TFF: Banned by Collins


The promised Mayhem was just another Collins’ lie.

In the two years observing Geoff Collins up close, we can sum him up in a few words:

More style than substance.

He always struck me
as Steve Addazio 2.0
with one eye on the
coach’s exit door
the entire two years
he was here

At least that’s my take and, after talking to a lot of former Temple football players who played mostly for substance coaches, that’s pretty much a universal take on him, too.

Now we can add another personality trait to Collins:


I’m not much of a twitter guy. I’m on it only because of the business associated with this blog. I’ve never asked a single person to follow me and I never will but, much to my amazement, I have 378 followers.

Thankful for them all.

I’m a lot more selective in people I follow and only follow 238 but one of the people was Collins because he was a savvy social media guy and I wanted to hear what he had to say.  I never interacted with @CoachCollins on twitter, just followed him. Never said a word to him on twitter or reacted to any of his posts.

So consider my surprise a few days ago when I checked Collins out on twitter for the first time since he quit Temple only to see this:

Screenshot 2019-05-04 at 1.08.45 PM

I can only assume that since I’ve never said anything to Collins on social media that he is blocking Temple Football Forever instead.


I’ve been told I’m not the only Temple fan blocked by Collins on twitter but the difference between me and them is that most of those guys have said something to Collins on Twitter so I’ve got to assume that something was written in this space has gotten under Collins’ skin.

To that I say good.

For one, I’m glad he’s gone. He’s a terrible game-day coach and his offensive coordinator was the most ill-fitted coach, assistant or head, in Temple history.  As game day coaches of the last decade go, Matt Rhule was No. 1, Al Golden No. 2, Steve Addazio No. 3 and Collins fourth. When you are a worse game day coach than Al and Steve, that’s not good.

Mostly, though, it’s about credibility.

Really the only time I ever talked to Collins was at the first season ticket-holder party when I asked him to do me one favor.

“What’s that?” he said.

“Make Nick Sharga an every-down fullback.”

“Don’t worry. I’m the fullback coach and we’re going to use him more than they used him last year.”

Since “last year” was the year Sharga pretty much led the team to the AAC championship as a three-down fullback, I was satisfied with that answer.

Collins, of course, lied. Now we know he followed this blog and was upset with its contents. My biggest problem with him in his first year was he pissed away any chance Temple had of repeating its AAC title by abandoning the very offense that its players were recruited to execute. Tailback with a lead fullback blocker, establish the run and make explosive downfield plays in the passing game off play-action fakes. Instead, he eschewed the “best fullback in the nation” (his words) by playing him one down a series, if that. Now he’s going to screw up his first season at Georgia Tech by doing the same thing. Making an entire team recruited to play the triple option run Dave Patenaude’s version (pass first, run second) of the read-option. If that’s not a formula for disaster, I don’t know what is. Georgia Tech fans, you can’t say you have not been warned.

So he’s a certified liar who was more schtick than substance and now we can add the trifecta of being thin-skinned. He always struck me as Steve Addazio 2.0 with one eye on the coach’s exit door the entire two years he was here. In fact, pretty much a year and a month ago we predicted that Collins would be headed to Georgia Tech with this post on March 7, 2018.

From what I’ve seen of Rod Carey so far, he hasn’t displayed any of those negative traits. Temple football is better off with Carey both on Sept. 28 and every other day going forward.

Tuesday: The Newbies

Friday: The Listerine Bowl


8 thoughts on “TFF: Banned by Collins

  1. Makes you wonder why Kraft hired Collins….,

    Criteria (not in order) to evaluate a TUFB HC:

    1. Conference Championship
    2. First Round Draft Choice
    3. NY6 Bowl Game
    4. Top 25 ranking
    5. College Football Gameday
    6. Graduation Percentage
    7. NCAA Div 1 Player of the Year

    Will Carey compete with MR? Collins surely did not.

    TUFB fans are yet to witness the ultimate Trifecta, Conference Championship, Bowl Game win, and Top 25 finish.

    Houston and UCF are the only AAC teams to complete the Trifecta.

    • I’m glad you didn’t put bowl win in there because with so many players opting out of going to war with their teammates in the post-season, I’m fearing every bowl (eventually including the National Championship game a few years down the road) is going to turn into the NFL Pro Bowl–a glorified exhibition.

  2. Now it’s no longer speculation that Collins is a first rate jerk. If he thinks this site’s been hard on him it’ll look like a walk in the park compared how GT fans react when they realize they hired a third rate coach for a first rate program. (I know that they haven’t been all that successful recently but they have been so not that long ago).

    How he managed to turn a mediocre at best coaching stint into a P-5 head coaching job isa mystery. I guess in today’s world, facts and reality don’t mean anything anymore and its the narrative that controls. He surely did control the narrative and convinced people that he was woke and cool and a genius at relating to his players. I’d like to ask Sharga, Frankie Juice, and Russo what they thought of Collins especially the latter two who had to sit for several games because Collins selected qbs with lesser talent as starters.

    He of course blocked TU fans from Twitter, to quote Jack Nicholson, because he can’t handle the truth. It’s going to be great reading GT boards as his team goes from bad to worse. They play Clemson and USF in their first two games and if they didn’t play the Citadel in their third game, they likely would have been winless before the TU game. Hope Clemson, USF, and TU hang a hundred on him so we can watch him and Patenfaud dissemble before our very eyes like they did against USF in 2017.

  3. College Football fans in the ATL metro area, don’t care about Georgia Tech football, when Clemson and Georgia are 2 hours away from ATL.

    Collins can walk into a Waffle House, and chance are most people won’t recognize him.

  4. No matter how we feel I’m not conviced the GT game is a gimme. No mater how sucky the coaches and coaching was (losing to Nova in particular!) they somehow managed to beat some good teams last year and, tho it should have been better, have a pretty decent season – somehow. With good talent at GT, I think, somehow, they could pull one off against TU.

    • Don’t disagree that GT is not a gimme game. GT has athletes on their team for sure and have been ranked higher than TU in recruiting over the last couple of years. Nevertheless, I do not think that Collins and Patenfraud can turn triple option guys into whatever that mess of an offense is that Patenfraud runs in one pre-season. As far as playing and beating good teams last season, I disagree. Houston, Navy, and USF were just okay at best. Maryland cannot be called a good team.

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