Temple-Buffalo: Humble Pie

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As far as desserts go, Pumpin Pie for some reason has always been my favorite followed closely by Boston Cream Pie and Lemon Meringue Pie.

Humble Pie, not so much.

Temple got a sour taste of that on Saturday in a 38-22 loss at Buffalo.

College football is a funny (odd) not funny (hilarious) game sometimes and Saturday was one of those times.

When Sam Franklin scooped up an apparent fumble to put Temple supposedly up 14-0, I was a pretty happy camper. Then the replay came and (rightly) the Buffalo runner was ruled down by no more than an inch.

Game of not inches, but maybe an inch.

That’s how fast a college football game can change.

Did Temple need a taste of humble pie?



Does it kill the Owls’ season?

Also no.

Saturday proved that Buffalo after leading Penn State at halftime can go on the road and get clocked by Liberty, 35-17. It also proved that Temple can beat Maryland at home and lose to Buffalo on the road.

The road is a pretty dangerous place and that’s probably why I don’t spend a fortune following my beloved Owls there.

What the hell does this all mean?

I think–and I feel confident in saying this–that Maryland will end up being a better team than Buffalo when all is said and done.

I also think that Temple will be a better team than the one that lost to Buffalo and that the Owls will take care of business against Georgia Tech.

Beyond that, who the hell knows anymore?

Rod Carey was 5-0 against Buffalo with a fraction of the talent he had at his disposal yesterday so this loss really does not compute. 

The Owls got a little full of themselves this week with all the praise they received and were served a heaping hot helping of humble pie.

Plenty of things to fix starting with the special teams. Yeah, I know punter Adam Barry got two bad snaps but at some point, you’ve got to be athletic enough to pick up a bouncing ball and make one step and kick the damn thing away. Barry hasn’t quite shown that yet. Is he the Steve Sax of Temple–a second baseman who had such a mental issue that he couldn’t throw to first–that’s yet to be seen. Yet he’s shown a lot of signs that Connor Bowler did not last year. Bowler had five-count them five–50-yard-plus punts in a 49-6 win over East Carolina yet Rod Carey felt he wasn’t good enough to continue as the punter for Temple University.

Having watched the great Casey Murphy punt for Temple, I remember him picking up every single bad snap and getting off a great kick. Murphy messaged me yesterday during the game that he always practiced bad snaps. Maybe Barry should do the same.

The run defense that looked so great against Maryland looked so bad against Buffalo I do not know what to think.

All I know is that I never felt Temple was going to go unbeaten but, if there was going to be a loss, this was the place to do it–a nonleague game that left all of the current goals on the table (with perhaps the exception of an NY6 game).

Those goals are still right on the table and could make for a delicious meal. Just skip the dessert, please.

Tuesday: Fizz’s Thoughts on Buffalo



12 thoughts on “Temple-Buffalo: Humble Pie

  1. For the second year in a row a bad play changed the momentum in favor of an opponent. Last year, it was the interception off of a flubbed pass in the BC game and this year a bad snap. And that’s why college football is funny weird. TU had all of the momentum and all it took to lose it was one bad play. After that, players couldn’t catch, tackle, or maintain discipline on defense thereby allowing running backs to bounce outside. The defense has to stop trying to strip the ball before stopping the ball carrier. It cost them last week on Maryland’s long punt return and several times yesterday as Buffalo’s backs gained additional yards as the defenders went for the ball instead of the tackle. Losing Bradley on a questionable targeting call did not help and greatly affected the defense. The only bright spot was that they didn’t quit and had Buffalo not scored a td on the deflection I think TU would have had a shot despite it’s bad play.

    Weirdness happened in the UCF game and especially in the UCLA Washington State game. UCF’s coach eschewed a chip shot field goal for a failed 4th and short attempt and UCLA gave up nine td passes and won after being down 32 in the second half. UCF went down 21-0 and scored 31 straight and yet Pitt won. One more observation-SMU has a very good QB, play makers and a good coach and showed great moxie in beating TCU on the road.

    The AAC’s play rotation is not doing TU any favors this season because Tulane, Memphis, and SMU are very good whereas, Houston, Navy, and Tulsa are beatable. The season suddenly looks fraught with pitfalls.

  2. After the Maryland game I was “liking” Carey. Now I’m back to wait and see. Temple did everything they could to lose and Buffalo played a perfect game, after losing 2, one to Liberty! Buffalo is our nemesis it sure seems. They’re a solid team. At least Carey replaced the long hiker and he did well – nice to see he doesn’t mind making changes and quickly. We lost by (only) 2 TDs. Could have been different with less mistakes. One was just horrible play (the bad snap on the punt and fumbling by the kicker and bad decision not to swat it out of the end zone for only a 2 pt. touchback). Russo fumbling was a good hard tackle by Buffalo. But way too many mistakes and ineptness. The players seemed to be panicking in the first half. Were the players tired, unfocused or just plain outplayed? 3 Russo Interceptions? Maybe Centeio should get a shot? Somethings got to give or GT will be a tough game too. We finally have our experienced new head coach and we lose to a Buffalo again. It’s always something…..

  3. A couple other thoughts: It sure seemed to add up to a trap game; kj may be right considering the tough conference schedule, that we go just 6-6; Bradely getting kicked out of the game early may have made a difference; we still lose too many “must-win” games.

  4. Did you see the Coaches press conference after the game? He put the blame on himself and the coaching staff for not having the team ready. He wouldn’t make players available after the game because he said it wouldn’t be fair to his players. That is a different response than we have seen in the past.

  5. Bucknell was fool’s gold and we were extremely lucky to beat Maryland. Which way will the wind blow against Ga Tech?

    Two targeting calls in three games. Called on the field and upheld by booth review, still questionable? No.
    Do we understand the rules? A result of no live tackling in camp? Good news- this is fixable before the next game.

    Five Ints in only three games. Our star QB will not change until he is forced to sit one out. For the benefit of the rest of this season and next year, start and play the other kid vs Ga Tech. Let’s stop making excuses and focus on the facts.

    Play the cards you are dealt. This teams needs a full-time special teams coach. How Carey did it in the past is irrelevant. This situation demands full-time professionally paid attention.

    Go Owls, beat Ga Tech!

  6. Terrible, just Terrible, what else is there to say ?
    Are they this bad , unlucky , stupid or prone to acting like Big-Timers and overconfident ?
    This makes me to NOT Want TO COME NEXT WEEK, as I don’t wanna see ’em being beat by that other jackass, G Collins, now of Ga Tech.
    We have many QB’s, so someone tell me why we need to keep Russo in?
    Someone explain his poor throws are do to bad play calls and formations.
    What the hell……

    • Even aside from the interceptions, Russo has been mostly inaccurate with his throws (usually too high) which contributes to tips and interceptions. So Carey admits he didn’t have the team ready? That’s big of him, but considering his salary and HCing experience that doesn’t cut it in only the 3rd game of the season. He dominates Buffalo when at NIU but then screws it up for the Owls with supposedly better talent. Does that sound right? Even with such bad play this was a winnable game against a good team but we lose another one to a G5 MAC program.

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