What can Joe Temple fan do?

According to google, there are 1,563 people named Joe Temple in the United States.

That’s not counting a fictional minor Seinfeld character named Joe Temple in the episode “The Couch” where George wants to rent Breakfast at Tiffany’s but Temple has rented it. George arrives at Temple’s home, and asks to watch it with him and his daughter. George makes foolish demands, which causes him to be forced to leave.

George makes foolish demands but Joe Temple needs to start making serious ones.

Before social distancing ...

Our “Joe Temple” is a much larger group, including myself, probably you, who will be receiving calls over the next weeks or months about renewing their Temple football season tickets.

When fellow long-time Temple season ticketholder Dave “Fizzy” Weinraub brought up the subject of Temple fans putting a GoFundMe account to buy out the contract of Rod Carey, it was obviously tongue-in-cheek. Still, it got me to thinking about what a regular “Joe Temple” football fan can do to make his voice heard.

You can vote with your wallet and your voice.

When I get that inevitable phone call asking for a couple hundred bucks for season tickets, I intend simply to say this:

“Sorry (Mark, Joe or whatever your name is), I’m not going to be renewing my season tickets this fall because I’m not happy with the direction of the program under Rod Carey. Too many players are leaving the program and not nearly enough are coming in. I’m going to watch what he does between now and spring practice before making that decision.”

Signing a quarterback from Georgia, and defensive linemen from Washington State and North Carolina, among others, is not enough so far. Carey needs many more starting level players even to turn 1-6 into 6-6. How many is a matter of conjecture but to me he needs seven more starting-level players to build the kind of depth necessary to even begin to turn it around.

At the end of last season, I pegged 2021 as a 2-10 season and, from what happened between signing day and now, nothing has changed that prognostication. Sitting in the stands and watching a 2-10 Temple team holds no appeal for me anymore, particularly after averaging nearly nine wins in the four seasons prior to this one.

That’s the message I will convey to the season ticket sellers. Presumably, if enough of us have the same message, it will eventually reach the higher-ups.

Only then can hope for real change be affected.

It’s a little more realistic than getting a group of guys together to raise $6 million on GoFundMe and includes a message that needs to be delivered to the Temple administration now, whether they want to hear it or not.

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37 thoughts on “What can Joe Temple fan do?

  1. Don’t agree Mike. There’s not enough support as it is and this something that could be the straw that breaks the back of TU football. It’s on shaky ground as it is (it seems it’s always on shaky ground)and a boycott could give the haters of TU football just the thing they need to discontinue the program. Bill Bradshaw isn’t there to plead for the program and neither is Lewis Katz and his money. When you sign up as a TU football fan there are certain things you need to accept. One of them is that TU doesn’t buy out contracts, I understand that a couple of bad seasons will damage the program. That’s happened before but didn’t kill the program. Cutting off desperately needed funds will. By not attending there also is the NCAA rules regarding minimum attendance to deal with. I reject any plan that calls for refusing to buy tickets.

    • I respect your opinion because it doesn’t include name-calling. I’ve been through too many 2-10 Temple seasons to go through another. I will still be tailgating but won’t go in the stadium of a team I know has little to no chance of winning, particularly after the standard of excellence was set prior to this season. You yourself floated the idea that maybe Temple should drop football. Pete Liacouras said universities that have football should invest to succeed. The Board of Trustees needs to rip up this contract and get someone in here who can succeed or maybe you are right. Maybe they should drop football. I vote for using that $10 million buyout to get a great coach and recruiter in here before taking that drastic step.

      • I agree I said that but my rationale was the growing divide between the P-5 and G-5 and the implementation of things like the transfer portal and the increase in P-5 conference games each of which spell eventual doom for G-5 schools. Nevertheless, I don’t want to be an instrument in the denouement of the program because of a lack of support. Of course I would like to see a new coach now not because of the past poor season but because signs show that he lost the team but have enough experience with the actions of the TU administration to know that it’s not going to happen for three seasons. Like I said on FB the one thing TU football cannot afford to lose is fan support especially when deciding to forego attending the games will never result in what you desire which is Carey’s ouster and may result in the death of the program.

