An Early Crack at the Temple Depth Chart


You can make up all the mock depth charts you want (as we have today) but the power of moving up the charts rests in what these young men do.

Soon we will be seeing something Temple football fans have not been able to hold in their hands for the last three years.

A depth chart.

Geoff Collins did not believe in them, instead opting for a vague concept he called “Above The Line.”

Not a single former Temple Owl football player I talked to (and I talked to a lot) thought that made any sense at all.

Now that we have a more traditional head coach, Rod Carey, who does believe in such things, odds are that a full depth chart will be hashed out at least by the end of summer practice if not before.

Depth should be an issue (really, it is pretty much across the AAC and not just at Temple) but the Owls should be able to field a pretty compelling first team.


Tyler Sear could move up the depth chart fast

We’ll take a crack, not at the full chart but who the starters probably will be (knowing, of course, that someone will come out and surprise to grab a spot this summer. Since there is only one fullback on the roster (Jonny Forrest), we’ll assume they will try to get their “fullback-like” blocks from H-backs or tight ends.

So far, we will put our money on the fact that at least 15 of these 22 will be starters in the Aug. 31 opener against Bucknell:


QB-Anthony Russo, Todd Centeio, Trad Beatty, Kennique Bonner-Stewart

RB-Isaiah Wright, Jager Gardner, Tyliek Raynor, Tayvon Ruley, Jeremy Jennings,

OT-Isaac Moore, Adam Klein, Victor Stoffel

C-Matt Hennessy, Griffin Sestilli

OG-Vincent Picozzi,  Jovahn Fair, Leon Pinto

TE-Kenny Yeboah, David Martin-Robinson, Tyler Sear

WR-Branden Mack, Jadan Blue, Randle Jones, Freddie Johnson, Travon Williams, Kadas Reams

PK-Will Mobley


E-Nickolos Madurie, Quincy Roche, Zack Mesday, Dana Levine, D’Andre Kelly,

T-Dan Archibong, Karamo Dioubate, Khris Banks, Ifeanyi Maijeh

LB-Shaun Bradley, Chapelle Russell, William Kwenkeu, Isaiah Graham-Mobley

S-Sam Franklin, Benny Walls, Keyvone Bruton

CB-Linwood Crump Jr.,  Ty Mason, Christian Braswell, Harrison Hand*

P-Max Cavallucci

*Pending NCAA Clearinghouse

Sunday: Banned From Georgia Tech



3 thoughts on “An Early Crack at the Temple Depth Chart

  1. defense is pretty much defense.., first, stop the run. then, either play tight man or zone.

    Offense is a different animal. First, what is the identity? We are how many months into the current TUFB era, and does anyone know what the identity is on offense?

    Impossible to predict dept charts w/o an identity.

    Wouldn’t it be great if the HC said, “We will run the football. And, if they put eight in the box we will throw it over the top.”


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