Offensive Depth Chart: Weapons Everywhere

There’s been plenty of talk about the offensive weapons the other Lincoln Financial Field tenant, the Philadelphia Eagles, have and, while a case can be made that DeSean Jackson and Darren Sproles and Zach Ertz and Carson Wentz are formidable, the other permanent locker room down the hall is stacked as well.

In Isaiah Wright, the Temple Owls have one of the top 15 most exciting players in college football and can line him up everywhere and, in Anthony Russo, the Owls have–according to at least one expert–the No. 22 quarterback in college football.

Mix in tight ends Kenny Yeboah and David Martin-Robinson, wide receivers Jadan Blue and Branden Mack and a promising young running back named Re’Mahn Davis, and the Owls have all of the ingredients for offensive success this year in the weapons department.

No one knows what the offensive depth chart will look like when it’s released in about a week, but we can say for certainty that Anthony Russo will be the No. 1 quarterback and Toddy Centeio will be No. 2. Nos. 3 and 4 Trad Beatty and Kennique Bonner-Steward are also in the room with a new face, former St. Pius X (N.J.) quarterback Matt Vitale. It’s probably the deepest group since the Matty Baker/Lee Saltz days.

Running back is another story.

We don’t know who will be the running back yet but, from all reports out of camp, Davis has impressed. Is that enough to beat out veteran Jager Gardner, who has also had a good camp? That’s why this depth chart is so fascinating. Wright also worked a full week at RB, so he’s a fallback plan. Gardner is the best blocker of the group.

What is know is that the offensive line is set, which includes Rimington Award candidate Matt Hennessy at center, Jovahn Fair and Lansdale Catholic product Vince Picozzi at guard, and Isaac Moore and Adam Klein at tackle. That was pretty much last year’s starting until that shoved the ball down Houston’s throats to the tune of 59 points one of the few times offensive coordinator Dave Patenaude gave proper emphasis to the running game.

The second offensive line unit features a whole bunch of new names but, among them, the versatile Leon Pinto, who can play both guard and center, has stood out.

If any spot is going to benefit from the lack of real hitting in camp, it’s going to be that offensive line group but you’ve got to wonder if the lack of physicality is going to carry over into September games against Maryland and Georgia Tech.

It’s a gamble that head coach Rod Carey has taken before and is willing to take again. The proof will be in the taste of the pudding or whatever Temple fans taste at the post-game tailgates. Winning makes everything taste better.

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12 thoughts on “Offensive Depth Chart: Weapons Everywhere

  1. Say good-bye to Temple Tuff and hello to Temple Terrific?

    Buy no tackling for now..,

    Sell it with losses at Home to Maryland and GaTech.

    Carey gets paid big bucks and has clearly instilled a new culture. You nailed it, he must win.

    • 4-2 against the Big 10. I wonder, though, if that was the pre- or post-hitting Carey? Something tells me the new NCAA rules limiting practices dictates a lot of this philosophy.

      • It’s permeated all levels of football including the pros. It appears that it’s the accumulation of hits that lead to CTE and worse and through helmet monitoring it’s been learned that the accumulation of hits to the head during practice far exceed those suffered during a game especially for linemen. In addition, the days of two and three a day practices is dead at all levels. There are some colleges that never have live tackling drill and have substituted robots for people during tackling drills. Given that the game has become more and more offense-centric especially at the pro level means that the days of three yards and a cloud of dust are no more and are unlikely to return.

  2. Davis is number two RB. Met Isaiah last night. Party was very low key. Players and coaches sizing up the fan base. Not too much interaction. Any other Season Ticket Party impressions?

    • Every pre-season college show I’ve watched is touting Houston’s QB. They open with Oklahoma who they surprised and beat in 2016. Don’t think OU will overlook them this season. Hope the game is close for the sake of the league.

      • D’eric king…Greg ward on steroids (not literally). Great player. If he can stay healthy for 12 games, he’s got an outside shot at the heisman. Emphasis on if and outside.

      • Also army took ou to it last year.

      • Army kept it close because OU’s defense sucked and Army controlled the ball for most of the game limiting OU’s offense to few possessions, which they easily scored on.

  3. Just watched Carey’s clip on Russo’s injury and still not being 100%. Never heard of a calf muscle taking two weeks to heal. I understand taking precautions if it’s a true sprain, but something about the way he’s answering questions smells of G. Collins-style fishiness here.

    Could it be his way of getting a running QB like Centeio into the game without blatantly ruffling feathers? Happy to be the house again if anyone wants to place bets.

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