Only coal under the Temple football stockings so far

That’s a fireplace, not the E-O burning down.

Hope every single Temple football fan has a healthy and happy Christmas.

So far, though, at least from a football perspective, the only thing head coach Rod Carey has found under the tree is coal.

Somebody keeps stealing his nice living room furniture mostly procured by a current NFL head coach (err, players) and the tree doesn’t look quite the same in an empty room.

An attempt at humor (we think).

The coaching staff rallying cry for the last month at the $17 million Edberg-Olson facility (it cost $7 million to build with a $10 million addition in 2010) is FEBU (f*ck everyone but us) but the only “but us” left seems to be nothing other than a glorified scout team so the boast appears to be an empty one. Let’s put it this way. Rudy was a great story for Notre Dame but a team full of Rudys would not have been.

Temple has Branden Mack, Jaden Blue, a transfer from Georgia and a team full of Rudys. Hmm. Who knows how long Mack and Blue stick around?

I haven’t checked the portal this morning. I probably won’t for awhile. Too depressing.

That’s why the job of winning in 2021 got harder. So far, by my count, at least seven starters (probably seven of the best nine PLAYERS on the team) have went out the back exit with only two potential good ones coming in the front door. It was imperative to stop the bleeding in order for the Owls to even get to the modest .500 record (which, theoretically over 60 FBS teams are able to do). Now, it looks like 2-10 is a distinct possibility unless the Owls score big with the remaining players in the portal and that’s assuming nobody else leaves, a huge assumption.

Did Temple pay $2 million per year for a 1-6 and 2-10 head coach? So far, it looks like it and it’s not a good look. The recruiting website reports that Temple is by far the school most hurt by the transfer portal.


Carey needs to roll up his sleeves and sign the top available P5 players, not G5 players, not FCS players, to stop the bleeding and start the healing.

There are three four-star defensive linemen still in the portal (as of this writing) and it would be nice if Carey and company could get at least one:

DE-Charles Moore is a 6-4, 275-pound edge rusher from Oregon State. Defensive end did not seem like an area of need a couple of weeks ago, but it is now that Temple’s top edge rusher, Arnold Ebetitke, left the building on Wednesday.

DT-Ellison Jordan, Penn State. Jordan was a four-star signee but hasn’t worked his way into the rotation for the Nittany Lions. He would be an immediate starter here since both starting tackles passed up their final years at Temple.

DT-Brant Lawless-Sherrill, North Carolina. Lawless-Sherrill is a four-star 6-1, 290-pounder who, like just about all of his teammates, had a great game against Temple in the 2019 Military Bowl.


There are at least five three-star linebackers still left in the portal. The Owls need to get at least two of a group that includes Anthony McKee (Pitt), Griffin Grady (Wisconsin), Jon Smith (UNC), Xander Gagnon (Duke) and Evander Craft (Toledo). Craft had offers from three Power 5 schools in his final five.

The value of assigned stars is that independent Power 5 coaching staffs have already done talent evaluations on the above players before bringing them in and that’s less work for the Carey staff to do.

Less work, because cleaning that coal off the floor is going to be job one. It’s an industrial strength cleaning job and we don’t know if the spill accidents are even over yet.

Monday: Who’s Minding the Store?

20 thoughts on “Only coal under the Temple football stockings so far

  1. The portoal may backfire (this year) on a lot of players. The glamour programs could have limited capacity (scholarships, roster space) for making pick-ups. The ruling that players do not lose an eligibility season in 2020 give coaches options (decisions) in so far as taking the better player – one of whom he’s already seen play and practice. As the saying goes: “space is limited.”

    I’m not sure what happens to those who don’t find a home. Can they return? Would the coach welcome them back? Would the players they abandoned welcome them back? If they get a roster slot back and make a bad play in game, will the fans have an opinion on their effort?

    Do these portal players reach out to friends (players) on other teams for input and advice in so far as finding a spot with that friend’s team? Do those players on the other teams communicate with the coach about their friend? Do coaches at these target programs encourage their players to reach out to their friends? This could be very messy, especially when there’s sloppy communication.

  2. It’s sad that the remaining players, who chose to stay and represent OUR university, are called glorified scout players.

    Maybe the players aren’t leaving because of the coaches, but fans.

    • Compare our remaining players to the remaining players of our opponents. The best remaining players are largely the worst players of a 1-6 team. Sometimes the truth hurts. It’s the job of our coaches to replace the best seven players on our team with better players. So far, they have done a terrible job. It has nothing to do with the fans. I heard a lot of “let’s support the guys who chose to represent OUR great university” talk during the Bobby Wallace Era and then Al Golden came in and said, “yeah, that’s nice but we need better players.” The reality is that we need better players. It’s not criticizing the players who are here it’s comparing them in ability to the Memphises, Cincys, UCFs, teams that we need to beat on a regular basis to get back to the Temple football we all know and love.