  2. With more of the same happening, I don’t see students or casual fan interest being maintained to any degree. The Linc will look like Raymond James does these days when USF plays. Or, just as bad, like Franklin Field for Penn games. Average Joe, Temple or Jones, just won’t be motivated to head to the stadium, buy a parking spot, stand in line to buy a ticket, get patted down to go in, then rattle around a near empty stadium while the home team is once again getting clobbered. Took my family to the Vet for a similar experience for a number of years. Wasn’t fun then, would be awful in 2021.

    • My feelings exactly. The despair of those years was erased by the remarkable job Golden did taking Temple football off life support. Have no interest going back to those days.

      • drop football and double down on BB.

      • I’m willing to give football one more chance. Either bring back Temple Hall of Fame coach Al Golden or give it to Gabe (or Cantwell/Bill Clark, etc). No more chances on assistant coaches or coaches that do not connect with the kids like Carey.

  3. I am surprised to hear talk of dropping football. It does not feel like so long ago when there was that prime time game against Notre Dame that was close. Temple gave a great fight. I think there is hope but there has to be an on campus stadium to develop an atmosphere where a talented 18 year old would want to come and play.

    • The way Temple botched this stadium would make a great ESPN 30 for 30. They should have put the library at Geasey Field and knocked down the Maxi’s row and demolished Conwell Inn and Sullivan Hall and put the stadium right where the library is. Neighborhood would have no stadium say if Temple property entirely surrounded the stadium. Of course, the neighborhood would probably object to the library but that’s an easier sell than a stadium and there would be no 15th Street closure needed.

  4. TU football fan for a long time, but interesting perspective because not a TU Grad. I don’t want to see student athletes lose an opportunity to play intercollegiate athletics, this pandemic has driven a significant number of schools to drop mostly non-revenue sports (it was the excuse they needed). I don’t think that is the right course for TU football. I, almost as much as Mike cannot stand the Rod Carey hire. Nothing personal, but he can’t get it done here. The bigger issue is how did you ever decide to pay him $2 million a year. Coaching hires that don’t work out happen all the time, but not one’s where the university can’t buy themselves out of the situation. I still say you could have gotten him at 750k to $1 million. Hell, where else would a guy that is 0-6 in Bowl games get paid $2 Million. Nowhere.

    I’ll keep my tickets. But most likely I won’t go in to games. I might drop 2/4 because kids older now and going to college, but I don’t want kids to lose the opportunity to compete in athletics. TU has become a very attractive school locally for students to attend, most everyone I talk to that goes there says “it is fun, i love it”. That’s a positive. Do they all go to TU football. Obviously no, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t like football, they are tons of football fans at TU that don’t attend games. Why? No excitement in the program currently. Different when gameday came to town. You don’t have to have ESPN every year, but you can get a program that draws students on fall saturdays. Athletics enhance universities.

    Too much home cooking at TU. Dunphy, Aaron Mckie etc. You need to head in the other direction, add a sport. Temple is completely missing an opportunity to add men’s lacrosse. You can play on campus, get a great student crowd, the demographics right or wrong are that many of these families have $ to pay tuition, we are in a scorching hotbed area. The sport isn’t growing because it is cool. Schools add it because it brings a pipeline of prospective students to the University.

    St Joes’/Nova/Penn/Drexel have great programs, strong alumni support. You don’t have to fully fund the program immediately and the max allowable scholarship if you did fully fund is 12.5. Title 9 comes into play, but you have to start thinking if you are the University where is this school heading? No disrespect, but do you want to be Lasalle or Penn/Drexel?

    Take it upstream academically. Recruit from more diverse geographic markets. You get a top notch coach and within 5 years you could be a top 15 school–see: High Point, U of Richmond, Marquette, NJIT etc. You also don’t need a 38,000 seat stadium on campus.

    Success breeds success. You get a good lacrosse program, the excitement feeds football and hoops, soccer and visa versa.

