A summer project for Fran Dunphy


Temple fans might be thanking Fran Dunphy if he replaces Miami, Idaho, and UMass with West Virginia, BYU and Villanova.

Right now, if Fran Dunphy is taking his new role as a new athletic director seriously, he’s sitting down at his kitchen table in Avalon, N.J., trying to get the Temple football Owls four football dates.


That’s because the AAC has shown no signs of joining the Big 10 and limiting games to conference ones only. Independents like UConn and UMass will probably have to join the Ivy League and cancel schedules entirely. The strong rumor is the ACC will soon join the Big 10 and go conference only, too, so that leaves three games Dunphy has to tentatively replace:

  • Sept. 5, at Miami
  • Sept. 12, Idaho
  • Sept. 19, Rutgers
  • Oct. 10, UMASS

If Dunphy attacks the position with zeal, he was sitting at the kitchen table yesterday with the 2015 Temple-PSU game on in the background (ESPU, noon) with printouts of the composite 2020 FBS college football schedule trying to replace those dates. Hopefully, he has the phone numbers of the other 126 FBS athletic directors.

Sure, it would be contingent upon several things (like the season being played for one), but what would Dunphy and Temple have to lose by scheduling games based on contingency?

To me, it’s the wise Owl thing to do right now.

The Miami game is probably out even if the ACC decides to play its nonconference games. Miami practice has been suspended due to an outbreak of the virus on that team and no one knows if the Hurricanes will be able or even allowed to compete.

Assuming the ACC and Big 10 are out, on Sept. 5, that gives the Owls an attractive group of opponents to select. Villanova, where Dunphy has a home the other six months a year, is a possibility. The CAA has canceled its season but Villanova has indicated that it will look to fill its entire season with an independent schedule. Good luck with that. My choice for Dunphy is West Virginia. Florida State would not go to West Virginia but Temple will.

Rutgers has to be replaced (Sept. 19) as well.

The Owls also have to have contingencies for the independents, UMass and Idaho. The Sept. 12 game with Idaho can easily be replaced with BYU, which is probably the only independent other than Notre Dame that will be able to get games. BYU was scheduled to play a home game against Michigan State, but that’s out. Temple could easily replace the Spartans on that date.

The final date for the Owls is Oct. 10 against UMass. If UMass can’t play that day, Villanova should be available. (I realize there is a group of Temple fans who don’t want to play Villanova but with a competent FBS head coach, which Geoff Collins wasn’t on the day he lost to the Wildcats, Temple should never lose to Villanova. Say what you will about Rod Carey, but’s it’s indisputable he’s a competent FBS head coach.)

Of course, Dunphy could have been doing other things yesterday like taking the Catamaran for a spin around Townsends Inlet, but we can only hope for Temple’s sake that he is on the job now.

If he didn’t do it yesterday, there’s always next weekend.

Friday: Our Annual Week of  Vacation begins (July 24-31, best of TFF runs on Friday, Monday and Thursday)






5 thoughts on “A summer project for Fran Dunphy

  1. Sounds good to me but it won’t happen because it would take too much work and I can’t see Dunphy doing it. Watching the replay of the TU-PSU game yesterday the one thing that stood out was that TU was lauded for dropping the read option offense and going to a play action power offense. Clown coach Collins came in and ignored what was in front of his face and went back to the RPO. Unbelievable, I hope Carey was watching yesterday and got some insight into what works at TU. All he needs to be convinced is watch the South Florida game from 2017 (a 43-7 blowout) and listen to the announcers who got all over Collins for dropping TU tough. Wake up Coach Carey and do the smart thing. Go to a power play action offense and you will win a couple more games.

    • Every member of the staff should have been on the horn with every recruit and target telling them to watch ESPNU yesterday. What an incredible college football atmosphere and great fan support for the Temple Owls.

  2. I love your schedule plan. I hope student athletes stay healthy so that we can have some sort of season. Maryland had nine athletes test positive, so they paused workouts. Seems that they are very cautious considering past problems. Test, quarantine, treat, and retest.

  3. It’s becoming clearer that the odds of a season are diminishing daily due to increased positive tests. And the odds that one of the thousands of players might die from the disease are not high but not insignificant such that schools should risk playing,. All it takes is one sick player to require a whole team to quarantine. Spring is no good. It’s much colder in the Spring than in the Fall. In some places the average temperature hovers around 32 degrees til the end of February and doesn’t reach 50 until the end of March or April. Couple that with anyone who thinks he has a chance of making the pros sitting out, what kind of season would it be? It’s time the adults in the room make the decision to bag the season and forego money in exchange for risking players’ health.

    • I agree, plus I have no desire to go to games during the spring semester. Just cancel the 2020 and hope things are good to go for 2021, which if contingent on a vaccine, I have my doubts

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