart and Mike Gerardi, the Owls likely would have beaten Penn State (a game they lost, 14-10), Bowling Green and Ohio, won the league title and played another Big 10 team in the bowl game. (Coyer, in relief of Stewart, did all he could to beat Ohio with a superb three-quarter performance but Stewart left the Owls in a hole.)

And, of course, we would have never had to endure the unendurable Year Two of the Addazio regime because someone would have plucked Daz away before the bowl game and Chuck Heater, not Ed Foley, would have been the bowl coach.

Instead, Coyer became the first Owl quarterback to win a bowl game in over 30 years.

Now the next coach has a chance to wow the interview room like Golden did.

The guy who does might say something like this:

“Geez, I saw youse guys (Philly accent) against Duke and I really liked that kickoff returner you had. He needs to get the ball more than five times a game so I would move him to tailback because it was obvious youse guys missed Rock (use the nickname) Armstead. He can be the best breakaway back in the league next year. I’d put that No. 5 (Shaun Bradley) in at fullback and have Wright follow him through the hole 20 times a game because youse have plenty of good linebackers. I don’t know who your offensive coordinator was last year because Russo is no more a RPO quarterback than Tom Brady is. Why your OC would risk getting him killed last year made no sense to me. Make the most of that NFL arm going play-action pro set and hitting those two guys, No. 88 and No. 10.”

“What about defense and special teams?”

“I’m going to hand that over to the best special teams’ coach in the country, Ed Foley, and make Fran Brown the single (not co) coordinator in defense. No Mayhem. Just no scoring. We’re going to try to break the Temple record for most shutouts in a season.”

“Thanks for coming, Lance,” AD Pat Kraft tells the committee.

Candidate walks out of the room and Kraft holds up a yellow legal pad with four words underlined:


Tomorrow: Bullbleep Meter and The Temple Job

Friday: Smoking Out The Winner



10 thoughts on “Could 2019 Be The One?

  1. Dear Michael, your dream is impossible, sorry to say.
    I feel there is so much turmoil now on the TUFB players and few coaches that it will be another rough opening 4 games.
    This is based on what we have all observed after each coaching change.
    This time it will be worse and we will have recruits drooping our very soon.
    Would not be surprised to see a few recruits if last year especially red shirt, waving good bye very soon.
    A total mess, FUBAR and for real.
    Your Friend, E.

    PS, there’s always next, next year

  2. From your mouth to God’s  ears. What do you think about the other HC, Carey and Don Brown?   Rabbi Dick WhiteSent from my Galaxy Tab® A

    • acceptable as second and third. I think WVU had the best hire, Neal Brown, but can’t blame Temple for not going after him after getting burned by Diaz. If Temple hired Brown last week, not able to tell for sure that WVU would have hired him the next day. Leipold should be the next target. Incredibly underpaid at $325K. Lance, would you like your salary increased ten-fold? Welcome aboard.

      • Right I think I would be happy with Leipold, Carey and of the coordinators Brown. Have a feeling any of those guys would be here at least 3 years, of course nothing certain in CFB anymore. Given Collins moving on after 2 seasons and the mess the Diaz “hire” became stability to me is a 3 year tenure, minimum to get recruiting settled down. While I don’t think Fran Brown is this instant HC superstar that some feel he is, definitely want to keep him on staff and since he seems to be running the recruiting effort for the February signing period think he is staying whether HC or not.

      • What Ties does Leipold have to the Philly area? How will that affect recruiting? If he is willing to leave Buffalo for Temple then he will be willing to leave Temple for a power 5 program after 2 successful seasons.

  3. Kevin, at Buffalo he is making 325 grand which is pocket change today. There is no correlation between leaving Buffalo and his leaving Temple. It’s also Buffalo. I’d imagine most people would like to leave. LOL.

    • Had to laugh at a message I received today, I assume from a troll, mentioning the six teams Leipold lost to in Division III. Freaking guy went 108-6 in DIII. What the hell did you want him to do, go 114-0? Geez.

  4. Wisconsin offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Joe Rudolph has interviewed for the Temple head job, tweets Bruce Feldman.

  5. what is hard to understand is why we are starting from scratch? We did this less than two weeks ago, so what happened to guys on the first list? rush to failure and now crawl to death. Mr. Kraft is losing stature and credibility.

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