Fizz’s state of the Temple Football Union address

Editor’s Note: I want to thank Fizz for getting this in so soon. I thought I wouldn’t be able to get to it until Tuesday for Wednesday. I think he was being facetious about the buying out of the contract part at the end because, based on my preliminary calculations, we are about $5,000,985.50 short right now.


By Dave “Fizzy” Weinraub

I want to begin by congratulating Central Florida coach Josh Heupel for pulling his starters after the third quarter. It showed so much class and good sense. Most other coaches would have run up the score, but he didn’t and saved his first-teamers from possible injury.

     Next, I want to apologize to Mike Gibson for not getting him my copy on Sunday after the game. Part of the problem was I just stared at the screen because I couldn’t think of anything to say that I hadn’t said before.

The TU 1958 unis

     I’ve been associated with Temple football for sixty-two years. It started in 1958 when I was a walk-on with a half-scholarship. After my freshman year, I got full tuition, and it was worth the immense sum of $375.00 per semester. Therefore, for a total of $2,250, I acquired all the blows to my head, which helped me become what I am today.

     As I’ve said just about everything before, I’m only going to make a few quick comments. Temple has had the ball in good field position for three straight games and over a minute left on the clock at halftime. In each of those games, Temple chose to run out the clock. Down 21 – 3, against Central Florida, they didn’t try to score.

     Who coaches like this? Is this what they do in Northern Illinois? Perhaps it’s so cold up there; they want to get back in the locker room. The Central Florida game, however, was played in Florida. Maybe there were lots of flies.

     As a former coach, I saw a few other things that annoyed the hell out of me. Throughout the game, the Temple players were chatting up the opposition. Why? You’re losing; concentrate on the game. Play ball!

     On an underthrown pass in the third quarter, our receiver stood and watched instead of coming back and trying to knock the ball away. Also, defenders continually throw their shoulders at the runner instead of tackling the proper way. 

      You might say these aren’t a big deal. To me, though, it shows a lack of discipline and an acceptance of losing.

     I’ve watched the Temple football program go up, down, and sideways through my many years. My opinion is the program is now quickly deteriorating.  Yes, I usually criticize the coaching strategy. However, when two of our best players choose to leave the program for greener pastures, it scares the hell out of me. Usually, when players transfer, it’s because they don’t get enough playing time. These guys were starters.

     The main reason programs go up, down, and sideways is coaching. Coach Carey is in the second year of a five-year contract. For me, last season was terribly disappointing with all the second-half blowouts. The proof of that pudding is six guys from that team are now playing in the NFL. So I’ve started a fund to buy out the remainder of his three years for 4.5 million dollars. Here are the pledges I’ve received so far.

Teammate Rick Walsh – $5    

Teammate Vic Baga – $6.50

Classmate Don Rosenberg  – $5

There’s also a commitment from another teammate who’d like to stay anonymous and is currently indisposed. He said he’d match anything we raise. If you’d like to pledge, please contact Mike Gibson.

Thursday: ECU

3 thoughts on “Fizz’s state of the Temple Football Union address

  1. From jump street, something was amidst. His first foot in Edberg-Olson Hall he started to rearrange the furniture. Disrespecting “our” legacy”. Little by little his trips to “Tavisstock” Country Club Haddonfield NJ (pool side) prancing his (Non Tan Ass) around and leaving comments for all to hear in attendance. Not very classy, even for Happyfield folks that could care less about TU. Then, for lack of leadership he chipped away a air tight kids and sidelined one our of stars (ya, I’ll say his name) Isaiah Wright and pretty much ruined his senior campaign. But, Isiah and family took the high road. If he’s (Carey) around for another 3 years the program will be in the shitter…they’ll be transferring to Villanova (just kidding) I’d rather discontinue the program. A once promising up rising program is in full swing decline! Not sure who but someone needs to step in and put one of our X-Player’s (ummmm, a few name’s in the NFL) for 20 years rings a bell. I played for coach Wilson #6 from 73-77. Those years need zero introduction to winning. (4 straight conference championships, 3 straight regional appearance and a 2 college World Series in last 5 years 72′-77′. Coach Wilson didn’t have a lot of rules but was manacle about playing the right. Although, I do remember session freshmen year that he called us into his office and explained if ya wanna play here it takes 2 things: 1 is in your chest (heart) and the other in your pants (balls). I believe we won 100 games over the next 3 seasons. And, there was never any anarchy (deflectors) in the dugout. Enough said, cut bait before we don’t recognize the program.
    MD 77′

    • Marshall, San Jose State, Nevada, Coastal Carolina are in the same (or worse since they have had scheduled games canceled/postponed) petrie dish we are and have had no excuses. Yes, we missed our star quarterback (who is now 20x, not 10x, better than the rest) but we’ve had both lines and cornerbacks who played much better last year playing. It’s not the scheme as much as it is the malaise this guy is creating in the program. Kicking a field goal down 38-10? You’ve got to be f*cking kidding me. That proves nothing.

  2. It’s Covid Asterisk Year, so most fans don’t give a tinker’s damn about football. NCAA should allow big donors to play for an extra $10K, and rest the starters and backups.

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