Temple Football Headlines We’d Like To See

Go to the college football tab on Philly.com and up will pop the following recent headlines:

  • Penn State transfer Ayron Monroe looking to make his mark at Temple;
  • Jager Gardner and Kyle Dobbins early front-runners in Temple running back race;
  • Anthony Russo Ready to Face Microscope As Temple starting quarterback
  • Manny Diaz Explains Why He Bailed on Temple Football

All fine, good headlines examining interesting topics pertaining to the program. Still, here are some other headlines and outlines we’d like to see in the future:

New Temple Board of Trustees Chair Mitchell Morgan Compares Building of Stadium to Morgan Hall: Morgan, a Temple grad, took over for departed chairman Patrick J. O’Connor, a Villanova graduate. The real estate developer needs to articulate that building a stadium on Temple’s property is no different than building Morgan Hall and more of an economic benefit to the neighborhood than a dorm would be in that game-day jobs and other perks would be made first available to neighborhood residents that do not exist in development of other Temple properties.

Carey Calls Collins ‘Goofy’ When He Releases His Depth Chart: The long-awaited date for a depth chart will be Aug. 26. That will be the first Temple depth chart anyone has seen since the 2016 Military Bowl as Temple fans had to deal with an “above-the-line” vagueness under former head coach Geoff Collins. “Geoff was goofy with that and some other things,” Temple coach Rod Carey said. “You won’t find us holding money down signs on third down, for instance.”

Carey Abandons Running Back By Committee Approach: “I said, and you can’t print this, ‘fuck it, ‘ I have the best running back in the league in Isaiah Wright and I’m not going to screw this up by trying to put someone else back there.’ “

Temple’s Kraft: No More FCS Games: In a unique approach designed to boost sagging season ticket sales for the Bucknell opener, Temple athletic director Pat Kraft says this will be Owl fans last chance to see an FCS team. “We’re actively looking to replace Idaho with a Power 5 team next season,” Kraft said, “and we’re no longer going to be playing FCS foes so this will be Temple fans last chance to see us against one of these type teams. We really don’t care what other AAC teams are doing with their non-conference schedules. We’re going to advance the Temple brand by playing only FBS foes going forward.”

Saturday: Defensive Depth Chart Thoughts

Monday: Offensive Depth Chart Thoughts

Saturday (8/24): What’s Out of Our Control?

Monday: (8/26): The Bully in the China Shop

Saturday (8/31): Game Day

Sunday (9/2): Resuming Regular Season Post schedule (Sun-Wed-Sat)


26 thoughts on “Temple Football Headlines We’d Like To See

  1. Full disclosure is required .

    Patrick earned his Bachelor of Arts at King’s College, magna cum laude, in 1964 and his law degree from the Villanova University School of Law in 1967.

  2. Full Disclosure Mike.
    Stop making people look like fools.

    Patrick earned his Bachelor of Arts at King’s College, magna cum laude, in 1964 and his law degree from the Villanova University School of Law in 1967.

    • That’s right…a Villanova grad. Didn’t write anything about his grad or undergrad degrees. He’s a nova grad

      • Most importantly, he didn’t graduate from Temple, undergraduate or graduate.

      • totally agree, Mike. Nobody gives a rat’s ass that he spent 4 years in Wilkes-Barre. The fact that as a Villanova grad he was essentially the top guy at Temple grates me and makes me think he did not provide the kind of leadership to get this stadium through the initial stages. See you in a few weeks I hope.

      • I will not make Bucknell. 7 games is pushing it with the kids. I will be at Maryland. I look forward to seeing everyone. These games and the tailgating are among my favorite things to do. Thankfully I have a small crew that can share the travel and expenses of coming up from DC because the older I get the harder it gets to make the trip.

      • I hear ya. It’s a lot harder to make it from D.C. than it is Northeast Philly. I’ve never been less enthused about a Temple home game than I am about Bucknell and that includes the Fordham tilt. Bad job of scheduling by Kraft. Would rather be making the trip to State College and watching the Owls play Penn State and also have Bucknell traveling to Idaho on the same day. That switcheroney probably could have been pulled off.

      • News Flash .
        Temple will not be building an on campus stadium in the foreseeable future. Tooooo many obstacles !!

        Temple will also not be a P5 program , within in our lifetimes. The AAC is a great fit for Temple . The AAC’s greatest weakness is the potpourri of schools spread across the country

  3. What is the bottom line w/the Bucknell game?

    Temple has THREE weeks to prepare for a home game vs Maryland.

    My bet is Carey and crew will use the time wisely and beat Maryland.

    • Aug. 31 to Sept. 14 is closer to two weeks than 3 but I get your point. If I’m Carey, I’d completely throw off Maryland by using Isaiah Wright as a full-time wide receiver against Bucknell and giving someone like Re’Mahn Davis the start at RB against Bucknell and go RPO against Bucknell then switch Wright back to RB against Maryland and go to a New England Patriots’ like Pro Set against Maryland. Two weeks of scouting Temple will go out the window for the Terps.

      • Temple has two weeks/games to scout Maryland. The bye after Bucknell gives Maryland only one week to scout Temple.

        Plus Maryland plays their Big Ten Opener at home vs PSU after Temple.

        Temple should use the weeks in August to prepare for Maryland, not Bucknell.

        Carey should beat Maryland, he has the upper hand.

      • Agreed. That will make him 5-2 against the big ten with g5 talent

      • I think KJ’s point was that they aren’t giving Bucknell much thought and are now focusing on Maryland. if you recall last year’s Maryland game, TU sprung the H back on them as a blocker and totally screwed them up. Inexplicably, TUwent back to the slop of an offense the next week.

      • Since tomorrow is the 14th, that should give them 4 weeks (not 3 or even 2) to get ready for Maryland. I like the coaching matchup. A guy who is 52-30 as a HC against a guy who is 3-31 as a HC

  4. Two ridiculous 8/31 games in Pennsylvania

    • Although they wear orange jerseys now, this is just 1 more reason to abandon the niu rpo for the rhule 2016 pro-style offense. Don’t need to expose Anthony to injuries on run/pass options.

    • It’s good to see that Temple finally has some depth at QB.
      It drove me nuts the last few seasons, when neither Rhule or Collins , would pull the starters to prevent injuries, when the game was basically over.

      So if Russo is unable to start against Bucknell , I suppose it’s Toddy Time. Who I wouldn’t mind seeing, since he seems to fit better into Carey’s RPO as a dual threat QB.

  5. Armstead suffered a concussion last week. Not a good sign given his concussion problems last season.

  6. Back to the point:
    Rumors Abound Where New Stadium Will Arise.
    On Campus or on The Riverfront?

    • Not true. Wish it was. I would demolish the Olympic stadium at Broad and Masters put the “minor” sports teams back where they belong (15th and Norris) and put the football team south of Morgan Hall. Alas, no money for that Yet.

  7. Depth charts: after the epic Notre Dame game Pat Kraft told a TUFB booster group the biggest difference was depth. ND was three deep and Temple was 1 1/2 deep.

    Now years later Temple is arguably two deep at every position. However, the top 6 teams in the AAC are now two deep at every position. What makes the difference? Star power and coaching.

    What teams have the brightest stars and what sideline can outsmart the other?

    UCF, Cincy, Memphis, USF, Houston, and Tulane are all now two deep. They all have great sidelines and stars.

    The question for TUFB this season is not depth. The question is can our stars shine as bright, and can our sideline compete.

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