Help is on the way

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Back in a 2004 Presidential campaign one of the candidates had a signature line in his convention acceptance speech:

“Help is on the way.”

That turned out to be an unfulfilled promise because the guy lost.

First-year Temple head coach Rod Carey never uttered the phrase, but he’s delivering on some immediate help along the defensive line.

Kevin Robertson, a 6-2, 240-pound defensive end, committed to the Owls on June 7. That’s important because Robertson will arrive later this summer and be available to play immediately since he is a JUCO transfer from Fullerton (Calif.) College. It’s going to be hard for him to break a defensive end rotation that includes Dana Levine, Zack Mesday, Quincy Roche and Nikolaus Madurie, but he seems to provide depth there and an extra year of eligibility will give him a more prominent role in the 2020 season. He turned down an offer from Buffalo to come to Temple.

Fullerton is about as high-level a JUCO team as there is, winning the national title in 2017 and taking a 26-game winning streak into the 2018 season.

In the “helping hand” department, Baylor transfer Harrison Hand revealed on his Twitter account that he was all cleared to play this season. That’s huge because that gives the Owls two defensive backs with significant Power 5 experience as recently as last year when you add Penn State’s Ayron Monroe. Harrison was originally a Temple recruit who Matt Rhule poached when he left for Waco. DB was already an area of strength as Temple is the only FBS school in the nation to have two cornerbacks who returned interceptions for touchdowns (Christian Braswell and Ty Mason in the UConn and Tulsa games, respectively). Safeties Benny Walls and Keyvone Burton also have plenty of experience under their belts.

Carey and his staff seem focused on building some line depth for the future as this month they seem to be very excited about the addition of Chicago high school defensive lineman Demerick Morris (6-3, 284) who turned down Air Force and Toledo, among others, to make an early commitment to Temple. He had 15 sacks as a junior a year ago. The Owls will have to wait until 2020 for Morris to arrive, though.

The Owls also dipped into Europe to get an offensive lineman Liridon Mujezinovic (6-8, 290) from Holland. They already have one starting offensive lineman from Europe, Isaac Moore, and this is their third recruit from that continent in as many years.

If there’s one area of the Owls that seems to be a concern, it’s the current depth on both lines and the recruiting focus is just another sign that this staff gets it.

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6 thoughts on “Help is on the way

  1. nice scoop, thank you.

    if this staff really gets it then some of the DEs will play situation LB (i.e., drop back in zone coverage), and one or two of the LBs will spend time at SS….,

    depth at DT and the OL remain challenges and it is refreshing to see this coaching staff attack team weaknesses..,

    one of the best things about a new coaching staff is the fresh set of eyes

    Two basic questions for 2019: Will Temple be able to run the football? And, can the DTs stop the run between the tackles?

    The 2019 RB situation reminds me of the years between BP and the emergence of the Thomas/Armstead/Sharga trio. Wish we had a Montel Harris type graduate transfer to plug into the rotation.

  2. Just heard from Zach , that Temple Will be announcing a 6 game even home & home series between Pitt & Temple starting next year. Temple is cancelling the Idaho game, In order for the game to be played next year .

    • Thanks, Uri. If true, great job by Zach. Bucknell game and Idaho game needed to be canceled. Unfortunately, Bucknell wasn’t but Idaho appears to be. The last thing we need was a former FBS team (when we played them) to come to town as an FCS team nobody freaking cares about. If they came as an FBS team, that would be one story but they downgraded their program after we played them on the road in a 14K indoor stadium. No thanks for a return visit.

    • There is no mention of this anywhere else. I fear the whole Pitt story is false news.

      • Yes, that’s why I said “if true” … hopefully it leaks to the press sometime next week. It’s not in Kraft’s MO to cancel games so I’m doubtful but still hopeful. Bradshaw would have canceled this game as soon as Idaho dropped to FCS two years ago. He seemed to be a more astute schedule-maker than Kraft is.

  3. If true about 6 games with Pitt, that’s great. There’s a lot of Pitt alums in the Philly area. Including my son and daughter. My other daughter went to Temple. I think this has much more appeal in Philly than most people following CFB in Philly think. I hope first game in Philly gets scheduled for Homecoming. And it draws 50k. It would be nice to see that kind of attendance for a home game for someone other than PSU or ND.

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