Temple athletics: Who’s Minding The Store?

If football is the front porch of a university, this is what Temple’s has looked like for most of 2020

When a whole group of employees leave one store in a large chain, the algorithms eventually reach the corporate offices and an investigation is conducted.

Is it the manager?

Is it the work environment?

At the very least this should be the Board of Trustees’ message to Rod Carey

Is it something else?

With Temple football, there appears to be no algorithms and no corporate offices.

Responsibility for employees leaving begins and ends at the store involved and that’s a terrible way to run a corporation.

Rod Carey’s desk is pretty much where the buck stops with Temple football and the same appears to be true with both Aaron McKie and Tonya Cardoza (basketball).

Probably not a good way to run an organization because there has to be some oversight if lower level employees are not doing their jobs.

At a minimum, the question needs to be asked from a Temple administrative perspective why so many football players are leaving what was not only a winning program for most of the last decade, but one where the great majority of the players seemed to be much happier under previous CEOs. If the remedy includes using the buyout money obtained from Georgia Tech and Miami to replace Carey earlier than anticipated, so be it.

The fact that this question doesn’t even begin to be addressed hints at a flaw in Temple’s overall organization that allows top positions to be filled by interim people (President and athletic director) for far too long.

The football program is undoubtedly the front porch of the university and now the front porch is falling apart like Jed Clampett’s cabin in the backwoods before they hit oil. Why is Temple BY FAR the school most adversely impacted by the Transfer Portal?

Two former very good players.

Why indeed?

At the minimum, an impartial athletics committee (made up mostly of former players and possibly chaired by current BOT member Tony McIntyre, a former player as well) needs to be formed to ask why so many Temple players are leaving and to implement suggestions on how the current staff can retain players in the future.

That can only happen under strong, not interim, leadership. Since there isn’t that in place right now, the Temple Board of Trustees must step in and do something.

The sooner the better.

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19 thoughts on “Temple athletics: Who’s Minding The Store?

  1. A few of us have been saying this for a long time Mike. If Temple wants to be serious about having solid competitive teams (especially football) then the trustees need to make a commitment to attain that. Some of the coaching choices of late have been more than inadequate, made with fingers crossed, hoping for the best. I still cannot believe that, for 2 mil a year, they could only come up with Carey. There were other coaches with better resumes out there (even right from the MAC) who would have jumped at the deal they threw at Carey. Was he really the only one, even on short notice, who would take the job (coaches jump at better deals on a dime) and considering the players we had on the roster at that time? I agree, the trustees are ultimately the ones who aren’t doing their jobs, who let this sloppy decision making persist. How come smaller, new programs seem to be able to make solid hires and have success early on? I’ve been seeing this for decades now with schools like Troy and Liberty and on and on and Temple still wallows around keeping themselves in at best mediocre results, with a few highlights once in a while. There’s really no excuse that satisfies explaining these less than decent choices. Same thing goes for not having an OCS by now. Signed: fed up!

    • Amazing that in five years schools like Coastal Carolina, Liberty, San Jose State, Buffalo (just to mention a few) have passed us like we were standing still..

      • Not standing still, Temple retreated.

        The foundation for program success resides w/the BOT, Uni Pres, and AD. All three offices are derelict.

        Who gave the green light for the Collins, Diaz, and Carey hires? The BOT. And, the interim president let Kraft make three disastrous hires. Screw a program and leave town, nice move Kraft!

        Funny, but this is not hard. What research firm did Cincy, SMU, Coastal Carolina, etc., use to make their HC hires? If you can’t beat it, copy it!

        Right now, who has the worse program in the AAC? USF, ECU, or Temple? We are stuck in conversations about the bottom of the barrel.

        That is one main reasons why players are leaving. The program sucks and the future is dark w/another bottom third recruiting class coming in.


        Screw opinion and focus on facts.

  2. When Al Golden was here, he took great pride in having the No. 1 MAC recruiting class two of three years and brought that up to the crowd on signing night. It’s a selling point because no matter how “over the moon” (Carey’s words) you are about a recruiting class, it’s nice to have independent validation and at least places like Rivals and Scout take off the Cherry-colored glasses when providing an objective analysis. Golden worked his ass off on the recruiting trail and, more importantly, kept the players in the building bought into his system.

    • It’s a little unfair to say that Golden kept layers here. When Golden was here there was no portal and it was almost impossible to get a waiver of the transfer one year sit out rule. Nevertheless, Carey has to do improve recruiting dramatically. I agree that there is no administrative leadership. Kraft was all smoke and the former president was out to lunch when it came to athletics. In the end the coaching hires have stunk and to be honest, he got lucky with Rhule.

  3. True. Bradshaw hired Rhule. The late great Al Shrier pinholed Bill and said, “Bill, listen to me … Hire … Matt … Rhule” Bradshaw told that story on the day Rhule got hired. Great story. Mr. Shrier was there and smiled ear to ear.

