Whoops: Fizzy post coming up

Editor’s Note: Just got back from my colonoscopy surgery (it was a pain in the ass) and saw an email from Fizz with a post. Even though I can’t drive until tomorrow, I can edit it and put it up in minutes. Please stand by.

Friday: ECU


6 thoughts on “Whoops: Fizzy post coming up

  1. I hope some of us here appreciate J Belli’s defense of current conditions affecting Temple Football, as I do. He has been bringing up other factors and considerations when judging this team.
    At least it is a counter balance to the doom and gloom which I also carry,
    ( or is that Carey ?).
    Anyway, all looks bleak, but some here try to elevate with some rays ‘o sunshine, like J Belli…..

    • Thank you. Just trying to keep the conversation grounded in reality instead of emotion. I’m not a Carey fan but do think the talk of schemes and such does not apply this year given the effects Covid, injuries, defections, and graduations had on this team. i defy anyone to find a team at any level that can succeed with a raw, third team QB.

  2. Miami, Marshall, Liberty, and Coastal Carolina are all ranked in the Top 25 today. None of those team sulk in excuses.

    At Cincy, Luke Fickell took over a 4-8 program and 2018 went 11-2 in his SECOND YEAR. The rest is AAC history.

    The 82d Airborne Division has a saying, “What is the maximum effective range of an excuse? Zero meters”.

    • Bingo. Temple is one of the least affected, not most, affected schools in the COVID protocols. NO excuses coming from Doc Holliday of Marshall, nor the coaches from San Jose State, Nevada, Coastal Carolina, etc. Embarrassing that those programs have passed us.

      • Show me the facts that support what you’re saying. about TU being one of the teams least affected by Covid. Are you guessing? Can you support your statement with facts proving that the teams you mention were more affected by Covid than TU? If not, you shouldn’t say it because you’re saying that Carey’s lying TU has numerous players in Covid lock down including Russo. They only had 45 scholarship players and 16 walk-ons available for USF. Explain how any team could compete today with those numbers with the 4th team QB the only one available to play. I’m not a Carey fan simply because he won’t employ the right offense for Temple. However, vilifying him for things out of his control simply is wrong and unfair especially when he’s out of players. It’s not like the pros where losing out gets you a high draft pick.

      • Had you done any checking you would have discovered that the laxness of Liberty’s Covid testing made ACC opponents leery of playing them. https://www.si.com/college/2020/08/15/liberty-coronavirus-testing-protocols-acc-concerns

        Coastal Carolina is hiding their data-https://www.myrtlebeachonline.com/news/coronavirus/article243388501.html

        I have not found any stories indicating that Marshall and San Jose State have reported any problems with players but have had to cancel games with opponents who have.

        Nevada has had to impose restrictions on practice. I can’t find any stories on reported cases involving players or opt outs. https://www.rgj.com/story/sports/college/nevada/2020/11/09/nevada-football-team-adapting-pandemic-restrictions/6228122002/

        Can’t comparethese teams to TU which has had dozens of players affected. TU had a good team to start the season but has had injuries and Covid destroy it.

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