    I will keep my 2/4 seats for 2021, but I’ll be crushing chillywhackers in H Lot most likely. Never lose football (if it gets so bad drop down so kids can still play), get a dynamic AD that is looking ahead to expand athletic opportunities and you can help preserve and improve the football program at TU.


    • I’ve said for years that TU should look into forming a men’s lacrosse team. It would make them more attractive to the ACC because not every member of that conference has a team and they would appreciate TU if only for its TV market.

      • I’ve heard as early as the 2015 Cherry and White game from real high ups (two members of the BOT) that the ACC told us that if we built a new stadium and brought back baseball and added men’s lax we’d be LIKELY for admission to the ACC. Now with the football program falling apart, don’t know if that offer still stands.

      • Mike, that so-called source told everybody about that along withe the fact that shovels were about to start digging the foundation for the new stadium. Nothing said on that Cherry and White has come true.

      • Yep. I think they wanted to get it done but the very few neighbors were able to stop it. Temple had the will to get the LC built. It didn’t have it for the stadium.

  5. Move the program to the suburbs and market TFB to Jacopo “J.” Peterman. Joe Temple and Philadelphia can subsidize pro teams at the cost of schools, libraries, and trash collection.

    • Temple gets 2 more P5 transfers and the only talk here is about dropping season tickets and the program all together.

      Mike, you’re going to need to update that poll!

      • Give me five more starters and I will renew my season tickets. The proof is in the pudding. We’ve had three sign since Jan. 3. I will withhold judgment until the Feb. signing day.

      • Just about every portal transfer to TU haven’t played much at the P5 level which probably means they’re no better than G5 level and not as good as the guys we lost. But we can always hope…

    • A big problem for the university (not just the football program) is the neighborhood’s open hostility toward an institution that is a big plus for the community. Question: Is there another university in the country that is located in an area so openly hostile to its mere existence?

      • None that I know of. North Philly is no longer Acres of Diamonds but rather Parcels of Poverty. Residence are afraid of success.

      • Villanova comes to mind when I think of neighbors who are openly hostile….but the neighbors of N. Philly certainly don’t help TU.

      • Yet those same Radnor neighbors allowed a 12.5K-seat stadium at Villanova. They will not allow even a 0-seat stadium for football at Temple.

      • Mike, if you go to the area around the campus, there are very few neighbors left. The entire area from Jefferson to 19th Street up to Diamond down to Tenth Street has been made over. Every vacant lot has student housing on it and numerous houses have been rehabbed. Moreover, several public housing sites have been demolished. The push back comes from a decades long general hatred of Temple for taking over the neighborhood, which was the main complaint in the 60’s voiced by community leaders when the decision was made to keep the school where it was instead of moving it to Ambler. The other problem was the Philly way which requires greasing many palms. Theobald just announced it which I’m sure raised the hackles of the powers that be, The BB arena never would have been built had the school not paid off John Street.

  6. We’ve received more talent from P5 schools than P5 schools have taken from us.

  7. OMG, why did the really good players leave? Carey Dunphy. Why won’t the incoming players be really good? Carey Dunphy. It is the HC!

    • Let’s see. A group of 18-22-year-olds had a chance to spend some time with Carey and left. These guys haven’t. Who’s to say his, err, charm will work differently on another set of 18-22ers?

  8. Problem for the TUs of the world under covid restrictions is the lack of time to develop players. Loss of organized winter workouts, spring ball, and summer sessions makes it harder to develop walkons like Hassan Reddick. Hope I’m wrong and they are improving what they have.

  9. I think I’m willing to give Carey another season to see where things are going – not that we have a choice of course. But did Carey come to TU and all of a sudden turn into a cold fish who can’t relate to his players and chases the best players away? After all he did pretty well (not great) at NIU with MAC level talent (except for bowl games). This latest running back kid along with 4 star transfers who were not quite starting at P5 schools maybe is a better sign than we think. So let’s see how he puts it all together before we totally condemn him and we’ll be a year closer to finishing his contract too. My biggest wish: TU better not extend his contract unless he produces some good results first – but I wouldn’t be surprised if they do, considering the great deal they offered him initially.

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