Fizz: Buffalo was a team loss

Editor’s Note: Made only slight changes to include two first names on the first reference that were left out.

                                        By Dave (Fizzy) Weinraub

Wow!  Anthony Russo was over, under, in front and in back all day.  Then, when there were good passes in key situations, a lot were dropped.  Russo continues to look directly at his primary receiver as soon as he gets the ball.

All the while, both the offensive and defensive lines were outplayed to say the least, and we couldn’t stop the outstanding Buffalo running backs. (Number 5, Kevin Marks, reminds me of Brian Westbrook.)   The “targeting” calls didn’t help, and they were both questionable.  I guess it all depends if it was your quarterback or not.

There was no way we should have won the game, and we didn’t.  It’s a shame because we could have faced Georgia Tech undefeated, and a win would have us definitely ranked.

So let’s look at the coaching decisions that affected the game to some, but not a major degree.

  • There was a poorly executed screen pass where it didn’t seem to be a middle screen or an outside screen, and Russo threw right into the crowd.  Coaching?
  • Whoever has outside responsibility on our left defensive side, continued to penetrate and allow key yardage and a touchdown to go outside.  The defense should have been adjusted.
  • As it became apparent in the second quarter we had trouble stopping their running game, we should have started to run-blitz then. We did in the fourth quarter.
  • The long snapper was finally changed after another miscue which gave the momentum to Buffalo, but the punting is still only satisfactory with another shanked kick in the second half. Perhaps our punter, who could also be changed, should get practice fielding ground balls.
  • Down two scores at the end of the first half, why take a knee with 22 seconds left?
  • Someone on the coaching staff must have had a very low score on his math SAT’s.  I overlooked us going for two against Maryland when we shouldn’t have, and then we did it again against Buffalo.  In the fourth quarter, if we had kicked the extra point after a score, we would have been down 21 points.  The best we could have hoped for at that time, was a tie and overtime, so why risk being down by 22?
  • After Buffalo didn’t get a first down in our territory in the fourth quarter, we refused to take a 15-yard penalty before they punted.  Why?

So, cracks are starting to appear.  If we come back and beat the “Ramblin Wrecks from Georgia Tech,” there still won’t be enough seats on the bandwagon.

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22 thoughts on “Fizz: Buffalo was a team loss

  1. If we lose to a very average GT team this season may be over before it barely gets started. If we win, it can still be a very good season. GT is a pivotal game. But I keep thinking of last years horrible start that turned into a rather unbelievable win streak in conference play.

    • Another year where the Owls won’t beat every team they are supposed to beat. I haven’t seen that kind of year since Wayne Hardin. I suppose I never will, sadly.

      • The Owl apparently has a monkey on it’s back – you’re right, there’s always a game (or more) like this. Like last year however, at least Buffalo proves to be a very good team (how they lost to Liberty is hard to figure). Temple killed itself in every way possible. Right the ship for GT and we can go sailing.

      • Wayne lost some games he should have won. Time causes memories to fade.

      • 1979 he lost to ranked Pitt and ranked Penn State. That’s the year I’m talking about. He beat every team he was supposed to beat that year. I wasn’t talking about him beating every team he was supposed to beat every year. Just would like to see one year like 1979 again. Even 2016 the Owls were 14.5-favorites over Wake and lost.

  2. Anyone know who is the special teams coach ? They need to spend 30-45 minutes everyday, coaching how to handle bad snaps . The punter needs to learn how to block and recover bad snaps, rather than let the ball sail away from him.

    • Special teams by committee because Carey said that’s the way he did it at Northern Illinois. Since temple has been consistent in top 10 returns and blocked punts and field goals under one guy, I would beg him to come back. Failing that, Carey himself should take over the special teams like al golden did in 2007-08

      • I would think that Dr Kraft would have a conversation Carey, about changes to special teams . But I think Kraft is aiming for the USC AD job. Better weather and better conference.

      • And better pay…gone are the days of Temple lifers like Ernie casale and Gavin white

      • Mike, agree with regards to Temple being in the top 10 in FBS in both blocked kicks and punts under Foley (2013-2018), team was never in the top 10 in either punt or KO returns during his tenure. Best punt return year was 2014 where TU was 16th out of 125 FBS teams and best KO return year was last year 35th out of 129 FBS teams. Overall TU did better in the return game in that time frame than NIU but how much of that is attributable to return personal versus coaching. Over the same span NIU was marginally better in both punt return and KO return defense. At this point I think the special teams problems are as much about poor performance on the players part as it is about coaching.

    • I don’t think they have a special teams coach as we understand it. They have a special teams “coordinator” who is not allowed on the field during games. I think Coach Carey said there is another staff member with some responsibility for special teams, but also not on the field during games. It appeared it was this structure that led Foley to give up and leave the team.

  3. Temple must fix these three things in order to beat Ga Tech:
    1. Stop the targeting. We can’t afford to have starters getting kicked out of games. And, the penalty always leads to points. Good teams go an entire season w/o a targeting call. We have had two in only three games.

    2. We must start looking off the safety on deep passes, and stop staring down the primary receiver on short passes. If not the INTs will continue. Is the QB coach effective or ineffective? Can our QBs learn? We are on track for a 20 INT season.

    3. The past method is totally irrelevant. This situation demands a full-time special teams coach. If it means a staff shuffle, then so be it. Being this stubborn is getting uncomfortably close to being stupid.

  4. Memo to Rod Carey :
    From a fan :
    Ref – Your team

    Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change. Wayne Dyer

    Just because it worked at NIU, doesn’t mean it will work at Temple.

  5. I don’t understand the call for Foley when Foley could have done nothing to prevent the bad snaps and punts. Obviously, both the snapper and the punte r have had to have been pretty good in practice to start. When and if TU gets a punt or kick blocked because of bad coaching I’ll jump on the Foley band wagon. Everyone seems to forget TU blocked a kick during the Maryland game and the punt return during that game was the result of over-eagerness and not because of bad positioning.

    • They had the same snapper (Lerch) under Foley and he was perfect. Maybe Foley had them practicing more. Also, I think Carey made a mistake in letting Boomer and Connor Bowler go.

      • The current snapper is Cole Lerch, the younger brother of the former snapper, Corey Lerch. Corey was almost perfect when he served as the snapper. Both are LaSalle grads.

      • At some point, Ed had to coach both Lerches and I did not hear about this being an issue in the spring or summer practices.

      • And the fact that it wasn’t an issue proves my point that regardless of who the coach is, errors of this type would have happened regardless. It’s human error as opposed to an error in planning or coaching. If the new coach put one blocker back on punts or had the holder line up more than seven yards from the line of scrimmage (which happened when Arians was coach-it took two blocked field goals before they recognized it against Tulsa) that would be a coaching error. No coach can plan for missed snaps or shanks.

    • With no special teams coach on this team, along with departure of Boom Boom & Bowler, was Carey planning on punting, PAT, FG or kickoffs ??? Its starting to show.

      • Boomer gave us a long-distance threat. Bowler gave us consistency. Carey said he was worried about Boomer’s injury and thought he had a better punter in the new guy. The new guy through three games hasn’t proven he is 1/2 the punter Bowler was and Boomer’s health is just fine at BC. 0-2 there but kicking has never been the Carey strongsuit even (especially) at NIU.

  6. Ga Tech will beat Temple if they win the take-away battle. Collins does not know much but he knows that.

    Look for them to ‘own’ the football early and often. Our QBs must be prepared for mayhem.

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