  3. Is the grass always greener over the septic tank? The fans, players, and coaches will need to flush things out. We’ll see some hot shots like Steve Joachim and Montel Harris and some stinkers. Who was the best transfer student at TU? Joachim and Harris stand out. Walter Washington was incredible.

    • The only thing that can save 2021 as I see it is an SMU-like 2019 overhaul that brings us 15 Power 5-level starters and turns a predicted 2-10 into a 10-2. There are more than enough players like that remaining in the portal. Does this coaching staff have enough powers of persuasion to bring a hefty amount of those guys in right now? Serious doubts exist as of 12/25/2020. Prove me wrong and get me a 4* RB, two 4* edge rushers and two 3-4* run-stoppers. At least.

  4. To steal a once classic line from a way old TV commercial (for what I think was cough syrup? ) : ‘What’s a Mother to Do ?’ .
    Really want to see TU Football live next year at the Linc, But……
    We’ll get a few inbound Portals too, maybe it can be a balance….

    • Geez, I hope Blue and Mack stay. We screwed, blued (no pun intended) and tattooed without those two.

      • This is how far we’ve fallen in a year. Georgia State wins the Lending Tree Bowl and finishes 6-4. Georgia State, not Georgia Tech. Georgia State’s strength coach is former Temple Owl center Alex Derenthal, Al Golden’s best center. Do you think Alex would take the same job under Al Golden? Damn straight. Georgia State beats ECU, 49-29. ECU beats Temple’s “scout team” (yeah, I said it), 28-3. Do you think Al Golden chases as much talent off Temple as Rod Carey did? Err, no. The administration needs to start back-channeling Al’s agent for mutual interest and use the Collins/Diaz buyout money to get rid of Carey.

    • Are u the person who posts on Twitter telling recruits and players to transfer out?

      If so, what an @sshole move, Temple needs more fans not haters.

  5. Just from a players’ perspective, the numbers don’t add up for any remaining Temple players to leave. There are 1,000 players in the portal (roughly) and about 147 scholarships available (roughly). You have your schollie at Temple. If you leave, you are giving not only that up but the $2K stipend each athlete gets.

  6. Would be saying a lot if Temple can land a 4 star running back from the area…

    We’ll just have to wait and see if this staff can recruit SEC talent.

    • Was checking the portal regularly because I thought Temple would land Lovett but he went to Penn State and all I’ve seen is Temple players evacuating the E-O like senior citizens leaving The Villages when there is a Hurricane Warning in Florida.

  7. You may have answered your own question. That’s all i will say.

    • No question in that last post.

      • Just curious, how excited will you be if this staff ever does land a 4 star running back?

      • Will wait until I find out which one. One with stats to back up potential is better than one without stats (the Georgia QB for instance). Not all that excited that we have to replace a guy who threw 44 TDs against 32 interceptions with a guy who threw 1 td and had three interceptions.

    • exhale and think! Carey is not and will never be TUFB. Sometimes you have to burn it down before you build it back up. Bottomline: Carey sucks, and players know it and are leaving in droves.

      Blue and Mack should leave now to maximize their Sunday potential.

      BOT, interim Uni President, and AD are responsible and must be held accountable. Carey is who he will always be, a decent and honorable man who can’t compete at this level – Fran Dunphy Carey.

      This QB kid from Ga is a runaway, the RB from Illinois is a second stringer at best.

      Hope? Save it for church. Carey can’t out-recruit or beat UCF, Cincy, Tulane, SMU,. etc., etc.,

      Look at the 2021 schedule. 3-4 wins is optimistic.

      • right now, without any infusion of talent (and I mean a minimum of 5 impact starters), I only see wins over Akron and Wagner on this schedule. Five impact starters who are not on this roster now might get you a chance at 6-6. Four of those guys have to be defensive starters and we need a big-time running back. Ruley=nice back, but not one of the top 5 in the league now. Plus, they need to go out and hire the special teams coach from Liberty and stop f*cking around and ignoring that 1/3d of the team.

  8. Gee guys, I thought Carey touted wins over B10 teams. I wouldn’t even count on a win over Akron. We often have problems with MAC teams. They need to hire Liberty’s HC! Biggest fear is, if Carey has another lousy season will TU buy him out or let the program slip back into another Bobby Wallace era? I’m too old for that shit. Of course even if they fire him it’s just gives another opportunity to hire another lame HC – I have no confidence in them getting “the right guy” or even a halfway right guy.

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