A Place for Owl fans to reminisce

A complete Al Golden Show is one of the things you can find on Zamani’s site.

So you are a fan of, say, Alabama and Penn State looking for some footage of Joe Namath throwing a touchdown pass or Al Golden catching one.

No problem.

Screenshot 2019-06-14 at 2.44.24 PM

All you have to do is go to YouTube, type in a couple of search words, and up pops the video.

Not so much for Temple Owl football fans who have a hard time finding any great historical footage before this current century.

Thanks to Zamani Feelings, that’s all about to change. Zamani and I have been instant messaging lamenting the lack of past films and he’s done something about it.

He is in the process of creating a YouTube site just for the purpose of archiving some past Temple football film and adding to it. For now, though, you can navigate to this new YouTube site in the link inside this paragraph to see what he’s putting together.

Now, Feelings–who does an outstanding job shooting still photos for the current football team–cannot create videos that do not exist but he sure can accept any and all that are out there and put them in one spot for all Temple fans to access any time they want. I’ve contacted current Father Judge head coach Frank McArdle and he has a treasure trove of game film from the Bruce Arians’ Era that will be forwarded to Zamani sometime later this summer.

The hope is that any Temple fan who has something (a DVD, a VHS tape or even a BETA one) can get that off to him or contact him via the YouTube site so that there is a one-stop spot to see all available past Temple film.

It’s a terrific project and deserves all of the support he can get.

We may not be able to see Joe Namath, but Joe Klecko hunting down quarterbacks in Cherry and White would be even nicer.

Wednesday: Help Is On The Way


2 thoughts on “A Place for Owl fans to reminisce

  1. Is it ethical/appropriate to ask the opponent to provide footage? Sure would like to see plays from the upset of Va Tech way back when,

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