Fan Party: Pictures Worth 1,000 words

Ninety-nine years ago an advertising executive named Fred R. Barnard coined the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

True today, and especially true on Tuesday night when photographer extraordinaire Zamani Feelings came up with these shots from the season ticket holder party. He’s got plenty more on his site. Tomorrow, we’ll have a post with real words but, for now, it’s pretty hard to top this contribution to our site from Zamani. To see more, or even purchase one, visit here :


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8 thoughts on “Fan Party: Pictures Worth 1,000 words

  1. Next level coaches.., Clearly AG took Temple off the doormat and to relevancy, a next level coach.

    Daz didn’t do much in terms of moving the program forward.

    MR brought College GameDay to Philly and briefly took TUFB to the next level.

    Pat Kraft brought the hype and made a mistake hiring Collins. Looking for a coach to take TUFB to the next level, he made a misfortunate hire w/Diaz. Diaz gets it, and will enjoy success at Miami. Had Diaz stayed, Dan Enos would have been the TUFB OC.., wow!

    Carey is exactly what you see, a meat and potatoes football coach. We should not expect him to be a media outreach guy like MR.

    Philly is a tough town. This 2019 team may finish with a better won loss record than last year but a worse home attendance record. All the same by Carey.

    • Why do you think attendance will be worse if the record is better? In the 45 years I’ve been watching TU football, the two factors driving attendance are the record and the opponent, both of which are mutually exclusive for the most part. . If the Owls are undefeated in September, the crowds will be there for the conference games. They have been in the past and there is no reason to think that they won’t come again if the Owls are in the mix for a championship. Also, GT will bring people. Maryland has not brought folks in the past so I can’t say what the visiting crowd will be like for that game. Anecdotally, a lot of people have told me that those are the games they are looking forward to attend.

      • The driver for the great attendance years has been a big opening-game win over a hated opponent. Penn State and the two Daz Villanova thumpings led to terrific late-season numbers, particularly Homecomings those years. Conversely, the 2016 champs struggled at the home gate because the Army loss turned off most the of the 35K crowd that attended that one. Last year’s Villanova loss carried over the rest of the season. Bucknell is not a hated foe. GT would qualify due to the Collins connection. Must beat Maryland and GT early in order to drive up attendance for the home league games late. That’s the way Temple fans have always been. Give them a reason to believe or they will restructure their fall Saturday plans.

  2. Exactly Mike, if you don’t hook them early, they don’t come back. Cannot give the fans and students a chance to say same old Temple because if they do, they don’t come back. The opening losses to Army and Nova proved that because the student section was essentially empty for the rest of those seasons which was not the case after big wins.

    • Yeah the students were hangin out at FDR Park

      • Uni should welcome them back to Lot K. FDR park was where they funneled them so not as to make Lot K so crowded. Bad idea. Had a lot of great interactions with those wonderful kids in 2015 and 2016. Since 2017, they HAVE to go to FDR. Bad idea. Keep the kids with the alumni and start the networking process early and hopefully the alums get the kids to go in and cheer for the Owls.

  3. Mike the administration killed K Lot when they monetized the sidewalk and drove Steve Conjar and the rest of us away. Fact is that our group was the first on the sidewalk and popularized it. Now that lot is dead. Typical boneheaded move by the administration. No investigation or foresight to try to understand why the spot was popular before trying to squeeze some money out of it.

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