The handwriting is OFF the E-O Wall

Every coach who has walked through the halls of the $17 million Edberg-Olson Football Complex at Temple has put contributed something to both the architecture and the feel of the place.

Al Golden had the office extended so he could get a good view of the practice field. Steve Addazio put the pool tables in the new wing. Matt Rhule put the study halls next to the cafeteria. Geoff Collins put up legacy posters and fatheads as tributes to guys like Tyler Matakevich and P.J. Walker.

Rod Carey,  from what I’m hearing,  is taking a different approach.

He’s scrubbing the place clean.

All the tributes to the ex-players–except for the Matakevich and P.J. fatheads–have been taken down from the walls.

Not everyone is liking it. A room highlighting Haason Riddick’s ascent from Temple walk-on to first-round NFL draft choice has been removed. A collage featuring a dozen ex-Temple greats, including Heisman Trophy runner-up Paul Palmer and leading tackler for 30 years, linebacker Steve Conjar, is also gone.

One individual who is in and out often said this, one the condition of anonymity: “Everything was taken Down at EO except for the PJ and Tyler things on the windows. Walls are empty, (and they) took down Hassan NFL draft thing too.”

Palmer was less anonymous and expressed his displeasure with it on Facebook recently, more because he was miffed his Temple brothers from all eras were removed than for himself.

We thought it was a story good enough to write about and ask questions about and reached out to Temple beat writer, Marc Narducci, with it. Marc said he would ask Carey privately about it.

I don’t think it’s that big of a deal, but I sure would like to hear Carey’s thinking behind it.

My feeling is as long as he doesn’t put up fatheads of Northern Illinois guys like Jordan Lynch and Garrett Wolfe, he can do pretty much whatever he wants but we would have liked to see those Temple legacy items remain.

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Monday (8/12): What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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28 thoughts on “The handwriting is OFF the E-O Wall

  1. There is no doubt in my mind that The INKY has a bias against TU football. In the last week and a half there were two PSU and three Nova stories. No Owl commentary at all.

  2. So first he cancels the spring game which was a fun event to look forward too. Then longtime Temple Guy Ed Foley leaves. Now he’s scrapping the history of Temple Football from the complex. Something that always helps a program. I’m trying to give this guy a chance, but he’s not exactly winning the off season here.

  3. What is he trying to accomplish, and what is the message here? Perhaps he plans on replacing what he took down?

    Or, perhaps another red flag? We are getting a keen glimpse into the Carey personality.., a blank wall.

    The Vince Lombardi era is long gone…, only Belichick can get away with being a wall.

    The head coach must be able to form a close bond w/the kids today.

    • I like his record but I must admit I’m very concerned about a lot of the things he’s doing. He better beat the crap out of Maryland and especially Georgia tech or I’ll be off the Carey train

      • Ditto. He’ll get my vote if he wins the games he should and a couple where the team’s a minor underdog, something the previous three coaches could not do on a regular basis. .

      • Maryland and Ga Tech are games to watch very carefully. Similar talent levels and all three first year coaches. Edge may go to the away teams, they are faster.

        Buffalo is the red flag game. Carey and crew beat that team last year. They should beat them again this year with a more talented team.

        Can’t wait for the season. Hope to meet you and John in October for the UCF game, booked my flight yesterday.

      • We’re going to finally get it together this year, KJ. We all start tailgating way in the far corner of the Lot across K5 (still in the main entrance) right at the intersection of the two green fences bumping up against Pattison Ave. You will be very welcome to join us and definitely the person who came the farthest ever to attend a Temple game (don’t know anyone who flew in from Hawaii before). I assume it’s Oct. 12 (Homecoming).

  4. Remember when Mike was the president of the Rod Carey bandwagon?!

    • Still can like the hire and criticize when I think he’s wrong. He’s definitely wrong about taking the stuff down. He will still be the right hire if he goes unbeaten in August and September

  5. Buffalo is a shell of it’s team from last year. Both receivers and the QB are gone. Even with them last year, TU should have won. B M instead of mayhem.

    • When you think of Rod Carey was able to get done on a “down” year at NIU against that powerhouse Buffalo squad, you know he’s a helluva coach. Then you think of Collins and Patenaude falling on their faces against that team with 2x more talent. That’s why I’m willing to give Carey a lot of rope but I will admit he’s had a bad offseason. To me, Temple football is 99 percent about winning and 1 percent about the total experience (tailgating, games, socializing, etc.) I know a lot of guys who put the ratio closer to 50/50. I never have. Winning is pretty much the only thing.

  6. Pat Kraft, Coach Collins, and now Carey have worked at removing all signs of Temple Football from before they arrived. Which is interesting in that Carey has publicly stated that all us old guys are welcome?
    I wonder if he knows/cares that some of the people whose identities he has removed also donated serious money to help pay for the building he works in.
    The departure of Ed Foley is a serious mistake in my mind. Now there is no one on the staff with any connection to the past.

