Strange Offseason For AAC Gives Some Hints to Future

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Very few teams in the American Conference, heck, college football, had a stranger postseason than Temple.

First, Geoff Collins announces how excited he was for his team to play Duke in the Independence Bowl then, the next day exits stage right for Atlanta and Georiga Tech.

Then, athletic director Pat Kraft announces a national search and settles on a guy whose dad was Mayor of Miami and then, not surprisingly, the kid leaves for Miami about 18 days later.

Then some normalcy returned in the form of a proven FBS winning head coach (52-30) in Rod Carey. Yet, spring practice was an extension of the strangeness as the Owls did not have a spring “game” for the first time and had virtually no hitting in those 15 practices that extended from mid-March through mid-April.

Temple is back to full hitting now in summer camp.

Just because Temple had a weird offseason doesn’t mean the rest of the conference was immune to the elements.

  • UCF, the favorite, replaced its Heisman Trophy candidate quarterback with a big name, Brandon Wimbush, from Notre Dame. Darriel Mack Jr., the backup who led UCF past Memphis in the title game broke his ankle in a non-football workout so it looks like this is Wimbush’s job to keep.  Wimbush began last season as Notre Dame’s starter and has a lot to prove after being benched after the third game of last season. He passed for only 719 yards and threw six interceptions as opposed to four touchdowns. In 2017, he passed for 1,870 yards with 16 touchdowns and six interceptions.
  • Houston did what some was unthinkable for a Group of 5 school, hiring a fairly successful Power 5 head coach, Dana Holgerson, to replace Major Applewhite. This could work.
  • Tulane’s Willie Fritz has committed to a hybrid triple-option–closer to what Paul Johnson did at Georgia Tech than what Ken Niumatalolo is doing with Navy–that features more downfield passing. It caused the league numerous problems the last year and his team figures to be even more improved this season.
  • UConn not only exited the league–it will compete as a lame-duck this season–but virtually committed football suicide by going independent. The Huskies need only to look a few miles North to Massachusetts to see what that holds for their future.
  • Meanwhile, Cincinnati has the most “stable” year as the Bearcats not only beat Virginia Tech in the Military Bowl, they got to keep their head coach, Luke Fickell, who was one of the final two candidates for the West Virginia job. They also have Temple at home in what should be one of the games of the year in the AAC and benefit from four-straight No. 1 AAC recruiting classes.

If Cincy doesn’t win the league this year, a lot of people will be surprised but that’s why they play the games.

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6 thoughts on “Strange Offseason For AAC Gives Some Hints to Future

  1. Go to the Temple athletic web site and watch the interview of Coach Carey. He explained that NCAA rules greatly restrict how much contact there can be during practice, that they practice tackling every day, and the threat of injury warrants less live contact. If we see horrendous tackling when the season starts changes will have to be made. If not, and injuries are minimal, this will become the new normal.

  2. Mike

    I’m gonna ask a question that i probably should know the answer to, but do you have ANY control of the pop-up ads that appear on this blog?

    I more often than not read on my phone and the amount of ads are big deal, but I’m kinda getting grossed out by that ugly foot/leg warning us about the early signs of heart disease! And today I’m confronted by an ad about why dogs lick themselves!! LOL!!

    Can you do a favor for those of us who are naive to the process and explain how the blog works and where the ads come from??


    • No control over the pop ups. That’s a wordpress thing. Instead of paying them to host the blog, they get all of the money from the ads. When I check the blog on my phone, it happens all of the time. Not just for my site but for all sites. Doesn’t happen at all on my chromebook or windows 7 laptop. The only money I get for this blog are the contributions from you guys (about one every three months) and that helps me pay an image subscription to Getty so I can use photos that are otherwise copyrighted. I lost $90 on the blog last year and hope to break even on it by December if we have a good enough season. Long story short: When I check comments now, I wait until I get home and use the laptops. It’s not a perfect solution I realize.

      • It’s ridiculous you get nothing from these ads being posted (I assumed you were). Sounds like the deal Temple gets from the LINC, lol.

  3. Oops. I see Tulane is picked third and fifth in the West Conference. I guess they forgot Navy, who is predicted to be fifth. Tulane is picked third.

    • Cincy, Memphis, Houston, and USF can play with anyone in the nation. UCF has shown they can beat anyone in the nation. And, the new on-campus stadium has super charged Tulane recruiting.

      The AAC is now the hotbed for college coaches. Carey and staff will soon find out the AAC is not the MAC.., AAC is faster, stronger, and better coached.

      He has the talent and depth to compete, his sideline must show up every week…, Carey had a losing record vs the AAC and P5 while at NIU.

      TUFB needs grow while planted here in the AAC. Finish in the Top 25 in consecutive years and construct an on-campus

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