  4. Despite granny’s fussin and feudin, Jed still hit bubblin crude and fetched a cement pond. I reckon Carey can fetch a pig in a poke who can put up 1,000 yards.

  5. On Facebook, someone responded to one of Mike;s posts that we have to be patient because both Carey and Mckie are new. I disagreed, writing ( I made one change below because I mistakenly thought Kraft hired Rhule):

    Joe. I think the problem is that the men’s BB and football were in decline well before the last two respective BB and football seasons. Kraft did a horrendous job in hiring coaches. He threer three were hires (Collins, Diaz, and McKie) were based on who knows what and were and are outright disasters. While I agree that Carey should not be harshly judged on the past season because of covid restrictions, signs aren’t good. Although it is not known why several starters have decided to leave, it is not wrong to infer that Carey played some role in their decisions. Also, his recruiting was ranked 93rd this past signing day. That is simply not acceptable. McKie’s selection was bad because the administration should have conducted a national coaching search given the long and proud history of the program. They should have contacted Rick Pitino who could have been gotten cheap because he was dying to get back to the U.S to coach. Selecting McKie was just lazy and uninspired especially because he was on the staff as the program sank into mediocrity. He has shown nothing as a recruiter and had zero experience as a head coach. On top of that, he had almost as many players defect from a team of twelve as Carey has had from a team of 85. Frankly, the athletic program is in shambles. I agree that grades do matter but so does winning. TU athletics were known for doing more with less and now they are doing less with more despite the fact that the facilities have never been better. What is most troubling is that the drop in quality could not be occurring at a worse time. In a couple of years the TV contracts are up and the P-5 may do one last consolidation by requiring that all conferences go to 16 teams, which means that some G-5 schools will get promoted so to speak. Having mediocre football and BB teams doesn’t help in receiving an invitation especially when it appears that the athletic department is foundering. Just look at how badly, they bungled the stadium which was supposed to have just celebrated its second birthday. TU athletics is at a crossroads and it appears that they are taking the wrong road by remaining silent and apparently doing nothing at a time when leadership is required if for nothing other than to calm down a jittery fan base that sees only more losses in the coming seasons.

    The person I responded to bleeds Cherry and White and is as big a supporter as you’ll find anywhere.

    • Agree. Iona or Temple? Would not have been a tough call for Rick who was instrumental in getting Temple accepted to the Big East for basketball (albeit briefly). Ironically, we have four pool tables in the relatively new $50 million basketball facility. I kid, I kid about the pool table but this is a pretty good story and I LOVE how well-versed about TEMPLE FOOTBALL Rick Pitino is:

    • Remember the feeling you had walking into the parking lot on College GameDay? Temple students, alumni, and Philly fans were going crazy..,

      It has been done, and can be done again w/the right leadership. Leadership is the remedy for almost all f’d up situations.

      Among the BOT, Uni Pres, AD, and HC.., what office has stepped up and accepted responsibility for this mess? Instead we have excuses, City Council, Covid, the portal, etc., etc.,

      Watch a track meet and you’ll see hurdlers jump over the hurdles. Why, because they must in order to compete.

      The BOT can’t jump over the City Council hurdle for an OCS, Carey said he lost to Covid and star players went to the portal.

      Temple can’t jump.

      • Coastal Carolina had no problems clearing those hurdles and neither should we

      • Coastal Carolina is in South Carolina, with less government, taxes, and communist activists. Myrtle Beach boasts good seafood, nightlife, golf, hotels, and beaches. North Philly has little to offer fans, players, or coaches.

  6. I love your blog. Love your long standing commitment and passion to Temple and its football program.
    I’m really displeased with the direction of the program and the gameday coaching. Your points regarding RPO and matching your talent to scheme are spot on.
    I’d like to offer a another perspective on the wholesale migration to different programs we’re witnessing of Temple players and coaches. Frankly stated… why shouldn’t they? Everybody else did. In fact, the NCAA structure encourages it. Of the many players who have entered the transfer portal, how many coaches have they witnessed leave for more opportune pastures? Even the Dr. Kraft utilized the current landscape to move to the “next level’. With the playoff structure designed to maintain the prominence of the P5 and a handful of programs there is little incentive to stick around… and if I have an opportunity to sell my wares to the NFL why not do it where I know I’m taken seriously – warranted or not.
    Coach Carey needs to do better. The NCAA needs to open up the playoffs so other conferences and teams can sustain a program and be competitive.
    Thanks, Mike, for caring about Temple Football so deeply.

  7. Tale of Two Cities, Philly vs Cincy. Temple lost star players to the P5. Cincy lost third team players to lesser schools.

    TUFB Stars to the P5:
    Roche, Yeboah, IGM, Maijeh, Russo, Ebiketie, Davis, and counting..,

    Compare the Temple transfer page to the Cincy page, and the Tale of Two Cities unfolds.


    How can anyone refute Carey lost the locker room? Carey can’t jump.

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