  7. I talked to someone in Athletics. The buyout money from Collins is going to remove all of his hokey BS from E-O, not our legacy.

    Mike, I trusted your blog and you made me look like a fool on the internet.

    • Steve, Paul Palmer and Mike Edwards told me the legacy stuff is off the walls and a third person who is in there every day who did not want to be identified corroborated that. You and I do not look like fools when we question why. That’s all I did. Question why. If that question leads to the stuff going back, maybe I accomplished something. Where’s the Haason Riddick stuff? That’s gone. HR pre-dated Collins.

      • Who did you question “why”? Anyone from the current staff or administration? I don’t see where you asked anyone who would know “why”. This is irresponsible. Even Nadia is mad at this. This should be deleted.

      • Fact: the shit is off the walls. Opinion: I think the shit should go back on the walls. Administration: the shit is going back on the walls. Pardon me if I wait for the shit to go back on the walls and not take their word for it

      • Stop throwing shit at the walls and we won’t have any issues. : )

      • Ok. I probably care too much

  8. Maybe Carey is simply trying to get the team to focus on football, and focus on the now, and live here in the moment. I’m guessing no dissrespect was intended, as I doubt any coach would choose to alienate any alumni. Phil Jackson’s approach (explained in detail in his book Sacred Hoops) stresses the need to develop ‘an eagle vision’ and to ‘live in the moment. This coaching philosophy (that I happen to use and incorporate in my job in corrections) has been adopted (copied) by countless teams, from a whole bunch of pro teams, in all of the different sports all the way down to the Pop Warner and AAU youth leagues. Eleven rings is hard to argue with. From my experience raising my own kids, plus working with a whole lot more in both my full time job as well as having coached several of my sons teams. As much as we would all like to have that friendly, Mr. Nice Gu coachy, the warm and fuzzy guy, guess what? Coach Hardin was most certainly not that at all. Not one bit.. In fact, he and Carm and the rest of our old Coaches were all a bunch of hard asses. A lot of the time, Not always, but a lot of the time, if you leave late teen, to 20 something year old kids to themselves, and to be like Coach Cool Dude, and let them have their own way, and worry about how they feel, guess what happens? They screw off and do other dumb stuff (which is exactly what most young dudes do). That’s just the way it is, like it or not. It looks like to me like Carey has absolutely no interest in being Coach Friendly. Hell, Football is a rough game. (Do they not talk about being Temple Tough? Well?) I’m guessing that he just wants to let the team know, in no uncertain terms that there is an adult in the room, watching them. It’s also a pretty safe bet, he’s letting them know exactly what is being expected of them. It’s as simple as basic accountability, and staying focused. I just hope he doesn’t piss too many of them off, and the message gets lost. I certainly hope they get out of the gates fast, and start damn fast kicking some serious ass and taking names. It looks to me like he’s a no BS guy. And I for one, like it. I hope they beat Bucknell’s ass by 50 points or more. They don’t belong on the same field as the Owls. Remember, winning takes care of, and solves everything (that would be any, and all problems.). The really need to just win baby,.and this guy will be beloved. Or not…

  9. Everyone’s style is different , when decorating their “house”. Nothing is permanent . I’m sure he had to get the ‘OK’ from Dr Kraft before these changes were made .

  10. Carey prefers Surrealism and Modern Art and shipped the photos to Tyler School for reinterpretation and preservation. Steve and Paul should prepare for a for a senior art major’s portrait sitting. Be glad Carey is not a fan of Cubism or Nudes. 😉

    • Rumor had it that Carey loaned everything to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
      $$$ Down signs included !!

      • LOL. He’ll recycle them in Atlanta, since they didn’t work here. It would be fun when GT comes to Philly with 20,000 Owl fans with money-down signs.

  11. Maybe there’s a plan or maybe it’s just that the walls need painting. Think about displaying those items around campus, especially things showing the players who have gone on to the NFL. Theme could be “The NFL Watches Temple Football – Why Not You?”

    Were there 18 players in the NFL last season? That’s outstanding considering the national perception of the program. Alabama has 68 on rosters right now, so the Owls are a bit more than 25% of that number. Says quite a lot in positive terms.

    Maybe the TV commentators can be fed that info rather than the usual single digit uniform number story. (Assumes that tradition continues).

  12. single digits go to the toughest players as voted by the players…, Mack, Franklin, and IW are truly deserving.., what about the DL?

    this can be a really great team if one or two players on the DL are TUFF enough to earn a single digit…..

  13. Why would you do that in a place that is trying to build history you erase it all what a bad hire he is doing nothing but using us as a stepping stone cant wait till he leaves

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