So far, only the shouting is over


That saying “it’s all over but the shouting” takes on a new meaning this fall.

Football might not be over, but the shouting could be.

Yesterday, the office of Gov. Tom Wolf said many college and professional teams have submitted plans to ask for a waiver to allow fans to attend.

Got to think that Temple, Pitt, and Penn State (along with the Eagles and Steelers) were among those teams.


Before social distancing …

Right now, I think there will be a season but it could be anything from “made for TV only” to a fan limit that would ensure social distancing.

Anecdotally, I’ve been going to supermarkets and other places enforcing social distancing and wearing masks. If it can work since March for those places, similar protocols should be able to enforce at Temple games.


Not so much. I guess it could work if they could figure out a way to limit the attendance to 20K, but I don’t know how they can do it without disaffecting a lot of loyal season ticket-holders.

Now back to the shouting part.

It’s going to be hard to cheer for the Owls through those darn masks so improvising and adjusting could be the order of the day. Disposable gloves and pounding on the seats could provide some sort of home-field advantage.

Looks like the opener at Miami won’t get played because those cheaters (stealing Manny Diaz and Quincy Roche, for starters) have been hit hard by back luck (see above video). Don’t wish that on them, but was never keen on the Owls having to face Roche again and really disappointed that he chose to play for a 2020 opponent of the Owls so I will shed no tear if that game is canceled.

I will if the other games are canceled, particularly if protocols that satisfy the science can be followed.

If you can go to a store wearing a mask, gloves and stand on those markers six feet apart, there should be a way to do the same for 20K fans in a 70K stadium.

I have my doubts but college football and pro football are buying time to figure this thing out. Even if it’s just on TV, I will take it. If that means the shouting is over, too, that’s a price we will have to pay for a season.

Monday: A Revamped AAC Schedule



9 thoughts on “So far, only the shouting is over

  1. Should be interesting Mike! It would be kinda hard not to shout when an Owl RB breaks loose for an 80 yard TD scamper. But I guess if you’re not allowed to sing in church, well then I guess we shouldn’t complain about not being able to cheer at a football game!

  2. Seems like with TU’s typical attendance or a bit less, things could be worked out as long as fans are willing to comply with all the protocols. But as J Belli mentioned the other day, that would have to include distancing while waiting on line to get in. I also wonder about people not being tested (impossible) that would allow infected folks in; and would the LINC be wiping everything down after games especially if TU plays one day and the Eagles the next day? (With at least 3 days between games it wouldn’t matter). Also no concessions/food (people could bring their own?). Carefulness and cooperation from all sides is what it would take to make allowing fans into the stadium(s) possible and safe.

    • If I were a bettor I’d bet that their will be no fans especially if positive tests increase. Just walking to and from your car or the subway will defeat quarantine. Then u have the mask issue, the line issue with contraband wanding, seating, and then the mass exodus after the game. One of the problems I foresee for future seasons is a reduction in attendance at all sporting events because many people will conclude that the best seat from which to watch a game is in the living room especially with the great televisions now available and broadcast innovations like slo mo and enhanced replay. I think if fans are allowed at TU games I may well just eat the price of the tickets.

  3. For those who are nostalgic, ESPNU is rebroadcasting the 2015 PSU-TU game at noon today. While TU won going away, had PSU completed a long pass for a TD that was off by inches early in the game when PSU was up 10-0 I think the outcome would have been far different.

    • Thanks for the heads up! Just what I needed during this sports-less shut down. I will never forget that game. I sat on the Penn State side. It was fun watching their fans in stunned disbelief! Go 🦉🦉!

      • On now (12:45 p.m.). Good part about to start. Owls down 10-0. Total domination begins after the commercial. Much, much louder noise for good Temple plays than good PSU plays. Crowd was decidedly pro-Temple. At least 45K (maybe 50K) of the 70K fans.

    • Really one of the best days of my life.
      If that makes me pathetic, so be it.

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